How Do I Get Android Auto on Head Unit?

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If you own a good android head unit, chances are, you’ve heard of Android Auto from somewhere. It is an essential piece of software if you want to improve your driving experience. 

However, not all head units come with Android Auto as it is a supplemental application rather than a mandatory one. But, the utility of Android Auto knows no bounds.

If you’re looking to get Android Auto on your head unit, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll answer your question, “How do I get Android Auto on head unit” aptly!

What Is Android Auto?

For those unfamiliar with Android Auto, it is an application that ties the hardware inside your head unit with appropriate software to provide you with the best head unit experience.

It is essentially a driving application that provides you services like GPS navigation, internet browsing, music/video streaming, and many more. 

The app compiles all of the services and puts them in a beautiful-looking graphical user interface or GUI, making it easier for you to access them on the go.

In our opinion, the best thing about Android Auto is that it is entirely free, meaning you won’t have to spend hefty dollars to get something this convenient. 

How Do You Get Android Auto?

Acquiring Android Auto for your head unit is a simple task that you can do in a few ways. Each of these ways is as viable as the last, meaning if one way doesn’t work for you, you can always choose another way to get Android Auto.

Connecting to Bluetooth

If you are looking for the easiest way to add Android Auto to your head unit, you can connect your head unit to the Bluetooth function of your car.

After the head unit is connected, you can navigate to the Google Play Store and download Android Auto from there. Upon installation, open the app, and the entire user interface will change into a treat for the eyes.

This method is the simplest of all and does not require anything else like external accessories.

Aftermarket Head Units

Many vehicles have different types of head units that differ from the rest. If you have an aftermarket head unit in your car, installing Android Auto is different as the unit is built with various parts and software.

The best way to go about this is to check out which manufacturer made your aftermarket unit and contact them.

Chances are, the manufacturer will have their own way of installing specific applications, including Android Auto.

Consult them on how you can install Android Auto on their head unit without any problems.

Final Words

The features of Android Auto aren’t something that you deserve to be deprived of. It is a great application that every head unit owner should have in their car.

We hope that our instruction guide has helped completely answer your question, “How do I get android auto on head unit.”

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