How to Root Android Head Unit?

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Rooting your android device can yield a lot of new features that were previously unavailable. Meaning, you get even more features and functionalities if you root the android head unit inside your car.

However, rooting a car head unit is not the same as rooting your Samsung phone. It comes with its own merits and demerits as well. 

Since most people do not know how to root android head unit, it can be daunting. Luckily, we’ve made a detailed instruction guide that shows you how to root your head unit with ease.

What Is Rooting?

In short, rooting an android device means you are unlocking a lot of subsystems in the operating system by bypassing privileged control. 

That means that you’re allowing yourself access to aspects of your device that would otherwise be locked in a regular phone. Think of it as tuning your stock car using a vehicle tuner.

Rooting Your Android Head Unit

Before you can root your android head unit, you have to follow a number of steps to reach the rooting part of the process.

You cannot skip any of the steps lest it should corrupt the operating system of your head unit and make it unusable.

Download the Root App

First, get the app that you will use to root your android head unit. For regular android devices, you can download something called Kingo-root, which is a free rooting application that allows you to root your device with just one simple tap.

But, since you cannot do that on your android head unit, you will have to manually download the APK file and load it onto your device.

To do this, you can look up “Kingoroot APK” on the internet and download the free APK file.

Transferring the Root App

After you’re finished downloading the APK file, it’s time to transfer it onto your head unit. Get your USB flash drive prepared by formatting it into NTFS format.

Move the APK file into the flash drive and safely eject it from the computer. Now, plug it into the head unit using the USB port, and wait for the device to detect the drive.

Rooting the Head Unit

When the android head unit detects the drive, you can use the file explorer to navigate and install the apk file on your device.

After installing the apk file, open the app and click on “Root my phone.” It should take about 10-15 minutes for the root process to fully finish, after which the device will restart.

Checking Root Status

If you’re not sure that your unit is rooted, you can download a root checking application like SuperSU from the google play store and check the privileged access on your head unit!

Final Words

As you know by now, rooting your android head unit lends you many features and functionalities that would be locked on the device otherwise.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you understand how to root android head unit without resorting to anyone else!

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