How to Fit 35 Inch Tires on Silverado?

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Currently, one of the trendiest trucks in the market is the Silverado from Chevy. This one has gained massive popularity amongst truck lovers due to its savvy and athletic appearance. Not only this, anyone who buys this truck likes to make their additions to it to add a little bit of personal touch.

One such common modification is the addition of enormous thick wheels. Out of these, tires having a 35-inch size are the most on-demand. This article will guide you through how to fit 35-inch tires on Silverado in easy and simple steps. 

After following our guidelines, you will be able to fit any popular 35-inch tires on your Silverado quite easily. So please stick with us till the end!

Reasons Why 35 Inch Tires Are Suitable for Silverado

Before we talk about the installation process of 35-inch tires, let’s have a look at why these tires are the best fit for a Silverado:

Better Appearance

Since the Silverado is a big truck, thick tires are a must to give it a more rogue look. And 35-inch tires suit these trucks the best in terms of thickness and size. 

Improvement in Performance

People who love trucks and add various modifications don’t just do so for daily life driving on it. They are adventurous souls looking for some thrilling off-road experience on their trucks. They often like to go on hikes as well. For this purpose, having thicker tires is a must.

And 35-inch tire helps the truck maneuver through the rough trailing roads smoothly, thus helping to improve its performance.

Procedure to Fit the 35 Inch Tire 

Now let’s move on to the main topic of this article. But before beginning the installation process, you will require some tools in hand. The most crucial tool kit you will need here is the lifting kit, which will be used to lift the vehicle to fit the tire.

Checking the Model of the Truck

You will also need to check the model of the Silverado truck. 35-inch tires are the best fits for trucks produced between the years 2007 to 2018. Any Silverado built within this year has a big lift, making the fitting process smooth and convenient.


Next, you will need to ensure that the tire you are installing has some sort of wheel travel logged. This is because a brand new tire that does not have any rub on it might be challenging to get in place and enjoy the desired performance. So do a little bit of trimming if your tire is new to achieve the desired outcome.

Re-Gearing the Truck

The next crucial step is to re-gear the Silverado. This should be done to not deteriorate the performance of the truck. If you install the new tire without this step, you will lose some of the efficiency of the truck and might even have poorer fuel economy.


After this, you will have to calibrate the speed of the truck to necessary adjustments so that once the tires are in place, you won’t face any difficulty in off road commuting.


The last and final step in this process is lifting the Silverado. The most appropriate height to which you should life the truck is 4 inches. This will give you enough space to install the 35 inch tire. After doing this, you can easily fit in the 35 inch tire on the truck following the normal process.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the skid plates and the wheelbase of the truck during the process to maintain proper safety.


We hope after reading this article, you no longer have any confusion regarding how to fit 35 inch tires on Silverado. We have explained the process in simple steps and by following it through, you will be able to install the tires in no time.

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