Joying vs Dasaita Car Stereo Navigator

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When purchasing something as important as stereos or head units for your car, you need to be very cautious.

Especially, if you’re getting one for the first time and don’t want to waste your money on something you will later regret. So, how do you know which one to get?

In this article, we are going to compare Joying vs. Dasaita, two well-known brands that produce best-quality car stereos.

Here, we are going to guide you through the pros and cons of these car stereos to help you make a fully informed purchase.

Joying vs Dasaita Comparison Table

QUALITIESThe built-in 4G modules in Joying Android Navigators enable users to connect to the internet. When the navigator is linked to the internet, you can use it to access other apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Waze, and music apps like Spotify and Pandora.The flexibility of the display screen is one of the best characteristics of the Dasaita Android Navigators. These devices provide a terrific user experience because they come with a convenient frame that allows the display to turn around smoothly.
SERVICESThe Joying 10.1 Double Din Android Navigator comes with the Android 8.1 operating system and basic Joying characteristics. You can simply access the internet with this stereo because it accepts a 4G SIM card.The Dasaita car stereos that are the most popular are larger than the conventional size. The 10.2-inch screen provides a fully integrated user interface and the 2.5 D angled touch screens. It can improve the user experience with its rotatable widescreen.
DIFFERENT FEATURESJoying has some great advantages as compared to dasaita, such as touch screen features, high-functioning Apple Car Play features, internet sharing features, and the ability to receive calls over Bluetooth.Dasaita has several features, including the ability to fit into any vehicle with a double din slot, a flawless touch experience, and more. Has large dimensions that provide a fantastic visual experience. Has high-quality audio and stereo settings that may be customized.

Joying Navigator

Recommend Joying Android Navigator to Buy

Joying Android Navigators have built-in 4G modules that will grant you internet connectivity.

You can access additional applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Waze, and music applications such as Spotify, Pandora, etc. when the navigator is connected to the internet.

With Zlink function and Android auto application, you can enjoy excellent quality sound effortlessly, and screen your phone rather conveniently on the built-in touchscreen.

Besides that, you can also use the WiFi Hotspot to share the internet, and receive phone calls with your android navigating device.

First, however, you need to install the Android Auto app on your smartphone.

Some of the best Joying car stereos have a built-in Digital Signal Processor with a 16-band equalizer and separate front and rear settings.

Recommended Joying Navigator to Buy

With their great audio and navigation features, Joying Android Navigators never fail to impress consumers.

The following are our top two choices among the Joying Android Navigators.

Joying 10.1 Double Din Android Navigator

Joying 10.1 Double Din Android Navigator

Along with the Android 8.1 operating system, the Joying 10.1 Double Din Android Navigator includes basic Joying specifications.

As this stereo supports 4G SIM card, you can gain access to the internet quite easily.

All you have to do is, place the SIM card in the SIM card slot just like your smartphone, and you will be able to surf the internet without much of a restriction.

You can share the internet with the riders through WiFi Hotspot from the device.

With the help of the integrated display of your stereo, Zlink and Android auto can screen your smartphone.

So, get the Android auto on your smartphone from the Google Play Store, and attach the head unit via the USB connection.

Thanks to the internet module, you can download applications like Youtube, Facebook, Spotify, Sygic, and more, and also stream any channel mid-driving.

Besides, there is contactless calling from Bluetooth, which enables you to take calls while driving.

Furthermore, the car has an integrated Digital Signal Processor with 16-band equalizer having different front and rear options.

To obtain the ultimate audio quality, you have to connect your external amplifier to the digital output.

However, this android navigator does have some drawbacks. For instance, the audio sometimes stops mid-play with Bluetooth audio and Apple CarPlay, and the system suddenly starts rebooting despite the electrical system being fully connected and secured.


  • Has touchscreen features
  • Supports hands-free calling using Bluetooth
  • Allows audio streaming from Spotify, Pandora, and other apps
  • Top-notch stereo quality
  • Enables internet sharing


  • Despite great sound quality, the sound stops mid-play with Bluetooth audio and Apple CarPlay
  • Messy volume knob function
  • Not enough touch facilities
  • Unnecessary system reboot

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Joying Android Car Stereo (with Canbus)

Joying Android Car Stereo (with Canbus)

Much like the Joying 10.1 Double Din Android Navigator, this Joying Android Car Stereo has an integrated 4G unit, which gives you access to the internet.

Just like with cellphones, you lodge the micro SIM card inside your SIM card slot and you’re connected to the internet network.

Apart from having a resolution of 1024 P x 600 P, this car stereo has most of the general specifications of Joying devices, like the Android 8.1 operating system.

When the device is connected to the internet, you can download additional apps like Youtube, Pandora, Waze, and several socializing apps.

You can stream great quality music seamlessly, and stream your phone quite easily on the integrated display, using Zlink and Android auto features.

Not only that, but you can also even share the internet using the WiFi Hotspot. Besides, you can also receive phone calls with your android navigating device. But firstly, you have to get the Android Auto app on your smartphone.

Similar to the other Joying Android Navigator, this device has integrated Digital Signal Processor with 16-band equalizer having individual front and rear settings.

The Joying Android Car Stereo has been designed especially for Toyota Corolla models from 2017 and 2018.

Despite the stereo being of great quality, it can only be used with the above cars having Canbus. So, don’t buy before making sure your car model includes a Canbus.


  • Includes a volume knob
  • Fits perfectly in the car without the need for modification
  • Holds touchscreen features
  • Possesses high functioning Apple CarPlay features
  • Has internet sharing features
  • Allows Bluetooth to call receiving options
  • Supports audio downloading and playing with Spotify, Pandora, etc.


