How to Get a Car Unstuck from Sand

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Sand traps are an inconvenience for anyone, and it can be difficult to deal with them, whether for an amateur driver or a professional. 

This summer, beach holidays are included in everyone’s to-do list. There is a high chance of getting your car stuck on the sand while going on a beach trip.

If your vehicle has records of getting stuck on sand, you don’t want to repeat it. After reading this article, you will know how to get a car unstuck from sand with minimal effort.

How to Get a Car Unstuck from Sand

Be sure to follow the techniques mentioned below. 

Basic Principles

  • Avoid flooring the acceleration as it will cause unnecessary spinning of your car wheels. The car can go down deeper into the sand because of this.
  • When your car tires have increased traction because of external methods, do not lower the speed until you get out of that sand trap and come to a stable surface.
  • It might need several attempts to unstuck your car. Do not just make a one-time try and give up.

Tools You Will Need

  • Shovel
  • Carpets, mats, or cardboard
  • Tow straps
  • Rope

Getting Unstuck: Step by Step

Depending on the condition, you might need to try one or multiple or even all of the steps to unstuck the vehicle.

Step 1 – Preventing Acceleration

Let go of the gas paddle to avoid acceleration. Put your vehicle on a parking brake and make sure it stays in one place instead of moving.

Step 2 – Digging up

It would help if you dug up the sand around your car wheels to give them space for moving. A shovel is the best option for this task, but you can use anything to dig up sand. This will help the car to speed up in free space after increasing traction.

Step 3 – Creating Traction 

Vehicle tires still can’t make a way out because they fail to get enough traction on sand. But, top-quality sand tires can be your savior in this situation. 

If you have tires with low traction, carpets can be a better option than other materials creating the much-needed traction. 

But you can use a mat, hardboard, even any stick, or tree branch in case of emergency. Place the carpet beneath the wheel tightly to create a distance between the tire surface and sand.

Step 4 – Pulling the Vehicle

In case if you are driving somewhere having sand areas, you should carry a tow strap. It is something that can help you greatly while being stuck. 

When you have created traction with carpet, mat, or whatever you have, it is time for your car to be unstuck. 

Use the tow strap to pull the vehicle further. Once you move it out of the sand, keep your momentum going for some time to get on a paved surface.

Seeking Assistance

If you see any other vehicle passing by and ready to help, attach your car frame to that vehicle with the tow strap and move from the trapped place. You can also use long ropes to attach with other vehicles.

Final Words

While being stuck in the sand, stay calm and follow these steps of how to get a car unstuck from sand. You can hopefully get away with the above solution if it’s not an extreme and rear condition.

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