Michelin Primacy MXM4 Vs Michelin Premier A/S

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Tires are one of the most important components of a vehicle, and they may drastically alter your riding experience. In addition to greater vehicle control, quality tires provide noise-free driving, fuel efficiency, and a variety of other benefits. So, let’s take a deeper look at the Michelin Premier vs. Michelin Primacy in-depth analysis, which will help you determine which tire is better for your vehicle.

Comparison Table

Primacy MXM4Premier A/S
Car typePassanger Car /
Passanger Car /
Corner Stability83%90%
Dry Traction84%92%
Steering Response83%89%
Overall Dry83%90%
Wet Traction77%91%
Overall Wet77%91%
Light Snow67%83%
Heavy Snow54%72%
Overall Snow53%75%
Ride Comfort85%89%
Overall Comfort76%87%
Overall Noise81%85%
Buy again58%90%


When it comes to treading life and durability, Michelin premier tires are unrivaled. It offers the greatest tread life when compared to other luxury brands on the market. That implies it’ll last longer and be easier to use.

On the other hand, if you want your tires to last as long as possible, the MICHELIN PRIMACY MXM4 isn’t the best choice for you. It has a high rate of wear and tear, which means you’ll have to replace these tires more frequently.


Michelin premier also aids in providing you with excellent performance and overall service. It ensures that you get the most mileage out of your car. It contributes to a more comfortable trip by lowering noise levels.

MICHELIN PRIMACY MXM4 has a unique design that gives you more control over the vehicle no matter what surface you’re driving on. It aids in providing you with extremely pleasant journeys, which is ideal for someone who enjoys taking long drives. By absorbing shocks, it decreases shakiness and roughness, resulting in a more comfortable ride.


Michelin premier also aids in better acceleration, which is very remarkable for your vehicle. It relieves the car engine of excessive load, allowing it to work more efficiently in the long run.

Overall, the Michelin Primacy provides higher performance. It will improve your fuel economy, acceleration, and provide you with additional advantages.


The amazing thing about Michelin premier tires is that they have a good amount of friction. Though it isn’t the best tire for snow, it is ideal for wet or dry roads.

Whereas, Michelin Primacy has an incredible design that allows the car to be more in control regardless of the surface it is driven on, which is very astounding.


You won’t have to replace the Mechlin Premier as frequently because it’s more durable. While the Michelin Primacy isn’t particularly long-lasting, and you’ll have to replace it frequently.


Michelin premier tires are more expensive due to their superior quality, long-term warranty, and durability. On the other hand for most people, Michelin primacy is a tad pricy, but it will undoubtedly provide you with the best riding experience possible.


On dry and wet pavement, the Premier A/S provides safe, predictable stopping performance that is virtually immune to the effects of tread wear. While overall, driving on the Primacy is a risky proposition, as the braking effectiveness of the tires is influenced by road conditions and wear (tread loss).


Michelin premier also implies that you will be able to save a significant amount of money, which will be very advantageous to you. Replacing your car tires is quite costly. And if your car tires are prone to tearing off excessively, you’ll have to buy extra replacements, which are very expensive.

Secondly, If you want the greatest comfort out of your journey, Michelin primacy tires are unquestionably the best option. It makes your entire riding experience much more enjoyable in general, which is fantastic. It doesn’t make any distracting noises when you’re driving, which is ideal.


When it comes to comfort, these tires will be neck and neck. Both of these tires provide excellent comfort while driving your car. If comfort is your priority when it comes to tires, you can go with either of these selections. The Michelin Primacy surpasses the competition by a large amount in terms of performance. It will improve your fuel efficiency, acceleration, and provide you with additional advantages. The Michelin Primacy will win in concerns of roughness when compared to the Michelin Primer. That’s because it offers more friction and may be used in any weather. It provides a stronger grip on the road and, as a result, improves road safety.

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