Mastercraft Courser CXT Review in 2024 – New Edition

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Mastercraft has been making tires for a long time now; and they are very good at it.

If you check their new line-up, you’ll notice the Courser CTX. This tire will easily catch your eyes and for good reasons too.

It isn’t easy to find an off-road tire that can handle all sorts of terrains. However, there is one tire that is creating a lot of buzz in the market right now.

This All-Terrain tire has a lot to offer; and we are here to give you an in-depth Mastercraft Courser CXT review.

So, you can be more confident about your decision of whether you want to purchase it.

Mastercraft Courser CXT Review in 2023

Since this tire has been creating a lot of buzz, we have to talk about it. For your convenience, we will talk about everything this tire has to offer.

Mastercraft Courser CXT All-Terrain Tire


This tire is one of the best in the market currently, and for excellent reasons too. It is creating an uproar because of how smoothly it operates on both soft and hard roads.

If you plan to ride on rocky terrains, you will see that the tire has excellent stability.

The traction control is also very impressive. So, muddy roads will not be a problem either.

A problem with many off-road tires is that they can not perform well on concrete paved roads.

The ride is often very noisy and bumpy, which gives a terrible experience. However, that is not the case with this one.

This tire can go head to head with the other premium tires available in the market.

It gives you a very smooth riding experience. Furthermore, it has an affordable price range.

Nevertheless, every product has one or two flaws. The problem with this tire is, it cannot perform well on ice.

The ride can get very slippery, and you might not have good control over your vehicle.

Other than that, this product’s durability and versatility can easily put it up against other expensive premium quality tires.

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Tread Design

The design of the tread is crucial, and it varies from tire to tire. Tread pattern will determine how easily the tire can hold stability while going over bumpy and slippery roads.

The Courser CTX’s tread design is perfect when it comes to dealing with muddy and rocky terrains.

You can easily notice that the manufacturer has put a lot of trust in the tread design.

It looks a bit aggressive and can keep a steady balance. You will get an extraordinarily smooth riding experience on rough and soft terrains.

Not only can you feel the tire’s durability on off-road terrains but also on concrete roads.


This tire has one of the best longevities out there in the market currently. The tire has a massive surface area, which helps it in providing a balanced riding experience. One of the best features this tire offers is balanced weight distribution.

It can distribute the weight of your vehicle evenly, which helps to increase overall longevity.

The prolonged road contact helps the tire not to skid easily. So, you will not be seeing any wear or tear soon.


As expected, this product has fantastic durability. You can’t last a long time if you don’t have a good build quality.

The tire has a very superior sturdy rubber construction which helps it avoid puncture and abrasions.

So, if you are worried about taking it out on rocky mountains, then you don’t have to worry much.

It can efficiently deal with muddy water, and it does not skid because of its tread design.

A problem with many tires is that they can quickly burn out, and the tread design disappears.

However, that is not the case with this one. The overall build quality helps you get excellent control over your ride.

So, no matter how bumpy the road is, you can control it with no problem.

Large Shoulders

This feature may be a bit small, but it significantly impacts your whole riding experience.

The manufacturer decided to give this tire big shoulder scallops. This way, you will get more traction.

It may not look like much, but you can easily tell the difference when you take it out on the road.

You get a lot of grip and stability because of this. The overall ride becomes much smoother too.

This feature will help you be more confident in your off-road rides.


  • The durability of this tire is fantastic
  • You will get a very long lifespan
  • The tread design is well thought-out
  • Has an affordable price range
  • You will get good resistance to road hazards
  • The tires can deal with muddy terrains
  • Excellent for everyday use
  • The tread life is terrific


  • Struggles with icy roads
  • The weight might be an issue
  • Installation process could be better

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this tire with any vehicle?

No, you have to check if the vehicle is suitable for the tire first. The riding experience will be terrible if they are not well suited.

How do I know if the tire will fit?

You have to check your car’s size first and then the size of the tire. If they are not the same, then it will affect the riding experience.

How do I take care of this tire?

It would be best if you check your tire’s condition before and after each use. This way, you can easily keep them in check and notice any wear.

Do I have to get off-road tires?

Normal tires are not suitable for all terrains. The rides can be very bumpy and unpleasant. Off-road tires are more suitable for these conditions.

How long will the tire last?

With regular use, off-road tires can go over 40,000 miles, but rough usage can take it down to 20,000.


With the Mastercraft Courser CXT review, we got to know that this tire is perfect for most terrains.

You will get a smooth ride on both rough roads and concrete roads. For the price, the quality you are getting is impressive.

This value makes the tire very hard not to recommend for your next purchase.