Joying vs Xtrons Car Stereo Navigator

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Our experience with technology has changed greatly throughout the years. So much so that our regular commutes have even become filled with devices of all sorts.

Same goes for vehicles such as cars, which have been made more convenient by adding navigation systems to them. And what’s better in the smartphone era than using android navigators?

These handy units can give you a myriad of functionalities along with a great navigation system.

So today, let us take a look at two leading companies making these products.
Below is a comparison of Joying vs. Xtrons, as well as a detailed look at some of their best products.

Difference between Joying and Xtrons

Before making any purchase, it is not only important to know about the products themselves, but certain other factors as well.


Xtrons navigators have more updated technology as they use a newer OS than Joying.

This gives them the edge when it comes to faster and smoother user experience.

Other than that, Xtrons products can also use OBD2 for the assessment of your car.


This one is, of course, a no brainer! Not all navigators will be compatible with all vehicle models. You need to make sure of the compatibility before buying a product.

User Friendliness

Due to the presence of IPS panels and user interfaces with convenient layouts, Xtrons has very easy to use products.

On the other hand, Z-link and Android Auto features make it easy to control apps from your phone in Joying products.

Whichever seems more desirable to you will determine the product you should get.


Display is clear and easy to read in all of the products mentioned. The size of the displays is different, however.

Both companies produce displays of various sizes, and you should pick the one most suitable for you.

Joying Navigator

Recommend Joying Android Navigator to Buy

Joying Technology started its journey to China in 2004. After their initial success with car accessories, they have continued to make great products that are used globally.

Their android navigators have become widely popular due to a variety of factors. These contain clear touchscreen displays that are very easy to use.

Internet compatibility makes it possible to download various apps as well to use the navigation system.

The integration of Z-link and Android Auto further increases the charm of these units.

As for the stereo system, built-in DSP’s enhance the quality of music and make it very easy to have a good time.

USB support is also provided for charging, not to mention safety measures like controls on the steering wheel. These are great products to have with decent overall coverage.

Recommended Joying Navigator to Buy

Now that we’ve learned a bit about Joying and their android navigators, let’s take a closer look at two of their products.

Joying 10.1 Double Din Android 8.1 4GB + 64 GB Car Stereo

This unit has been designed for use with android 8.1 (Oreo). It contains an octa-core from intel, meaning that there are 2 sets of 4 cores available depending on the task difficulty.

This processor is called Intel Airmont SC9853i, and it has a frequency of 1.8 GHz. With a memory of 4GB RAM and 64 GB ROM, installing applications is no problem.

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify can all be installed, amongst other apps as well.The resolution is 1280 × 720 p, making it very crisp and clear.

Coupled with the LCD touchscreen display, it is very easy to use. You can easily use the internet due to the unit’s compatibility with 4G micro-SIM cards.

Turning on the wifi hotspot will enable multiple people to use wifi, which is a great advantage for all of the passengers.

However, the SIM is for internet use only, and phone calls are not supported. Navigation can also be used once you are connected to the internet.

This product also contains Z-link, which makes it possible to use Android Auto. So your car’s display can be synced with your android phone for easy controls.

This product also enables you to use apps, play music, and make phone calls via Bluetooth.

A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with 16-band EQ is integrated within this unit.

You can control this with separate settings for the front and the rear. Steering wheel control is another convenient feature of this android navigator.

This allows you to quickly and easily change channels, music, and also volume while you are driving, ensuring safety.

A car dash camera and RCA backup camera are also provided, increasing the safety levels further.

Other than that, USB charging and split-screen functions are also supported, as well as the fast boot.

If the product is exposed to strong sunlight, it might not work properly. Connectivity might also be poor in cold temperatures.


  • Enough memory for apps
  • Supports internet use
  • Nice navigation system
  • Z-link and Android Auto
  • LCD touchscreen display
  • DSP with 16 EQ
  • Steering wheel control


  • Sunlight can cause issues
  • Cold reduces connectivity

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Joying Android Car Stereo 4 GB + 64 GB Android 8.1 GPS Navigator

This product is another great one from Joying, suitable for Toyota Corolla 2017 and 2018 with Canbus.

Similar to the previous one, it also contains Android 8.1 (Oreo) with an octa-core from intel.

The processor is fast, especially coupled with a memory of 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM.

This unit has a 1024 × 600 p resolution, which is decent for use with apps. The DSP, which is built-in can be connected to the external amplifier for enjoyable sound quality.

For long rides, this feature is sure to help out a lot! GPS can be used if you are online, which can be achieved via the 4G SIM card.

