How to Use a High Lift Jack to Change a Tire?

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Many mistakenly consider the high lift jack to be the same as a regular car jack.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. They’re a lot more complicated and need special care to get it right. So, what are they?

Our guide will thoroughly go over every step on how to use a high lift jack to change a tire.

Follow each of our steps, and you’ll be able to fix up your tires on the go in absolutely no time. So, let’s get down to each step right away! you can check top-rated farm jack buying guide.

Step by Step Guide

Using a jack to change tires is a methodical process. It takes proper knowledge to get it right.

Of course, you’ll need to build experience for perfection. Nevertheless, you need to know the steps first before you gain that experience.

So, let’s go over what you need to do.

Unload Your High Lift Jack

These jacks are big. They’re generally too big for the trunk. That’s why they stay up on the car’s roof.

So, you’ll have to unload it first. Take it down carefully and make sure no part of its large frame ends up scratching the car.

Prep It for Use

Jacks usually get rusty as most car owners leave them up on the car’s roof. That won’t do.

When you use it, it needs to run along with the frame smoothly. So, you should apply some lubricant. This will make sure that your jack works perfectly without issue.

Set It Up on Suitable and Firm Land

Balance is vital for safe usage. You have to make sure there is no chance that the jack can fall off.

This is extremely dangerous for the car and especially yourself. So, keep the tool on a solid platform before anything else.

Attach It to the Front or Back Bar

There should be a T-shaped slot on the front or rear of your car. It’s the ideal place to set up your high lift jack.

You can set them up on any other appropriate location, but the slots are the most secure means to do so. Once you have it in the slot, pull the pin up to lock it in place.

Pulling the Lever

Once it’s all set over, we’ll want to lift up the car. How do we do that? Simply place your hands on the end of the lever and pull down and pull up.

Every time you pull down, you’ll notice that the jack goes higher and higher.
Keep repeating this motion until it is at your ideal height. When it is, you’re ready to change the tire.

Removing the Tire

Keep the jack locked into place and take out a lug wrench. Find the flat tire and remove the lug nuts entirely. Once you do, you can take out the tire entirely.

Attach the New Tire

Mount the new tire and accurately keep it in place. Once you do, carefully reattach the lug nuts.

Make sure they are absolutely tight so that they can’t be moved without the wrench anymore.

Lower Your Car

Now that the tire is changed, it’s time to get all of your car’s wheels back down.

Move back to your high lift jack and release it by pushing down on the pin handle. This will ease the pressure and condition the pins to lower the jack.

Next, repeat the motions from step 5. You’ll see that the jack keeps lowering. Keep up the motion until your car has safely reached the ground.

Remove the Jack and Pack It Back Up

Remove the Jack and Pack It Back Up

Your car is back on the ground. So, the jack is safe to remove. Remember, always be careful so that you don’t end up scratching your car accidentally.

Take it out of the slot carefully and place it back on the roof correctly.

Extra Tips

In just 9 steps, we were able to replace a tire with a high lift jack. It might seem simple, but you should practice it a few times yourself before you can claim mastery over this skill. There are a few tips we’d like to give before we close this off.

We recommend you loosen the lug nuts of your flat tire before you get busy with the jack.

Loosening them can be tough. So, it’s best to do it with the tires safely on the soil.

Next up, we suggest you always keep a tire chock on hand. They’ll make the process a lot safer and easier.

Finally, always keep your head away from the lever. It might jump right back to smack your face. Make sure you stay cautious, no matter what you do.


There’s only so much you can learn from an article online. You know the steps, but now it’s time to show off your new-found skills in the field.

That’s the only way you can honestly say you know how to use a high lift jack.

So, get your jacks and tires ready cause it’s time to start changing!

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