How to Install Android Head Unit?

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As opposed to analog hardware, android head units are much more enjoyable with their unique features, interactivity, fluidity, and many more wonderful aspects.

You might be wanting to install one of these pieces of modern hardware yourself. However, you don’t know how to proceed since you’ve never even touched one in your life.

Well, fret not, as we wrote a detailed guide that explains how to install an android head unit in a matter of mere minutes. Using this guide will allow you to set yourself up with a head unit without any hiccups!

What to Look for in Android Head Units

In general, powerful android head units are devices that are set up on your dashboard. Meaning, you can access it from anywhere inside your vehicle with relative ease.

Most of the head units on the market employ the use of a touch screen for interaction and navigation.

You can easily interact with the unit and set any commands or applications you like on display with this touch screen.

What this means is that head units with bright screens and good positioning are the way to go.

Installing the Android Head Unit

Heading into the heart of the matter, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind before you install the head unit.

Always remember that the unit is a piece of software tied in with hardware. As such, you need to take care of it by frequently updating the firmware. Better firmware means better services and functionalities provided to you from the comfort of your car.

Removing the Old Head Unit

Before you can install a brand new android head unit, you have to check whether or not your vehicle has an analog one. If you do find an old head unit, you have to remove it from the dashboard before installing the new one. 

To do this, you need a set of tools called panel poppers. These tools allow you to remove the plastic rims around the analog unit. Remove the plastic rim first, and then move on to unscrew the four bolts on the device.

After the bolts are removed, remove the head unit and disconnect all the main harness and radio antenna wires. Keep in mind that you cannot tear any of the wires apart as they are essential pieces of your car’s hardware.

Connecting the New Unit

After you’re done removing the old unit, you have to install the new android head unit onto the opening.

Take the new android unit outside of its box, and identify all the ports and wires you need to connect the device to the car.

Once you have your essentials, connect the new unit to the main harness, radio antenna, GPS navigational antenna, and other wires. The number of cables you need to join depends on how many features the new unit can support.

Placing the New Unit

Once you’re finished connecting the unit to the car, you have to put the device in place.

Please take all of the wirings, and shove them into the opening of the previous unit. After putting all of the wirings inside, place the head unit directly at the place of the old device.

Use a drill machine to bolt in all of the remaining bolts on the new android head unit. After you finish drilling the bolts, take the plastic rim and set it in around the new device.

First Time Boot Essentials

You’re almost done! Now that you’ve finished putting in all of the connections and set the head unit on the dashboard of your car, you will have some tasks that you will need to accomplish when you turn on the device for the first time.

Setting the Steering Wheel Buttons

When you boot your head unit for the first time, you’ll find that the steering wheels are not working when you twist the handle. 

To fix this, you will have to manually bind the steering wheel buttons on your head unit so that it can register the binding from the system and activate itself.

USB Interface

Most android head units feature a USB interface that you can use to provide power to the device from the car’s battery. 

This means that you can utilize the USB port to enjoy advanced features like watching movies, listening to your favorite music, and even updating your firmware from flash drives.

Final Words

Android head units are a significant improvement over their predecessors, where they would be lackluster and dull to use. Newer head units are much faster, much more feature-laden, and most of all, much more fun to use.

So, it is high time you knew how to install an android head unit as installing one can be very simple. We hope our guide has helped you with the head unit installation process greatly.

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