Nitto Trail Grappler vs Goodyear DuraTrac

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Nitto and Goodyear are two brands that quickly grab drivers’ attention due to the quality of their products.

For vehicles, there’s hardly any other manufacturer that creates parts as reliable as these two brands, which is why many people prefer them over the rest.

Two of their most characteristic products are the Trail Grappler and the DuraTrac tires, created by Nitto and Goodyear, respectively.

They’re both great picks for your car, but which one is the better pick out of the two?

In our Nitto Trail Grappler vs. Goodyear DuraTrac article, we’ll review the tires to understand how they work, as well as their differences. Continue reading if you want to find out more!

Nitto Trail Grappler vs Goodyear DuraTrac

So, what are the differences between one and the other? They’re both good tires, but depending on your purposes, one may be better than the other.

In this section, we’ll describe the situations where either the DuraTrac of the Trail Grappler could be more suitable.

DuraTrac – The Overall Better Pick

While it may not look as aggressive as the Trail Grappler, the DuraTrac offers everything you can expect from an all-terrain tire.

It performs flawlessly on mud and snow, making it an ideal choice for off-road driving. This tire also does pretty well on-road, providing a smooth and fun ride.

Trail Grappler – Good, but Lacking

Nobody can deny the quality of the Trail Grappler tire. It’s good for on and off-road driving, but its best performance is for sure over the pavement.

Another disadvantage is the weight, as the DuraTracs are far lighter than this one.

Nitto Trail Grappler Tire

The Trail Grappler tires are some of Nitto’s best creations. With a combination of incredible features, drivers will have the perfect tire for multiple applications, including on and off-road purposes. Here’s what to expect.

Sidewall Build

An effective sidewall is a guarantee of your success on the road. It avoids nasty damage caused by punctures, which leads to better performance overall.


By featuring a 3-ply sidewall, the tire has an extra layer to put up with obstacles and foreign objects on the road.


The Trail Grappler tires offer a good balance between an aggressive build and comfort for on-road driving.

You’ll be able to do both of those activities if you wish to do so.


The balanced void ratio, among other features, takes care of mud or dirt that could get stuck in the tire, allowing the tire to do well for the duration of the ride.

Recommended Nitto Trail Grappler Tires to Buy

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the tires and the reasons why they’d be good for your car.

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T All-Season Radial Tire-35X12.50R20/10 121Q

This tire comes with the 3D Tapered Groove Tread, responsible for adding those extra biting edges ideal for off-road exploring.

The clearance and grip on the trails allow drivers to pass through almost everything, including mud, dirt, and rocky surfaces.

Since the tire also includes an efficient stone ejector, there’s plenty of protection for the tread.

Not only will it be able to clear the mud, but keep stones and similar items off as well.

Besides tackling mud terrains, driving over wet surfaces will be another possibility for drivers.

The deep center sipe is efficient at increasing the traction over those terrains, guaranteeing a secure ride while preventing hydroplaning.

For more resistance and enhanced lifespan, the tire has reinforced shoulder grooves.

This feature has a significant impact on performance, as it avoids compromising block stiffness.

Other than some noises on the road, the tire meets most expectations. For the price, it’s a valuable choice that quickly improves both your vehicle and your experience at the wheel.


  • Good off-road performance due to the 3D Tapered Groove Tread
  • Smooth ride over wet surfaces thanks to the deep center sipe
  • Reinforced shoulder groove for more protection
  • Stone ejector


  • Not a quiet tire

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NITTO Trail Grappler M/T All-Season Radial Tire-35×12.50R18LT E 123Q

For good on/off-road driving performance, you’ll need a tire like this one. This all-season radial tire combines the best features of the previous Mud Grappler tires, and the Terra Grappler, which are among the highest quality when it comes to on-road comfort.

The result is a tire that offers both an aggressive and quiet performance, depending on which one you need.

If you go off-road, the sidewall 3-ply build and rubber compound provides the cushioning and protection needed against punctures.

Above the tread, the blocks added have those additional biting edges essential for lateral stability, which also has a positive effect on forwarding traction.

While driving on-road, you can expect pretty much the same good results. The noise levels are low, which is always nice.

Also, the internal build combined with the tread design offers good resistance, grip, and balance.

Unfortunately, the tire does wear quickly. It’s the one issue that most customers would point out, and it won’t take much for you to notice it as well once you set the tire up.


  • Incredible performance on & off-road
  • 3-Ply build & rubber compound for cushioning
  • Extra biting edges for stability & traction
  • Quiet on-road


  • Wears quickly

Nitto 205-780 Trail Grappler M/T 295/70R18

If you’re looking for a valuable tire to replace stock, this one maybe it. The price is affordable, and the performance put up both on and off-road is great.

Setting the tire up is fairly easy, with no balancing or stability issues at all. You can use it for mud, ice, snow, dirt, and many more surfaces.

On-road, the tire is surprisingly smooth. Its stability is alright, giving drivers the comfort and balance needed for an optimal ride.