This will also enable you to download a variety of apps of your choice. Z-link function can be used in 2 ways — with wires and wireless.

For wireless functionality, you will need to connect to Bluetooth. This will enable you to make and receive phone calls and use certain apps as well.

The presence of Android Auto enhances the experience. It makes this possible by allowing you to stream your smartphone with the car’s stereo display.

Another great feature is that when you are using the browser or navigation, you can easily minimize your video player.

This permits multi-functionality for convenience. As this product also ensures your safety with a steering wheel control, it is overall a win-win.

The only downside is that the touchscreen might contain a bit of a lag.


  • Compatible with canbus
  • Z-link for phone calls
  • AA for streaming
  • Online navigation system
  • Minimize video player
  • Steering wheel control


  • Touchscreen may lag

Xtrons Navigator

Recommended Xtrons Navigator to Buy

Xtrons is a company that has been in the game of producing car accessories for 13 years now.

Their headquarters are situated in Hong Kong, and they have set up offices in other parts of the world due to their success.

Xtrons produce quality products at reasonable prices, and their android navigators no different.

Built with user experience in mind, these products integrate new technology yet are easy to use.

So although Xtrons is constantly updating the OS compatibility, they provide convenient layouts for users.

Additionally, they provide Bluetooth technology as well as great GPS for easy use of apps and for navigation.

Features such as DSP and bright touchscreen displays allow you to get entertained easily.

These android navigators are great for those who are looking for the latest technology along with user-friendliness.

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Recommended Xtrons Navigator to Buy

Even though Xtrons has a lot of great products, today we will be focusing on two of their best ones.

Xtrons Android 10.0 Car Stereo Radio Player 10.1 Inch

This unit has been designed for use with Honda Accord.
It uses the Android operating system 10.0, which is the latest android OS.

Coupled with a great memory of 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM, you can expect nothing less than a fast, glitchless experience.

What is even better is the fact that it is compatible with most Bluetooth devices.

This gives you a convenient wireless experience and enables you to use phone services easily.

The good news is that both android and apple phones can be used to stream music from various apps. As for the display, it contains a nice multi-touch one, which is backlit.

It is very vibrant, and along with the DSP gives a very nice audio-video dual entertainment enjoyment.

Enhancing this factor is the IPS panel, which contains a 178° viewing angle. GPS navigation can easily be used as it is compatible with all types of software that are made for android.

A function called OBD2 is also integrated into this product, which allows you to extract data from your computer.

This helps you to assess the status of your car. The presence of steering wheel controls also ensures safety.

You can purchase DVR and cameras for even more safety. The trouble is, when you are using the internet, the functionality may become a bit slow.
Wifi connectivity may not always be strong either.


  • Latest android OS
  • Wireless Bluetooth use
  • Great dual entertainment
  • Adjustable IPS panel
  • Easy navigation with GPS
  • OBD2 for assessment
  • Good safety measures


  • Slow during internet use
  • Wifi connection falters

Xtrons Android 9.0 Car Stereo Radio DVD Player Double Din GPS Navigation

This product has been designed for use with Toyota RAV4 Corolla but is compatible with certain other models as well.

These include Landcruiser 1000’s, Vios, Hilux, Avanza, Prado, Fortuner 4Runner, and RunX.

It uses Android OS 9.0 or Pie, and a 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM. The processor included is a PX5 octa-core 64-bit computing processor.

These together make for fast user experience, no less than IOS. Additionally, wireless Bluetooth 5.0 technology is used for pairing with Bluetooth devices of all sorts.

The display on this unit is 6.95 inches, backlit, and touchscreen for additional convenience.

Moreover, the responsiveness of the touchscreen may not always be good, though. Xtrons has included an interface which is particularly designed for drivers. The layout of this interface is smartly placed for optimum ease of use.

Additionally, an autoplay feature is available, which means you can just use your phone for controlling apps.

It should be noted that the dongle for autoplay must be bought separately.
USB, DVD, and SD support are all available in this unit.

So charging your devices, watching movies, and adding extra memory should not be problems.

Other than that, screen mirroring, radio tuning, and steering wheel controls are all available.


  • Fast user experience
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Technology
  • Smart layout for drivers
  • Auto-play feature present
  • USB, DVD, SD supported


  • Touchscreen not the best
  • Auto-play dongle not provided


If you have navigated through our Joying vs. Xtrons android navigator comparison, then you are well prepared now! A good product should fit your requirements well.

So, if you consider your needs carefully, then you should be ready to go out there and pick out the best product for yourself.