How To Adjust Car Stereo For Best Sound 2024 Updated Guide

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If you are anything like us, you can’t possibly imagine driving for even fifteen minutes without some music playing or audiobooks running. Just doesn’t work, right? And when it comes to listening to music in the car, why on earth would anyone want to have the music come out more like a set of sounds and less like music? You know what we mean here.

How To Adjust Car Stereo For Best Sound

It is not (at all) rare that people ignore their car’s sound system being opposite to best, even when they know all it might take to improve the sound quality would be either some setting changes or some part replacement. Most of it wouldn’t really tax your brain.

Now that you are reading this, we assume you do want to make some changes in your car’s stereo system. So here you go with some tips you can try on your stereo and sound system to enhance your driving experience.

How To Stereo settings?

Getting the control set to the right range can have some definite impact on the overall audio quality, for good. Even if you have all the equipment right, you might not get the desired music quality unless you have tuned the sound controls.

If you are willing to tweak and test each control yourself- which is the best way to reach the ideal setting- or if your stereo has pre-set tuning option, you can skip this section and focus on other tips for improving the car’s sound system.

Most car owners don’t bother much with tuning these settings right. Moreover, it would involve some extra bit of experimenting and listening, in general, to set the control to the best combination according to you.

It would depend on whether you are a solo driver or the type of music you listen etc. For example, if you are more into listening to hip-hop or energetic music, you might want to set bass a little high.

Thankfully for us lazy beings, stereos now-a-day come with different pre-set tuning combinations from which you can choose according to the music you are listening.

So, we won’t write a book on stereo/equalizer adjustments; for those who want to know the best tweaks to start within the sound settings, here is the generally-found-best setting you can try out, hoping for the best sound effects: set the bass and Treble slightly high from the flat, vocals slightly lower than what you have set for bass.

Note that you don’t want to set the treble and bass too high, especially when you are listening to the radio or slow music.

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Some Other Tips to Get the Best Sound in Your Car’s Audio System

Generally, the problems in a car’s sound system might be far from the sound settings. There can be several other factors obstructing a good sound output, which is why, no matter what range you set to treble, midrange and bass to, it seems impossible having the desired sound effect.

So, here are some other tips that might just work to improve the sound system and audio effect.

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Check (or change) your car’s speakers

Many a time, this simple step might be the all that it takes to enhance the whole sound quality. There are standard speakers and there are advanced ones that come with different components to produce sounds of their own. The factory speakers that came along with your car might not really be the best that you can have. Trust us when we say speakers would be among the last things that an average car-maker would be bothered of. Also, do note that not all the speakers with ‘durable’ make-materials offer great sound. Do your tests, grab a better speaker.

Get an amplifier

Amplifiers are devices that boost the power-or electric signals- directed towards the speakers, thus making the sound louder. If you can invest some extra bucks, this is yet another simple thing to do. Even the best speaker’s performance can get better and you’ll know the difference once you add an amplifier.

The answer to the ‘why’ is simple enough- with a separate amplifier, the speakers will be having a clean stream of power to enhance their output. The amplifier that comes with a car stereo use to be quite small to power any high-fidelity sound system. So if you are looking to improve your car’s sound system, strongly consider getting an amplifier.

Fit a Sound Deadening material

More often than not, the vibrations from the speakers, can act as a pretty good sound quality-ruiner (we can call it that, right?) Add to this the road noise. Noticed how the sounds get somewhat of poor quality soon as you start hitting the highway speeds? Sound deadening materials is the solution here, for much of these disturbances. These are attached to the car’s door panel to provide a stable platform for the speakers. Dynamat, and other sound-deadening materials like it for that matter, simply absorb these vibrations and thus enhance the overall audio experience.

These sound deadening products can be helpful acting somewhat as a noise-insulator in cars with poor noise-insulation. Moreover, given that you can listen to more detailed music at even lower volumes, things will get somewhat easier for amplifiers.

Replace your old stereo

Yeah, if you see nothing giving the desired sound effect- backed by the fact that your car’s stereo is pretty old- them maybe it’s time that you change your car’s stereo. With a good stereo upgrade, you’ll be getting additional features and updated functionalities, a good equalizer and even better radio station signals.

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That’ll all for the sound system improvising tips, folks. You can now head to your car and start experimenting for yourself. We hope these tips do help you in getting the desired sound quality and feel throughout your drive-time!