How Much Do 35 Inch Tires Cost?

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People who own a jeep wrangler, or a Silverado, don’t simply buy one for regular commuting. They are thrill-seekers who want their truck to accompany them on adventurous off-road trips. Therefore, they modify the vehicle in different ways to get the best performance output.

One of the most common ways is to get thicker tires that make off-road riding smoother. And 35-inch tires are perfect for that. But how much do 35-inch tires cost? We have got the answer for that in this article. So please keep reading to find it out!

Factors Determining the Price

Like other components of a car, Tires have a host of factors that determine their prices. Some of the relevant ones are:


The manufacturer’s brand value undoubtedly plays the most significant role in determining the price of a 35-inch tire. Most of the perfect 35-inch tires are made by renowned brands that have earned their fame in the industry due to their quality products. 

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Specifications and Quality of the Tire

The second factor here is the features of the tire. The better the characteristics of a tire, the higher will be the price. In addition, the quality of the tire also plays a role. 

If a tire has a long list of features but comes with poor quality, it will definitely not sustain in the market with a high price.

Purpose of Usage

While some best value tires are made for regular driving, some are made for off-road adventures or racing. Depending on the purpose of usage, the price of the tire can differ. Usually, the tires made for rough use or racing tend to be a bit more expensive than regular tires.


Tires that don’t wither fast are definitely more in demand on the market. This results in these brands charging a higher price than those that do not come with good durability.

Price of 35 Inch Tires

In accordance with the conditions mentioned above, the prices of 35-inch tires can range between 150 dollars to 360 dollars. So you can find tires of all price ranges depending on your budget.

If you want a good tire that will last a long time, you can choose a mid-priced one. And if you like branded products and would feel safer going for a tire manufactured by a renowned brand, then you can choose a more expensive option.


In summary, the question to the answer “how much do 35 inch tires cost?” is dependent on a variety of factors like the brand, quality, and features, etc., of the tire. The price usually ranges between 150 to 360 dollars. 

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