Nitto Trail Grappler vs Ridge Grappler

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When it comes to competent tires, few brands are as reliable as the Nitto tires.

This company is behind two remarkable choices for on and off-road driving: the Trail Grappler and the Ridge Grappler.

Making a comparison between the two is almost inevitable, but the differences aren’t very clear upon the first impression.

That’s why, today, we’ll review both, which should allow us to draw a clearer picture on which one is the better ick.

Continue reading our Nitto Trail Grappler vs. Ridge Grappler article if you want to find out more about these amazing tires!

Ridge Grappler vs Nitto Trail Grappler Tires

After reading our reviews, it’s only natural if you’re asking which one is the better pick.

Since that’s the purpose of this article in the first place, in this section we’ll mention the most significant differences between each tire.


The Nitto Trail Grappler is a mud tire that performs incredibly well off-road, while also doing good on-road.

On the other hand, the Ridge Grappler is a hybrid tire that isn’t better for a specific purpose, but good for many.


If we consider the nature of each tire as mentioned above, we can quickly tell the Trail Grappler is often the better choice for mud areas.

Not that the Ridge Grappler is bad for mud, but it just isn’t as good as the Trail Grappler.

However, out of the two, the Ridge Grappler is the quietest choice.


The Trail Grappler is available in many more sizes than the Ridge Grappler, which increases the chances of finding a model suitable for your vehicle.

Nitto Trail Grappler Tire

Since it’s one of Nitto’s best tires, the Trail Grappler has many benefits for a variety of drivers.

Its balanced design allows it to put up a good performance both on and off the road, guaranteeing a safe and fun ride. Here’s what you should expect from this tire.

Sidewall Design

Protection is always a must for off-road tires, which is why the sidewall design of this tire is top-notch.

It helps avoid nasty damage that could result from punctures, improving the tire’s lifespan and performance in the long run.


The 3-ply sidewall build features an extra layer that tackles obstacles and a variety of objects on the road.


The tire provides a good balance between aggressive and comfort for either off-road or on-road driving. Regardless of which one you want to do, the tire will allow you to do both.


With a balanced void ratio, as well as other attributes, the tire is capable of self-cleaning. It successfully removes mud or objects that could get stuck.

Recommended Nitto Trail Grappler Tires to Buy

The following are the top Trail Grappler tires worth the money.

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T All-Terrain Tire – 285/65R18 125Q

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T All-Terrain Tire – 285/65R18 125Q

The following tire is ideal for Jeeps, light pickups, and SUVs, among many other cars.

It’s an all-terrain tire that comes with efficient features, such as the Z-Grooves, to improve your driving experience by delivering lateral stability and better traction on the mud.

Other than the Z-Grooves, the balanced void ratio design also increases the tire’s efficiency both on and off the road.

On either of those surfaces, the traction and comfort received are pleasant, allowing drivers to head out to new adventures with the right gear set up in their cars.

The reinforced shoulder grooves enhance the tire’s durability by providing more protection.

This particular design is very convenient for off-road driving, as it reduces the risks of damaging the tire by punctures or unexpected impacts.

Similar to the other Trail Grappler tires you’ll find here, this one has pretty much the same issue as the rest, which is the noise.

As you drive on the highway, you’ll find the tire to be a bit loud.


  • Suitable for Jeeps, pickups, and SUVs
  • Lateral stability & better traction due to the Z-Grooves added
  • Balanced void ratio improves on & off-road traction
  • Enhanced resistance thanks to the reinforced shoulder groove


  • Loud on the road

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Nitto Trail Grappler M/T All-Terrain Tire – 295/55R20 123Q

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T All-Terrain Tire – 295/55R20 123Q

Setting up this tire is a quick process that only requires a leveling kit. After a short amount of time, the tire will fit perfectly without rubbing or having balancing issues.

The aggressive look makes it look incredible, which enhances your car’s appearance as a result.

The tire does perfectly on the road, although there are some noises you’ll notice. Either way, such a small inconvenience won’t be a deal-breaker, as the traction and smoothness make up for it. While driving, you’ll experience a comfortable ride from beginning to end.

Thanks to its incredible grip off-road, you’ll have the opportunity to tackle almost any terrain.

Whether it’s over mud or snow, the traction makes it easy to pull your way through.

However, the tire does dig holes quickly while going through loose dirt and gravel.

Lastly, the tread wear is yet another plus. After thousands of mileage, the tire continues to deliver incredible results, making it a worthy investment that pays itself.


  • Easy to install, no balancing or rub issues
  • A good-looking tire with an aggressive design
  • Long-lasting tread life
  • Perfect for mud & snow


  • Could be a bit loud
  • Not the best for loose dirt and gravel

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T All-Season Radial Tire-35X12.50R20/10 121Q

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T All-Season Radial Tire-35X12.50R20/10 121Q

With the 3D Tapered Groove Tread design, there’s almost nothing this tire can’t do.

The addition of extra biting edges is helpful for off-road exploration since it creates better traction and stability.

Both clearance and grip are also good, allowing drivers to make their way out of dirt or mud.

Then, there’s the stone ejector, a super effective feature off-road drivers will love.

