Mastercraft Courser MSR Review in 2020 – New Edition

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Let’s face it, finding a great tire for extreme winter weather is no piece of cake. It is even more difficult if you are on a budget and happen to live in an ice-cold place.

But you do not have to worry much as Mastercraft Courser has released their MSR tire for you all out there who are struggling to find a decent truck tire for the severe cold.

Your four-wheel drives will be just fine with these tires, even on black ice! In this Mastercraft courser MSR review, we will try to give you a thorough idea about the product, and we will not hold back in giving you the details, so you know whether this tire is just for you! So without further ado, let’s get into this review.

Mastercraft Courser MSR Tire Review in 2023

Mastercraft Courser MSR Tire

The all new ‘snow on snow’ traction has been widely praised by customers, and we can also ensure that this traction will give your tires better grip with the road.

Additionally, manufactured by Cooper Tire, these bad boys provide better grip and maneuvering on slippery wet grounds due to the D-squared pipes that surround the tire.

Longevity is something you do not have to worry about because of the very deep sipes in these MSR tires, which also ensures these do not look worn out. Since this tire is made for the extreme cold climate, it has been rated suitable for the severe winter by the inclusion of snowflake emblem.

In an ocean of budget winter tires, where most of them will make you false promise, the engineers at Mastercraft have created a masterpiece.

Not only in winter climates, but you will also get decent performance on the highway after setting these tires up with almost any light truck or SUV.

You will also be given a limited tread as well as a 2/32 inch tire uniformity warranty.


It is undeniable that the controllability of a tire is the most important factor, especially when your driving in the freezing, snowy winter.

The ability of a driver to maneuver the car must be great for the safety of the driver and the passengers.

Fortunately, the optimal tread design of the Mastercraft MSR tires provides an enhanced grip with the surface, allowing for much better controllability.

As a result, your steering control response and handling are significantly improved.

For maximum contact with the road, the tread pattern has a zigzag center, further improving the tire’s performance.

These enhancements in this product will give you an overall, more precise control and driving stability.

We all are well aware that poor tires will have a great braking distance, which consequently increases the chance of accidents and injuries.

However, the detailed tread in this item provides stronger braking and lowers the possibility of any disasters.

The lower braking distance is also made possible by the very dense siping pattern, which increases the friction between the tires and the road.

In addition to all of the features above, your car’s cornering ability can be improved by the optimal shoulder block placement.

All in all, you can notice that putting these tires to use will only give you a safe and sound driving experience!

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Performance on the Wet Snow and Ice

Mastercraft claims that this tire is specifically made for winter weather, so it would not be unreasonable if you expect exceptional performance in the winter. The good news is that this product definitely delivers well in the cold!

As mentioned before, the tread design enables a better grip with the slippery road for safer driving.

Furthermore, the winter weather compound in the Mastercraft courser tires works alongside the special tread design, so enduring lower temperatures is not troublesome.

The great snow grooves and D-squared siping all around the tires will double up on the friction while giving the tires a rugged, bold look.

Studs have also been included with the tread design for better braking on the icy roads and soft snow.

The two circumferential grooves zigzag and straight boost the water and slush displacing ability.

Hence this mechanism prevents hydroplaning, which is caused by water and slush, causing a blockage, causing the car to skid.

Durability and Longevity

Whichever product you buy, you would obviously want it to last you a while because who likes wasting money after all.

The upgraded construction of the MSR tires is far better than it’s other ancestors of the Mastercraft family, which helps to hold the tires’ perfect shape even after enduring pressure for long life.

For safer drives around the city, a strengthened steel belt structure is featured, which supports the tires in being durable and sturdy.

For this strengthened structure, these tires are suitable for light trucks as well as SUVs since they can withstand a large magnitude of pressure.


  • Relatively affordable option
  • Has a long tread life
  • Maneuvering is exceptional in these tires
  • Braking and grip on wet, snowy surfaces are quite impressive
  • Can plow through deep snow surprisingly well
  • Has a nice rugged look


  • Can be a bit unsteady at high speeds on wet roads
  • There are not several LT sizes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding the Mastercraft Courser MSR:

Does this tire come in different sizes?

Yes, the size of these tires is in a range from 14 to 20 inches in diameter.

How many plies is this tire?

This tire is a 4 ply.

How many miles can these tires be driven for?

It widely depends on how you drive.

Can these tires be studded?

Yes, they can be studded for extra grip on ice, but generally, they work pretty well without them as well.

Do these tires work well with 4×4 SUVs?

Yes, they work perfectly fine with four-wheel drives.

Final Words

Although you can find some budget tires for the winter weather in the market, the real challenge is to find a quality one.

However, we certainly believe that the product we reviewed today is an absolute exceptional value for the money.

Hopefully, after reading this Mastercraft courser MSR review, you have been able to wrap your head around this item completely and have come to a conclusion.