Nitro Shocks vs. Hydro Shocks

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We are always looking for ways to improve our lives; we use different products that enable us to do so.

Just like we use various products for our daily lives, we use them for our cars as well. And one way to make our rides easier is to use the right shock absorbers.

There are two types of shock absorbers you can use for your ride, either nitro or hydro shock absorbers.

Both have several similarities and differences. So in this nitro shocks vs. hydro shocks guide, I will be comparing the two, so that you have a much better understanding of these products and can choose the one best for your vehicle.

Nitro Shocks

Recommended Nitro Shocks to Buy

The first thing I’m going to do here is give you a bit of understanding of the nitro shock absorbers, some of their features and characteristics. This way, you would get all the required information about it.

These are nitrogen-filled shocks that result in great quality rides. The shock absorbers are, in general, present to isolate vibration with its absorption qualities. It reduces the overall impact of shock or vibration.

The introduction of nitrogen to this enables to limit the foaming, and therefore, the system will be more efficient than others.

Hydraulic fluid is used in the shock absorbers for it to function properly, but this causes foaming on many occasions. The nitrogen gas is needed to reduce to tackle foaming.

Nitro shocks last much longer than any other kind, so you will get your money’s worth when you invest in them.

They also have a much quicker response time, so you are likely to have a smooth ride most of the time.

Recommended Nitro Shocks to Buy

I am going to go ahead and recommend some nitro shocks that you can get if you are interested to see how this will work in your vehicle.

Belltech 8510 Nitro Drop 2 Shock Absorber

If you happen to know about shock absorbers, then the name Belltech might be one you have heard before, and there is a good reason for that.

Some might say they have perfected the art of making great shock absorbers.

This one, in particular, has cavitation free valves. Therefore, you will be able to get the highest efficiency, and it would also be able to absorb all vibrations very well.

Along with that, the gadget is going to be a perfect fit for just about all types of vehicles, so this not fitting properly will not be an issue.

Along with all of that, the nitro shock absorber is made of mental and is covered by a dust boot, which makes this a less messy and cleaner option for you.

The operations inside your car are going to be clear of dust for the most part.


  • The size can be changed according to the requirement
  • Substantially reduces shocks and vibration
  • Will also fix bumping problems


  • Does not last for a very long time, replacement is needed after a year or so

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Belltech 9130 Nitro Drop 2 Shock Absorber Set

Belltech is a company that is known for the great quality car parts it produces and sells.

They have been in the business for a very long time and have, as a result, won many hearts with their products. The nitro shock absorbers they have are no less.

One of the best features of 9130 is that you will be able to fit this into almost all vehicles.

The shock absorber can be made bigger or smaller according to the amount of space available for its installment.

This car part is also able to enhance the quality of all your rides as the amount of movement because of bad roads is going to be reduced significantly.

This is possible due to the cavitation free valve train present in the shock absorber, it does not allow air to slow it down or stop it from doing its job.


  • Allows a smooth ride each time
  • Can fit into just about any car or truck
  • Can be easily installed into the car


  • Belltech does not have good after-sales service
  • The shock absorbers do not last very long

Skyjacker N8040 1.86” Slim Body Softride Nitro Shock Absorber

Skyjacker is a company that has been in the market for more than 45 years, and in these 45 years, they have developed both their company and their products which has allowed them to sustain in this competitive market.

Their nitro shock absorbers are some of their very best products.
The N8040 is one of their most popular product as you will see a very significant difference in the way your car rides after it has been installed.

And the shock absorber has multi-stage velocity sensitive valving, which is able to reduce the jerks you might feel when passing through rough roads.

Along with that, the size of the gadget is just right. Meaning you should be able to install it into most cars without any problem.

Even though it can’t be folded, but it has been made into size to work for most vehicles. This also includes a red boot but is also available in 14 other colors.


  • Made to reduce all your discomfort while driving
  • You should be able to fit this into most cars
  • It has a twin-tube construction
  • Great value for money


  • Not the best option for large trucks

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Hydro Shock Absorber

Recommended Hydro Shocks to Buy

There is a whole lot of science that goes behind the mechanism of a shock absorber, but its main duty is to absorb all impacts your vehicle might go through on a ride.

It soaks up all the vibration, and therefore, neither your car nor do you have to feel the extent of the jerks or bumps on the road.

Shock absorbers use a hydraulic fluid, which allows the device to absorb or dampen the extent of the shocks.

It is able to do so by turning the kinetic energy produced from the shock to most typically heat energy. This is how you do not feel the impact of the jolts.