It guarantees that the tread has enough protection, clearing the mud while also rejecting stones or similar foreign obstacles.

Other than the terrains mentioned above, you’ll be able to drive on wet surfaces as well.

The deep center sipe added helps increase traction regardless of the ground, providing you a secure ride with no risks of hydroplaning or hazards caused by moisture.

The reinforced shoulder grooves give the resistance needed to tackle all of those terrains.

This design for the grooves doesn’t compromise block stiffness, affecting the performance positively.

Besides some noise, while driving on-road, drivers won’t have to worry about much else.

If we consider the price, there aren’t many tires that meet as many expectations as this one does.


  • 3D Tapered Groove Tread
  • Comfortable performance on wet surfaces
  • Reinforced shoulder groove
  • Stone ejector


  • Could be loud on-road

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NITTO Trail Grappler M/T All-Season Radial Tire-35×11.50R20LT E 124Q

NITTO Trail Grappler M/T All-Season Radial Tire-35×11.50R20LT E 124Q

One particular reason why many customers consider purchasing this tire is because of its look.

The design offers a good balance between the aggressive build needed for off-road driving and the smooth performance for on-road rides. For those two purposes, the tire does provide excellent results.

Fortunately, not everything is about looks. While driving off-road, the traction, stability, and balance received are incredible.

Drivers will be able to tackle most terrains without issues, as the tire allows them to have a solid grip for the duration of the ride.

On the highway, you can expect similar results, but you’ll also notice some minor disadvantages.

More specifically, the loud noises won’t escape your attention, as the tire produces a humming sound that could be annoying.

Despite the noise, the overall performance of the tire is quite impressive. It quickly earns a spot as a preferred choice for those drivers looking for a capable mud tire.


  • Good-looking tire
  • Does fairly well on & off the road
  • Easy to set up
  • Good traction, with proper stability & firm grip
  • Suitable for multiple types of terrains


  • On the road, the tire can get loud

NITTO Trail Grappler M/T All-Season Radial Tire-35×12.50R18LT E 123Q

NITTO Trail Grappler M/T All-Season Radial Tire-35×12.50R18LT E 123Q

Nitto Trail Grappler tires, like this one, are ideal for on/off-road driving. It’s an all-season radial tire that offers the best from previous mud grappler tires, and the benefits we liked from the Terra Grappler models.

These two are among the top picks you could get for your car.
The result of that combination is this tire, an incredible choice for aggressive or quiet driving.

For instance, the sidewall 3-ply build, and the rubber compound, provides that cushioning and resistance necessary off-road.

Over the tread, the added blocks have extra biting edges that come in handy for many reasons, including forwarding traction and lateral stability.

For off-road driving, the tire also provides multiple advantages. The performance is quiet, reducing the noise to a minimum.

Additionally, the tire’s internal build and tread design guarantee resistance, grip, and balance.

As a downside, you’ll notice that the tire wears rather quickly. Most customers bring that flaw to our attention.

Sadly, you’ll only confirm that fear after a relatively low mileage.


  • Good choice for on/off-road driving
  • 3-Ply build & rubber compound provide resistance
  • Additional biting edges for more traction
  • Quiet on the road


  • Wears quickly

Ridge Grappler Tire

What can you expect from the Ridge Grappler tire? Let’s take a summarized look at some of its best features.

Shoulder and Z-Grooves

The design of the shoulder grooves alternate width and length, which helps to get rid of mud while maintaining traction.

Also, the Z Grooves zig-zag pattern provides the biting edges required for traction and a solid grip.

Dual Sidewall

With two bold sidewall designs, the Ridge Grappler offers a traditional pattern while also featuring an aggressive block design.

Staggered Shoulder Lugs

The Ridge Grappler is capable of putting up a good performance with decent traction in most off-road environments.

Block Foundation

The reinforced block foundation increases tread block rigidity to reduce flex.

Recommended Ridge Grappler Tires to Buy

Consider purchasing the next tires for an optimum driving experience.

Nitto Ridge Grappler All-Terrain Radial Tire – 35×12.50R17 121E

Nitto Ridge Grappler All-Terrain Radial Tire – 35×12.50R17 121E

It’s tough to find a tire that puts up a good, noise-free performance, as most deliver one of those expectations but not the two.

Fortunately, we often encounter an exception to that rule, and this Ridge Grappler tire is one of those cases.

While driving on the road, the noise is pretty low, almost non-existent. It’s one of the reasons why many customers prefer this tire above the others.

The good news is that the success of this tire isn’t entirely because of its quiet performance, as there are many more benefits drivers can expect.

For instance, the traction on mud is pretty good, although not as effective as the Trail Grappler tire.

On the road, this tire also does well, providing a solid grip with enough balance for easy maneuvering. Since the sidewall is resistant, you won’t have to worry about unexpected damage.

Like most Ridge Grappler tires, this one delivers a comfortable performance on-road while doing well off-road.


