Nitto Crosstek 2 Review in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

The tire market for light trucks or SUVs is very aggressive because of high demands.

People want tires that can perform well with heavy loads on various terrains.

There are countless tires available ranging from different brands, prices, and qualities.

It can be pretty confusing, but one tire has taken the market by storm; that is the new tire by Nitto. There is a high demand for this tire, and a lot of people are asking why.

So, out of all the Nitto Crosstek 2 reviews, we have decided to give you the most in-depth one.

This way, you will get to know everything relevant and consider if you want this to replace your current tires.

Nitto Crosstek 2 Review 2020

Nitto Crosstek 2 275/60R20 114T

There is a lot to talk about this product. So, we have divided all of the key features and explained everything in details to make it simpler for you.


Before we get into the full features, it would be best if you got a brief overview of the product first.

If you have been shopping for tires before, you have probably heard about Nitto.

They have been in the tire manufacturing business for a very long time, and they are quite good at this game.

All the products they make are of very high quality, and the Crosstek 2 is no different.

The build quality of this product is fantastic. It can handle a heavy workload.

So, it is competing with more premium quality products with a much lower price tag.

This is why the product is so eye-catching. Other than that, it can tackle off-road conditions very well for a tire made for SUV and trucks. But it is not a complete off-road tire.

It is a tire perfect for long drives with heavy loads. The tire performs very well, even on ice, mud, and rocky roads. Handling any season will not be an issue with this one.

Build Quality

The tire has a high-quality robust rubber build, which prevents any abrasion or punctures.

It has a durable tread pattern, which increases longevity and provides you with a reasonable control over your vehicle.

Since the tire has to deal with heavyweight, it has a good sense of weight distribution.

This way, the weight is divided equally, increasing overall longevity. You also get excellent traction control.

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Tread Design

The design of the tread is one of the most crucial characteristics of a tire. It is because your whole riding experience depends on it. Different tires have different tread designs to suit various terrains.

This tire’s main focus is going from one point to another while carrying heavy loads & tackling rough roads. So, the manufacturer made the tread design accordingly.

It has a fantastic design that is perfect for any season. If you want to take this out on icy roads, you can do that with no problem.

The tire does not skid easily, and gives you great control over your car or truck.

One of the most fantastic features of this tire is that it has six visible treadwear indicators.

So, you can check the condition of your tire quite easily. You’ll be able to know how much longer the tires will last from these indicators.


Usually, high-quality tires can last only about 40,000 miles. If you push it hard enough, it can even go down to 20,000. However, the Nitto Crosstek 2 can go as far as 50,000 miles.

The sheer capability of this tire is outstanding. Very few tires can go this far while continually carrying heavy loads.

So, if you are a professional driver, you will love this tire. For day to day use, this tire is tough to beat in a competition.

Overall build quality and durability helps a lot in increasing the lifespan of this tire.

Accordingly, if you are a daily driver, you don’t have to worry about getting a replacement anytime soon.

Comfort and Noise Free

A lot of tires are very bumpy on even smooth concrete roads. It cannot be very pleasant to deal with when you are on long driving hours.

Plus, tires can be very noisy as well. You don’t have to deal with these problems with this tire.

We are not saying that this tire creates no noise at all, but the noise is significantly less than other tires. The tire is good enough for comfortable rides too.

They don’t bump around too much, and you get decent control. So, if you plan for a long drive, this tire will be good enough to handle that.


  • Very stable on the highway
  • It can handle turns very well
  • Comfortable riding experience
  • They do not make too much noise
  • Smooth rides
  • Can handle icy roads
  • Treadwear quality is good
  • Long lifespan


  • Not affordable for everyone
  • Wet traction could be better
  • Average hydroplaning resistance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this tire safe for off-roading?

Even though it can handle rocky or muddy roads, it is not a complete off-road tire. So, it is better not to use this roughly.

Can this tire work under hot temperature?

Yes, this tire is suitable for all seasons. It can handle hot and freezing weather no problem.

Does this tire work well in the rainy season?

Of course. Because of its tread design, the tires can push water away while rolling. This way, you don’t accidentally skid.

Do the maintenance indicators work well?

Yes, the indicators are pretty handy. They tell you the condition of your tire instantly.

Can the tire handle dry tarmac?

Yes. The tire has a great tread design that helps it run very smoothly on rough and well-paved surfaces. The stability you get is excellent.


The tire is perfect for people who want to drive for a long time while carrying heavy loads.

Out of all the Nitto Crosstek 2 guide, we have given you the most in-depth one.By now, you probably have an idea if this tire is suitable for you or not.

This tire is great for any average user who wants to use it for a long time. So, if you are one of them, it will be a great deal.

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