How Much Towing A Car Cost?

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Hundreds of cars need help towing every single day and more and more people are searching for the costs of towing a car. We are pretty sure that every car owner would have required towing services at least once in their lifetime.

If you are in your middle ages and you haven’t yet had your vehicle towed, you are sure one lucky person.

Well, you are here, then the probability is that you too have been in the towing situation now and then. The problem is, towing fees can be quite heavy if that’s not covered under your insurance or membership with a roadside assistance group. For instance, an average car towing service in Dublin may cost you around $70.

So why would you need a towing service? Well, there are a lot of situations when you might want to tow to your vehicle. Some of them could be avoidable, but for others, you certainly need help.

An example is if you get into an accident or when you have your vehicle broken down or damaged to the extent that there is no way that you can drive it. An optional situation can be something like ending up with a dead battery because you happened to leave the lights on (tip, you can jump-start the car).

What Is The Average Cost Of towing?

The average cost of towing a vehicle for about 5-20 miles would come around $100. Rest, there are a lot of factors that influence the cost of towing your vehicle. The main factors include the distance to be covered, the area you are in, the company you hire, and the time you hire at.

How Is It That The Tow Pricing Work?

Most commonly, the truck companies use to charge a basic fixed amount as the hook-up fees, and on the top of the same, they would charge a per-mile fee. The base fare, as well as the overhead per mile charges, varies from the towing company to the towing company and from city to city.

The hook-up fee on an average would go anywhere between $30 and $ 120. The per-mile fee could be something between $2 and $5. Some companies even charge based on the distance of your location from the tow truck.

There are also tow companies that include the first three to 7 miles within their base fee but would charge extra for the further miles.

How much towing a car cost

In many cities, the price of hiring a towing service goes up if you happen to get stuck on a weekend or during the night or a holiday. So, be sure to ask the charging policy and the pricing of the company before you hire them.

A quick tip- in certain regions, the state or municipal government would have put a limit on the maximum charges that a company can charge. Also, there could be an agreed minimum rate among the tow companies in some other areas.

So being informed about the minimum and maximum or average towing charges in your area would be helpful. In case the quotations that you receive are outrageous, don’t hesitate in checking with the legal limitations and asking for a lower price.

Are the towing charges covered under motor insurance?

Well, this thing with largely depends upon the insurance cover. In general, many insurance companies do not cover towing charges under motor insurance.

The next time you buy an insurance policy or renew one, make sure that you ask the agent the right questions. If it does, make sure you keep the receipt from the towing company so that you can later get the amount reimbursed from the insurance agency.

Is it helpful to buy a roadside assistance membership?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you get a roadside assistance membership. This is not just in the context of getting stuck with a non-working vehicle but roadside assistance can offer you much more help than that. Roadside assistance memberships might cost you something minimal.

But, you will probably end up safe a tonne, given the high costs you otherwise would have to pay for some immediate help plus the extra time that it would take.