  • Super quiet performance for more comfort while driving
  • Resistant & durable build to withstand tough terrains
  • Smooth on-road ride with good balance and stability
  • Self-cleaning build
  • Good traction


  • The tire isn’t as good as the Trail Grappler over mud terrains

Nitto Ridge Grappler All-Season Radial Tire-33×12.50R18 122F

Nitto Ridge Grappler All-Season Radial Tire-33×12.50R18 122F

If you’re looking for a versatile tire, this Ridge Grappler may be what you need.

Whether you use it to drive on the street or off-road, the results are pleasant either way, guaranteeing a comfortable ride for everyone. Even better, the tire lasts for more than 70k miles!

Naturally, if you want the tire to do well for many years, regular rotation is necessary.

The good news is that thanks to its design, this Ridge Grappler tire is self-cleaning, with stone ejectors included for more protection against stone drilling.

Such a level of resistance, as seen in this tire, gives drivers the confidence they need for their adventures, especially off-road.

Other helpful features are the staggered shoulder lugs, responsible for delivering that extra grip over tough terrains.

Of course, the tire also manages to do well in the city. On the highway, the ride feels smooth and balanced, which is even better due to the low noise produced.


  • Long-lasting tire, going over 70k miles
  • Surprisingly quiet on-road performance
  • Incredible for mud, ice & off-road driving
  • Good-looking design
  • Excellent grip & stability


  • May require some extra maintenance

Nitto Ridge Grappler All-Season Radial Tire-33×12.50R17 120E

Nitto Ridge Grappler All-Season Radial Tire-33×12.50R17 120E

Every Jeep Wrangler owner should seriously consider this tire. Even if you get a set, the price is still considerably lower than the competition, and the results are far better in many cases. Other than being affordable, the tire looks good, so it’s a win-win investment!

Setting up the tire is a straightforward process that may not even require a lift, depending on the vehicle.

The tire is wide and looks aggressive, two benefits that come in handy for that off-road exploring.

For those activities, the grip and traction received allow the drivers to do almost anything.

Particularly, the tire offers outstanding results in snowy or icy conditions. You’ll also like it because of how well it does during rain or similar weather conditions with plenty of moisture over the roads.

On highways, the tire’s performance continues to meet the expectations set. There’s some audible noise, but nothing out of the ordinary. Mostly, the ride is smooth and comfortable.


  • Valuable tire for the price
  • Good-looking design
  • Wide & aggressive build make the tire ideal for off-road driving
  • Incredible traction over tricky terrains


  • Makes noises on the highway

Nitto Ridge Grappler All-Season Radial Tire-35×11.50R20 124E

Nitto Ridge Grappler All-Season Radial Tire-35×11.50R20 124E

The technology behind Nitto’s tires has always been among the best, and this Ridge Grappler All-Season tire is a good example of that.

For instance, the reinforced block foundation does a lot for your driving, as it reduces tread flex effectively for better performance.

Not only does the tire perform well on-road, but it’s also reliable for those tough terrains.

The staggered shoulder lugs added are an outstanding benefit that significantly improves off-road grip.

Even over tricky trails, the tire manages to put up a comfortable performance for your convenience.

Perhaps the biggest advantage you’ll notice is how secure the tire feels regardless of the conditions.

You’ll be able to drive over wet and dry surfaces comfortably, as the grip delivered allows the tire to perform well on both of those circumstances.

Although the tread wear isn’t as good as seen in other tires, the tire remains a solid pick after 20k miles.


  • Feels secure on wet & dry surfaces
  • Remarkable grip & traction to tackle most terrains
  • High resistance to stones & other objects
  • Good handling & maneuvering
  • Proper steering response


  • May wear quicker than the other tires reviewed here

NITTO Ridge Grappler All-Season Radial Tire-LT285/65R18 E 125/122Q 125Q

NITTO Ridge Grappler All-Season Radial Tire-LT285/65R18 E 125/122Q 125Q

For its price, this tire surely does surpass our expectations. True to the brand’s style, this Ridge Grappler model features that aggressive build that looks and works efficiently over many surfaces.

While setting up the tire is easy, some customers have pointed out balancing issues.

You may have to go through the balancing process regularly, but once you get it right, the performance both on and off the road makes all the hassle worth it.

The tire looks aggressive, and its incredible build provides outstanding off-road traction to get you through mud, dirt, and more.

When it comes to highways, the performance on that and similar surfaces is quiet, allowing you to enjoy a smooth ride throughout.

Additionally, the resistance to puncture is good. Regardless of the terrain, you can count on the tire to make it through the trails without any significant damage.

Other than some balancing issues, drivers can expect nothing but good things from this Ridge Grappler tire.


  • The aggressive build looks great
  • Good traction & grip delivered for off-road driving
  • Resistant sidewall
  • Does well on wet & dry surfaces
  • Easy to set up


  • Some minor balancing issues


What have we learned from our debate? First, we’re now aware that both tires have pros and cons. Secondly, we’re in a better position to pick between the Nitto Trail Grappler vs. Ridge Grappler.

If you’re an off-road driver for the most part, then the Trail Grappler is the right choice for you.

On the other hand, the Ridge Grappler offers the versatility required to do well both on and off-road. Ultimately, it’s a decision you make, depending on what you want to do.