How to Reboot Android Head Unit?

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When you are driving, the hardware in your car must respond immediately to commands and button presses. This is a must-have aspect with android head units as responsive software can literally enhance our driving experience.

However, the software can often malfunction, causing the head unit to become unresponsive and laggy. One of the ways you can fix this issue is by rebooting the head unit itself.

If you don’t know how to reboot android head unit, do not worry, as we detail some methods of restarting your head unit device effortlessly!

Rebooting the Android Head Unit

As you know, Top android head units use the Android operating system to run their operations and functionalities. Because of this aspect, you might want to treat this device like any other Android-operated device you might have.

However, you will quickly see that the systems aren’t the same as the head unit works with vastly different hardware. As such, the methods of rebooting the device are also different from regular Android devices.

Today, we’ll discuss three methods of rebooting your head unit with detailed steps as to how you can do them.

Rebooting from the Settings

First up, we have the option of rebooting your unit from the settings section of the OS. To do this, you have to –

  1. Go to the Settings section
  2. Click on the Factory Settings tab
  3. After the tab appears, a dialogue box should pop up, asking you to write a password that would allow you to go into the factory settings
  4. To acquire the code, you can either check the manual from the manufacturers or contact the developers of the head unit themselves
  5. Once you find the code, input it on the text box and hit OK
  6. A plethora of options should be on your screen if you complete Step-5 correctly. Choose the Reboot option from the list to successfully reboot your android head unit

Rebooting Using the Power Button

You can also reboot your android head unit using the power button on the device itself. Once you locate the power button on your device, you have to –

  1. Press and hold down the button for a couple of seconds
  2. Tap on reboot, and wait for the head unit to restart itself

On some devices, holding down the power button can show you a bunch of options. You can also choose reboot from those options and reboot it.

Rebooting Using the Reverse Method

Sometimes, the conventional methods could end up not working, leaving you with an unresponsive head unit. To fix this, you can try the reverse approach.

  1. Go to Settings > System > About > Status > Uptime to check the radio uptime
  2. Please turn off the car and put it into reverse mode
  3. Please turn on the car again and put it on neutral to finish the reboot process

Final Words

Rebooting the android head unit in your vehicle is a process that should not be complicated, as we’ve demonstrated above with some methods. Hopefully, now you know how to reboot android head unit without a hitch!

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