  • Although wired CarPlay performs flawlessly, the wireless CarPlay malfunctions at times
  • Canbus decoder does not support to the remapping of steering-wheel button

Dasaita Navigator

Recommended Dasaita Navigator to Buy

Some of the best features of the Dasaita Android Navigators include the adjustability of the display screen.

As these devices come with a handy frame that enables the display to turn around smoothly, it provides a great user experience.

The bestselling Dasaita car stereos are larger than the standard size. The 10.2-inch screen, together with the 2.5D angled touchscreen, provides a fully integrated user interface.

In addition to the flawless touch experience, the high-resolution display screen also offers a fantastic visual view.

This one facilitates, like most great car navigators, a hands-free communication technology.

It also enables faster synchronization with smartphones for both iPhones and Androids.

Even though most of these car stereos have different equalizer bands, they provide some of the best quality audio.

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Recommended Dasaita Navigator to Buy

If you have preferred large screens and adjustability of the stereo, the Dasaita Android Navigators are for you. Two of the best Dasaita devices are mentioned below.

Dasaita 10.2 inch Double Din Navigator

Dasaita 10.2 inch Double Din Navigator

With its rotatable large screen, the Dasaita 10.2-inch Android Navigator can update the user experience.

This large screen car stereo fits just about any vehicle having a double din slot.

But the screen may block some Air Conditioner vents, so check the proportion before purchasing.

This Dasaita Android Navigator does not come with a CD/ DVD player.
Having great specifications and an Android 9 operating system, the rotatable large screen device has an integrated Digital Signal Processor with a 15-band equalizer, which creates a great atmosphere with top-grade audio quality.

Packed with 4 x 50 W mother chip, the stereo produces crystal clear sound in both low and high volumes and several additional features.

Apart from being larger than normal, the 10.2-inch screen, along with the 2.5D curved touchscreen provides a flawless user experience.

Besides the touch experience, the display screen has dimensions of 1024 P x 600 P which gives a magnificent visual experience, too.

Like most good car navigators, this one includes a hands-free communication service.

It also facilitates smartphone mirroring for both iPhones and Androids as long as the CarPlay option is turned off.


  • Fits any vehicle with a double din slot
  • Flawless touch experience
  • Has high dimensions which give a great visual experience
  • Has top-grade audio quality with customizable stereo options


  • As the screen is too large, it might cover Air Conditioning vents
  • Brightness issues, the screen is not bright enough under certain lighting, and too bright in some cases

Dasaita 10.2 inches Android 9.0 Car Stereo

Dasaita 10.2 inches Android 9.0 Car Stereo

The Dasaita 10.2-inch Android Navigator with an adjustable screen has the latest Android 9.0 operating system.

Including the basic specifications of the Dasaita navigators, the device also has an operating system that allows for quicker speed and better service.

The large 10.2-inch display has a great screen resolution of 1024 P x 600 P.
Apart from the general specs, this device comes with a convenient screen designed to allow the screen to seamlessly turn up and down.

Besides, the navigator provides an exceptional digital user interface that allows the operator to more easily control the device.

The adjustable device has Digital Signal Processor with a 9-band graphic equalizer integrated within, and an additional NXP6686 radio chip and TDA7850L amplifier chip.

With the help of these advanced chips, the device generates top-quality sound, with a maximum audio output of 4 x 50 W.

One of the bestselling Android Navigators, Dasaita 10.2 inch Android 9.0 Car Stereo is compatible with plenty of great features, Google Play, for instance.

It also facilitates backward camera regulation with RCA connector and steering wheel control.

Along with the package, you will receive an extra 8 GB memory card and ISO cable. You will also get the GPS map pre-installed with the device.

If you add the latest optional integrated CarPlay, you will not regret it. It produces an exceptional sound.


  • Super easy setup process
  • Provides quicker processing, boots rather quickly, connects to Bluetooth and WiFi quickly
  • Ensures smooth user experience
  • Has unique construction, allowing the touchscreen to move around
  • Produces great audio quality


  • Occasional quitting of apps due to over storage
  • The large display might block the Air Conditioning vents

Joying or Dasaita Navigator?

Providing phenomenal audio quality, with a maximum power output of 4 x 50 W, both Joying and Dasaita are real contenders. Both have an impressive navigation system, and little to no flaw.

But, it is time for a verdict now. Joying and Dasaita both seem pretty great alternatives for Android Navigators, but which one should you purchase? An overview of the two excellent choices is provided below.

Operating System

One of the main variations between the two navigators is the operating framework.

While Joying Android Navigators have an Android 8.1 operating system, the Dasaita Android Navigators have an advanced Android 9 operating system.

Digital Signal Processor

While most Joying car stereos have Digital Signal Processor with 16-band equalizer integrated into the system, Dasaita car stereos built-in Digital Signal Processor with 9 and 15-band equalizers in different devices.

Screen Adjustability

Joying Android Navigators don’t have additional screen adjustability features, but the Dasaita Android Navigators do.

The rotatable Dasaita Android Navigators let you adjust the screen for optimal ease of use.

Screen Resolution

Both Dasaita 10.2 inch Double Din Android Navigators have the same screen resolution of 1024 P x 600 P.

But the Joying Android Navigators have different resolutions. The large screen navigator has a resolution of 1280 P x 720 P, and the 7-inch screen has a resolution of 1024 P x 600 P, which is the same as the Dasaita ones.


Such similar functionalities between the two make this choice between Joying vs. Dasaita quite a tough one.

One feature that makes us lean towards the Dasaita Android Navigators, is their adjustability.

However, if you are not comfortable with large screens, get yourself one of the Joying Android Navigators; they have a great sound quality and perform seamlessly!