Since the road traction and the grip are good, getting to your location regardless of the surface won’t be an issue.

For over 50k miles, the tread life proved its worth. The tire does start to show wear after that mileage, but it’s still capable of pulling through for more.

As long as you don’t mind the noise, this tire should be able to deliver a good performance for each one of your purposes.


  • Good-Looking aggressive tire for on & off-road
  • Versatility to drive over mud, dirt, snow, and more
  • Good grip & stability
  • Optimal traction over many terrains


  • Makes audible noises

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Goodyear Duratrac Tire

For many years, Goodyear has been a reliable brand for many drivers. The tires produced by this brand are good for on and off-road driving, with the DuraTrac Series being one of the best for those purposes. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from these tires.

Power & Control

The rugged tread compound offers resistance against tread block chipping or tearing.

It’s highly useful for heavy load applications, such as towing. Also, the symmetric tread design helps with stability.


Other than towing, the tire is useful for many other activities, as it does well on most terrains.

Since it features TractivGroove, the traction received is always comfortable. For off-road, the self-cleaning build prevents mud or dirt from sticking to the tread.

A Comfortable Pick

Although these tires aren’t the quietest, they’re smooth and easy to maneuver.

Recommended Goodyear Duratrac Tires to Buy

Now, let’s review some of Goodyear’s top offers.

Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial Tire – 33/1250R15 108Q

True to Goodyear’s style, this tire offers versatility to perform well over different terrains, under many applications.

It’s highly competent over dirt, gravel, and more. Also, it tackles environmental conditions efficiently, providing good traction and grip over dry, wet, and snowy surfaces.

Thanks to its rugged tread compound, the tire’s performance has a significant improvement.

It manages to offer incredible resistance to avoid chipping on the tread block, particularly while carrying heavy loads.

It’s on those tough applications that the symmetric tread and large shoulders work best with the angled center tread blocks.

The stability is great, and the traction over wet and dry surfaces enhances the vehicle’s riding experience overall.

The several biting edges are another high-quality feature, as they combine well with the TractiveGroove tech and the zigzag sipes.

Regardless of how tough the terrain is, chances are you’ll be able to pull through successfully. Additionally, the rim lock avoids wheel slip.

On the first 20k miles, everything’s perfect. Once you get past that mileage, you’ll notice some loud noises.


  • Good-Looking design
  • Great for snow & mud areas
  • Decent treadwear
  • Traction technology to improve the driving experience


  • Loud after 20k miles

GOODYEAR Wrangler DuraTrac – LT275/70R18 125R E OWL

The following tire is capable of providing good results for many years and thousands of miles.

Even after reaching slightly over 40k miles, the performance continues to be fairly good. Overall, this DuraTrac tire is a reliable choice that serves well for a long time.

Over mud and dirt terrains, the traction delivered surpasses expectations. Furthermore, the tread design allows quick adaptation to the environment, helping drivers to tackle obstacles like boulders found along the way.

For on-road driving, such as highways, the results are pretty much the same, despite having some noise issues once you pass the 40k miles.

Even then, the grip and maneuverability on these surfaces remain comfortable, meaning you’ll get more action out of the tire.

Sure enough, the tire is a bit expensive, but its performance pays off every dollar invested.

With good traction, high resistance, and comfortable maneuvering, you’ll be able to use this tire for plenty of your outdoor adventures.


  • Long-Lasting tire
  • Suitable for on/off-road activities
  • Good traction, smoothness & grip
  • Adapts to environmental conditions quickly
  • Reliable sidewalls to avoid damage


  • Loud after 40k miles
  • Some customers pointed out balancing issues past 80mph

GOODYEAR Wrangler DuraTrac P – 255/55R19 111Q XL BLT

Have you had issues while driving on snow before? Then you should definitely check out this tire.

Its capacity to get you through thick snow is outstanding, delivering the traction needed to tackle that and many more types of terrains.

After thousands of miles, the tire’s performance continues to be pleasant. There’s no sign of wear, and it manages to perform well over most terrains.

For the price, there aren’t many tires capable of providing a similar performance with similar results.

The silica technology used gives drivers low rolling resistance, which is even better due to the precise control to maneuver the vehicle.

Both balancing and handling are great, delivering precise steering response for quick reactions if needed.

Other than being resistant, the tire has a durable build with protection for the rim.

While driving off-road, the chances of bruises or punctures are pretty low. Not only does such resistance prolong the tire’s lifespan, but it also improves your experience.


  • Remarkable traction on & off the road
  • Stable, smooth, and balanced performance
  • Good treadwear
  • Rim protection


  • On-Road noises


Realistically, both tires are incredible additions for your vehicle. However, while the Trail Grappler is the better choice for pavement, the DuraTrac is capable of offering a good balance for both on-road and off-road, and it’s also the better pick for tough environments like snow or wet surfaces.

While choosing between the Nitto Trail Grappler vs. Goodyear DuraTrac, make sure to keep in mind the information discussed here. You’ll be in a better position to make the best decision and invest your money wisely.