How Much Do 35 Inch Tires Affect Gas Mileage?

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Truck lovers enjoy modifying their vehicles with newer additions to upgrade their appearance and performance. Most of them choose a giant tire like a 35 inch one to improve the riding experience. So how much do 35-inch tires affect gas mileage?

The miles per gallon, or in short MPG of a vehicle, depends on a variety of factors. In general, the greater is the MPG of an automobile, the better is its fuel efficiency. But does tire size also affect this? It surely does!

This article will explore the impact of 35-inch tires on fuel efficiency to help you have the best driving experience. So stay with us until the end!

Impact of a 35 Inch Tire on MPG

When a user decides to upgrade the tires of his truck to a larger size, such as 35 inches, he should expect a decrease in the miles per gallon covered by the car. This means an inversely proportional relationship exists between the size of the tire and the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

With every inch of increase in tire size, the fuel efficiency might decrease by 1-2 MPG. And the decrease also depends on what speed the car is traveling at. If the truck is being driven at high speed in an expressway, you can expect a drop in fuel efficiency by 2-4 mpg.

On the other hand, if the truck cruises at an average speed in the city, the drop might be a little less, ranging between 1-2 mpg. In some instances, the vehicle’s torque also plays a role along with the specifications provided by the automobile manufacturer. 

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Things to Keep in Mind

To derive the best driving experience with a 35-inch tire without dropping the fuel efficiency much, there are some pre-requisites you can keep in mind:

Resetting the Gear

Before fitting the 35-inch tire, you can reset the truck’s gear to avail the best fuel efficiency. The most appropriate measurement, in this case, is 5.13. You can also set it up to 4.88.

Weight Sitting on the Tire

Another factor that can bring down the vehicle’s fuel efficiency is the weight sitting on the wheel. The greater is the pressure of weight on the wheels; the more will be the drop.

Number of Drive Trucks

The number of wheels on the drive trucks can also be crucial in this case. Usually jeep wranglers with a 2WD structure have a better fuel efficiency than the ones with a 4WD structure.


So the answer to the question “how much do 35 inch tires affect gas mileage?” is a drop in the fuel efficiency by 1-4 mpg. But if you choose some of our Favorite 35 inch tires, you can surely offset the effect of the mileage drop to a minimal level. 

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