Is Android Head Unit Good?

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Car stereo systems have been a thing since forever now. They used to have analog systems and buttons that would be boring to use. However, there’s a new kid on the block.

Recently, android enabled car head units have risen to stardom, and it is making many car owners ask the same question. “is android head unit good?”.

If you’re suffering from the dilemma of wanting to get a high-rated android head unit but getting stuck, fret not because we will explain why it is one of the best technologies to ever come out for cars.

A Brief Introduction to Android Head Units

In general, android head units are pretty self-explanatory. Car head units that use an Android firmware system are called android head units.

Since the device uses Android, it is also treated in the same veins of an Android-operated phone or tablet. 

Meaning, you get to enjoy the same features and aspects of an Android phone or tablet in your car. If you inspect further, you’ll see that there are some things that your android head unit even does better than other android devices.

What Is So Good About Them?

To get an idea of why an android head unit is even worth considering, you should know what you are getting upfront.

Internet Connectivity

Normally, you can’t connect your car stereo to the internet since it doesn’t even have a display screen, let alone wireless receivers.

However, android head units embody internet connectivity in your car as they have onboard WiFi receivers and Ethernet interfaces.

What this means is that you get to browse your favorite websites and mail services from the comfort of your car. You could either check the stock market, book tickets for a movie, find out gas prices, and even more, all from the driver seat. 

People might think that this isn’t anything groundbreaking but bear in mind that the internet is your door to the world. To be able to access it on the go is a feat that would be impossible without android head units.


Besides the internet, an android head unit acts as a gateway to all your favorite entertainment media. Sure, You can use car displays to watch movies, but an android head unit goes above and beyond that simplistic feature.

With a bright screen and internet connectivity, you could enjoy your favorite show, movie, or music, all the while you are driving. Children especially find this feature likable as they love to watch cartoons while their mom or dad is driving the car.

Thus, it becomes worth investing once you understand that it is a perfect device if you have children.

Final Words

Whether it is the internet browsing that catches the attention of adults or the media playback that attracts children in the flock, you cannot deny the utility of android head units now that you know what they have to offer. 

We hope, you now know whether is android head unit good or bad capably!

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