These shock absorbers have some type of spring or cushion which allows the vehicle to withstand the shocks/jerks.

The rate at which the suspension spring compresses and rebounds is controlled and determined by this device. And its main job is to manage the energy that is converted.

Recommended Hydro Shocks to Buy

There are many different hydro shock absorbers you can buy for your vehicle, most of them are going to work really well and will give you the desired results, and we have a few options here for you.

Skyjacker H7018 Softride Hydro Shock Absorber

One of the biggest names and brands in the market for a shock absorber is Skyjacker, they have a very wide range of products, and most of the ones available are of great quality, and you will be able to get very good use out of them.

One of their great products is their H7017 Hydro Shock Absorber.
There are many reasons why people tend to like this so much, the quality of ride you will get in off-roads is pretty amazing.

Off-roads are known for the bumping and shocks, but this hydraulic shock absorber will enable a very smooth sail each time thanks to its advanced technology.

With the multi-stage velocity sensitive valving, you should be able to feel how much superiors its performance is in comparison to numerous other shock absorbers in the market.

You will also be able to choose the color of the boot even though it originally comes in red only.


  • Makes the ride very comfortable
  • The car and you will be very safe after it has been installed
  • You will see an increase in control and stability of the car


  • Does not last a very long time

Skyjacker H7018 Softride Hydro Shock Absorber

As I have already mentioned before, some of the best shock absorbers you find are produced and sold by Skyjacker, and the number of times their products make their way into the article should defiantly clue you in.

Their hydro shock absorber is a very important component inside the car, and it enables you to have a smooth and safe ride each time you decide to sit behind the wheels.

It is a very safe option as you do not have to worry about hitting a bump and losing all control.

Rather the shock dampener (as it is called in most countries outside the US) is able to convert the kinetic energy created from the shock into some other type of energy.

In this case, it is mostly heat energy. The H7088 is also just what you would need if you want a very comfortable ride.


  • Creates a much safer driving environment
  • Great for off-road rides
  • Highly durable
  • Gives you maximum control


  • The bushing needs to be squeezed in manually

Skyjacker H7081 Softride Hydro Shock Absorber

Most of the shock absorbers made by Skyjacker are very good for both on and off roads.

You will be able to acknowledge the difference in the way your car drives and the way it reacts when it goes through a rough part on the road.

The standard model comes with a red polyurethane bushing as well as boot, this is one of the reasons behind the smooth drive you get out of your car even in off-road situations, and the color red just adds a nice touch to it.

You could opt for other colors too if you want to, but you need to make additional payments.

On the inside of the H7081 is the twin-tube construction, this feature is very important as the fluid in these types of shock absorbers might foam up sometimes.

The twin tubes prevent this from happening.The gaming would stop the shock absorber form doing its job properly.


  • Results in a very comfortable and smooth ride
  • Will reduce shocks by a significant amount
  • You will be very safe behind the wheels
  • Very good for the price they charge


  • There are some issues with durability

Difference between Nitro Shocks and Hydro Shocks

First off, there are a few differences between these two types of shock absorbers even though the task they are to complete is pretty much the same.

From what is written above, the main difference you will find is in the element they use to get the job done.

The nitro shock absorber uses nitrogen gas, while the hydro shock absorber uses hydraulic fluid.

Now, the question may come to your mind, which one of these is better? Well, we are going to compare them based on a few things to draw a final conclusion.


The first thing we are going to be looking into is the durability factor of these two.

This primarily depends on the quality and brand of shock absorber you buy, but in most cases, the hydro shock is a bit more longer lasting than the nitro shock.


When it comes to cars, you often have to get some type of work done at all times.

The shock absorbers need some work done from time to time as well. In this instance, I have to side with nitro shocks as they require less work.

The hydro shocks might often develop foaming from the moment of the fluid which needs to be cleaned.


Both of these products have one main aim, that is to absorb all the shocks and the vibrations the vehicle encounters on the road.

So, you would want it to provide you with the smoothest and most comfortable ride.

You will get very similar results from both, but if I had to pick one, I would say the performance of the nitro shock is lightly better.

The movement is smoother, and therefore, you feel very less of the jerky movements.


If I am to compare the price of these two products, then I must say the hydro shocks are comparatively cheaper than the nitro shocks. But the difference is the price is not too high.

Final Words

As I said, both are great products if you are looking to make your ride smooth and comfortable.

But with the nitro shocks, you will have to worry less about maintenance as well as get slightly better performance even though the price is a little higher.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours!
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