How to Change a Tire Without a Jack?

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Flat tires can happen under different circumstances. Hence, these circumstances will establish how to change a tire. For instance, you will need to contact a towing company for help if the flat tire happens on a busy expressway without the likelihood of driving the vehicle off the road.

Going to a nearby automobile parts store to purchase a new jack or beckoning on a fellow motorist to borrow you a jack are all possible options. But the truth is that you can change a tire without a jack.

Want to know how to change a tire without a jack? Read on to learn more!

Things Needed to Change a Flat Tire Without a Jack

  • Socket – This is necessary if you are using a breaker. The socket must fit the lugs and bar on your wheels
  • Breaker Bar or Lug wrench – A breaker bar is a suitable option to the normal cross-shaped lug wrench. However, make sure it matches the lug nuts on your wheels.
  • Wrench – You may need this tool to remove the spare tire depending on how it is fixed to the wheel.
  • Wheel Chocks
  • The Spare Tire – There is no sense in replacing a flat tire with another flat one. As a result, ensure that it is in good condition and contains air.
  • Lubrication: Any light machine oil. WD-40 would work.
  • Shovel – This is non-compulsory
  • The Tire Pressure Gauge
  • Portable Air Compressor containing air chuck.
  • The Ramp – Just one is required

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Why You Need to Change a Tire By Yourself?

Why do you have to change your flat tire, particularly when you have your personal roadside assistance, and why is it important for you to know how to change a tire without a jack? This is rather a good point. It is obvious that people normally have their own roadside assistance and prefers using them when problem of this nature occurs, as they have paid for the service.

However, there are occasions when it becomes sensible to change a tire by you without waiting for roadside assistance to come around. You want to change your tire because:

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  • You are probably in a place with no phone or cell service
  • You don’t want to keep waiting for a long period of time
  • You are not on a publicly managed road (where roadside assistance will answer).

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Steps on How to Change a Tire Without a Jack?

Step 1

Lose the lug nuts with the lug wrench. This will make it easier to remove when the wheel is in the air.

Step 2

Put the ramp next to the non-flat tire on the same side of the vehicle as to the flat one in order to drive it up onto the ramp. Doing this will make the non-flat tire to be steadily parked on the ramp, while the flat tire is lifted above the ground and be able to be removed.

Step 3

Consider adding a block or two underneath the ramp if making use of the ramp is not giving the flat tire sufficient ground clearance to spin freely and then drive it up again or make use of your shovel to dig dirt out from below the flat tire to give it room to spin freely.

Step 4

Put the vehicle in park, using the emergency brake once the flat tire is up in the air. Then, put the wheel chocks at the back of tires on the other side of the vehicle.

Step 5

Use the lug wrench to remove the lug nuts from the flat tire

Step 6

Pull off the flat tire and change it with your spare tire.

Step 7

Spray some WD-40 on the studs before changing the lug nuts. This will make it easier to tighten. Then, use the star pattern screwdriver to tighten to make sure they are evenly tightened.

Step 8

Fix the flat tire back to where you remove the spare tire before.

Step 9

Remove the wheel chocks and drive the ramp off

Step 10

You have completed tightening the lug nuts with the spare tire firmly on the ground and prepared to continue with your journey.

Step 11

Use the tire pressure gauge to confirm the pressure of the spare tire and other tires.
These are the steps involved in changing a flat tire without a jack.

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A Word of Caution for Changing a Tire Without a Jack

When it comes to how to change a tire without a jack, you must keep some safety precautions in mind to make the entire process as safe and smooth as possible.

how to jack up a car without a jack

1. Don’t wait Until Your Tire is Flat Before Checking Your Spare

The location and type of spare tire vary from one vehicle to another. Hence, you must know where the spare tire is located on your vehicle. Always check the condition of your spare tire and lug wrench before you experience any problem. Make sure the spare tire has sufficient air in it and keep checking it from time to time in order not to be caught unaware.

2. Don’t Forget to Block the Tire

Blocking the tire will not allow for rolling backward or forward. Always set the emergency brake and make sure you block the tires with blocks to prevent the vehicle from rolling when you are changing a flat tire.

3. Don’t Change a Flat Tire in an Unsafe Place

Make sure you keep off the roadway if you cannot get a parking place or safe area to park. It is dangerous to park at the middle or near the road to change a flat tire. Hence, the park very well to change your flat tire to avoid an accident.

4. Don’t Ignore Vital Safety Measures

Make sure you display road flares or hazard reflectors before you start changing a flat tire. These flares warn other road users to give extra space. In addition, turn the hazard lights on to warn other drivers.

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Bearing in mind that flat tire can occur without notice, it is very important to know how to change a tire without a jack. However, you must not forget the important safety tips involved. With the above tips and tricks, you can now change a tire without a jack. You may check this also, How to change a Tire.