Is an Android Auto Head Unit Worth It?

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These days, you will find loads of different technologies for vehicles on the market. They range from gimmicky seat accessories to gaudy vinyl stickers.

However, a car head unit with Android Auto is vastly different from those shallow things. It is an absolute lifesaver if you are someone who is often in their car.

You might’ve seen them and wondered, “is an android auto head unit worth it?” Well, you don’t have to worry anymore as we can answer your question with detail as to why it is one of the best additions for your vehicle!

What Is an Android Auto Head Unit?

Think of your phone. It runs on the Android operating system and can use many of Google’s services, including third-party applications.

An Android Auto head unit is exactly that, except you can install it in your car. By using it in your cat, you can enjoy a lot of features and functionalities GPS navigation, music playback, internet browsing, watching movies, and many more. 

Features of Android Auto Unit

For you to understand whether or not the android auto unit is worth it, you should check out the main features it provides. These features are not necessarily onboard every single unit, but you will find these common with most of the android units.

GPS Navigation

As you might know, there are a lot of GPS navigational services out there, but among them, Google Maps stands at the top. If you get an Android Auto head unit, you will also be able to use Google Maps.

The main reason why Google Maps is such a good application for GPS services is that it is fast and accurate. 

It can locate any address on the planet from the simplest of keywords. You can use it to save any specific area of the map that you can access without any internet connection.

Internet Services

Android auto head units come with their ways of connecting to the internet, with WiFi receivers being the prime. With the onboard WiFi receiver, you can connect to the internet any time you want.

Since Android Auto supports any browsers, third-party included, you can use it to browse the web as well. 

You can imagine how helpful it would be on the road to access the internet if you were ever in an emergency.

Media Playback

Playing your favorite entertainment media is also another big selling aspect of android auto head units. 

Using the touch screen and onboard storage, you can watch your favorite movies, listen to your favorite music, and even read a book if you prefer! The possibilities are limitless when you consider streaming from the internet.

Final Words

All in all, android auto head units are stellar pieces of technology that allow you to modernize yourself and your vehicle in this age of science.

Now that you know what makes an Android Auto head unit and what it offers you, hopefully, you have your answer to your question of “is an android auto head unit worth it?”

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