How to Use a High Lift Jack for Recovery

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Are you thinking of going on a trip but are worried about your vehicle getting damaged?

Do you need to deliver some goods but are terrified because of the sloppy terrains?

With a high lift jack, all of your worries should go away, as carrying one at the back of your vehicle will give you more confidence at all times.

So, what you need right now is some information about how to use a high lift jack for recovery.

With ample knowledge, you can start your trip without any worries whatsoever.

In this comprehensive article, we have discussed all the fundamentals that you should know about a high lift jack, along with the correct usage of it. Without further delay, let’s get started! oh, you can check the farm jack buying guide.

What Is a High Lift Jack?

High lift jacks are basically jacks that are highly versatile and rugged and will allow you to perform tasks such as lifting, winching, pushing, clamping, and pulling.

These tools are usually lightweight and effortless to move and are made of a two-piece handle along with a socket design.

And these are typically 48 inches long, but you can find longer ones as well for taller vehicles.

Despite the light construction of the device, it is capable of lasting for an extended period and offers a rated capacity of 2114 kg.

Its longevity and versatility make it popular and well-liked.

How Does a High Lift Jack Work?

How Does a High Lift Jack Work

There are two climbing pins on a high lift jack, which alternate up the bar’s set of holes.

One of the pins holds the pressure while the other is freed and moved to the next hole above. This usually happens when the vehicle is being lowered or lifted.

The vehicle is lifted by the weight of the operator along with the leverage of the handle.

However, if the jack’s capacity exceeds, then it freezes in its place instead of breaking down and dropping in the ground.

And the mechanism of the high lift jack is pretty simple, but you need a lot of practice to pull it off properly.

How to Use a High Lift Jack

Before you start using a high lift jack for recovery, there are specific questions that you need to ask yourself.

For instance, are you trying to lift the entire belly or just the corner? Where should you position the jack on the vehicle? And much more.

Once you have answered these questions, you can effortlessly take care of the task at hand.

We will be discussing the steps that you can take to accomplish the job successfully.

Set the Parking Brake

Before you decide to lift your vehicle off the ground, you should stabilize it and set the parking brake. Or you can chock the wheels as well.

Put the Jack in Its Position

Now, you must place the lever in the up position, while the handle is parallel with the bar.

Afterward, it would be best if you ran the foot up the bar to the place where you will begin jacking.Also, make sure you won’t have to cycle the mechanism after that.

However, this phenomenon is only possible if the jack is not under pressure, and the lever is rightfully in the up position.

So before you move on to the next step, do make sure of these aspects.

Lift the Vehicle into the Air

Once you have placed the jack in its position, you need to grasp the top of the bar with your fingers. But you should carefully squeeze only the three sides away from the bar.

However, it would be best if you did not wrap your thumb around the bar, which may be difficult, but try to refrain from doing so.

If the jack tilts, you should lower it and reposition (or if it seems unstable).

Lower the Vehicle

Once you are ready to lower your vehicle, you should hold the jack in one hand while holding the handle and bar together.

Place the reverse lever into the down position and use your foot if it is stuck.

Afterward, it would be best if you grabbed the handle with your hand while keeping your free hand on the bar with your elbow locked to lower it.

Raise the Handle

After following the last step, you should hear the climbing pin click, and only then should you raise the handle.

The force will increase as the handle arcs up, which will result in the grip pulling your arm up to the bar.

Lastly, you should be careful while following all these steps and maintain a balanced footing, especially if the ground is slippery.

When Can a High Lift Jack Be Dangerous?

High lift jacks are quite dangerous, which is why you should always work with them carefully.

Especially when you are lowering the high lift, you should be cautious because that’s when it is the most dangerous.

However, it has a massive amount of potential energy whenever there’s a load on the jack.

That is why you should never let go of the handle, and neither should you leave it in the down position.

If your hand slips away by any chance, then clear off the jack as soon as possible.

The only time it doesn’t pose any threat is when the handle is parallel to the bar, and the lever is in the up position.

You should still be as careful as possible, and wear safety accessories if possible.

Other Required Accessories

High lift jacks are handy tools, but there are still products and accessories available that will make them more useful and even safer.

For instance, you can get a variety of attachments to the foot of the jack to safely capture round tubing or hook on a wheel.

There are other products available that increase the surface area of the base of the stud.

This aspect will keep the jack more stable and will make sure it doesn’t sink in soft terrain.

There is another segment of products, which focuses on storing the high lift jack.

These sturdy and large tools shouldn’t be kept carelessly at the back of any vehicle, so you should check out products that can securely store these as well as keep them safe from harmful elements.

Although these accessories are not mandatory, they can surely ensure a more secure and efficient recovery.

Final Words

Even after getting your answer to how to use a high lift jack for recovery, you should practice a few times.

That is because studs are usually dangerous and can lead to severe accidents if they aren’t maintained properly and if you don’t know how to use them correctly.

There are a lot of fundamental aspects that you should know about before you start using once, and we have already discussed them in this article.

However, once you get a grasp on the process, you will not struggle at all. So, keep pushing yourself until you have reached the perfect point and then start your journey with utter confidence.