How to Autocross Faster?

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Autocross is currently a popular form of racing due to its safety standards and complacent requirements of entry. And if you are a racing enthusiast but not a pro racer, Autocross can be a great alternative to provide you the thrill you seek. 

But once you have tried your luck a few times here, you must be wondering, “how to autocross faster?” Now that you have some experience under your belt, your next target is to improve your performance. 

And the best way to do so is to learn and apply some intelligent driving techniques which will take you way ahead of your competitors.

To know about these tricks, stick with us until the end!

Tips to Autocross Faster

The best variable under your control in Autocross is yourself, the person sitting on the driving seat. Here are some tips and tricks that you can adopt in order to Autocross faster:

Being in the Right Place

When we talk about speed, most people think that stepping on the accelerator is the best way to speed up a race. However, during Autocross, the placement of the car at the correct place also plays a highly crucial role. It is best to place the vehicle close to the traffic cones in the race to race ahead of the competitors.

Being Agile During a Turn

Instead of taking a turn at the last moment, in Autocross you have to remain agile during every second and try your best to take the turn sooner. This is because doing so will give you a bigger arc to complete the turn, making the task easier resulting in speeding ahead of the competitors. 

Do Not Hard Brake

A common mistake rookies often make while autocross racing is waiting for the last moment to turn and stepping on the brake pedals right then to slow down. What happens when you do this is, you have to brake harder, resulting in loss of acceleration. 

Making Use of the Throttle in the Correct Time

While you are turning the car, in order to slow down, gently lift the throttle. This will help you to stay closer to the traffic cones and make the turn smoothly. On the other hand, if you intend not to clash with the traffic cones, you should move the throttle with a bit more pressure.  

Don’t Use up the Full Capacity of the Tire while Making turns

When you are turning a corner, if you use up the full traction power of the tire, it might slide when you are trying to speed up after completing the turn. Instead, make sure that you properly unwind it before the turn so that you can have some backup energy to support acceleration afterward. 


If you were wondering how to Autocross faster, we hope you have got your answers from this article. All in all, with the right driving techniques and the perfect autocross tires, you can easily enhance your autocross performance and beat your competitors.

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