Rock Krawler vs. TeraFlex

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The right lift kit is a decisive factor between having a successful ride or messing up your vehicle while driving off-road.

If you want to avoid unnecessary damage, two of the brands you should consider are Rock Krawler and TeraFlex.

Both of those brands provide high-quality suspension systems that improve the car’s efficiency on and off the road.

That’s why today we’re discussing Rock Krawler vs. TeraFlex, and this article will give you the information needed to make the decision on which one to buy.

First, let’s review some of the top products from each brand. Then, in the following section, we’ll mention the main differences between the two. Let’s begin!

Rock Krawler vs Teraflex

Truthfully, both TeraFlex and Rock Krawler provide high-quality lifts for you to consider.

Of course, depending on your purposes, you may go for one or the other. Rock Krawler, for instance, has better high misalignment joints on control arms, while TeraFlex uses Clevite bushing like stock.

For 35’s and factory fenders, you’d do well going for the 3” Teraflex Kit. So, as you can see, it depends on the type of vehicle and your expectations.

How to Decide?

It’s a long debate. Rock Krawler often has better prices, sway bar links, and brake lines.

However, TeraFlex also has its benefits, such as better front track bar, optimal geometry correction, informative instructions, and incredible customer service if needed.

So, as you can see, each brand has its advantages and disadvantages.
Either way, everyone can agree TeraFlex, as well as Rock Krawler, are incredible brands.

Their products are top-notch, meaning you won’t go wrong with either one.

Rock Krawler Suspension Component

Recommended Rock Krawler Suspension Components to Buy

Rock Krawler provides well-designed suspension components that use every one of their features effectively.

From the triple-zone design to the durable parts, drivers can expect reliable performance from these products.

Ultimate Suspension

Rock Krawler rear coil springs allow drivers to experience driving as they want to. The triple-rate lift operation guarantees proper dampening power, which leads to better maneuverability overall.

No Unseating

Since preventing unseating at full droop is essential, the coil springs have three zones that tackle that issue. The light rate zone, the firm zone, and the soft zone, all of which combine well for better handling on and off-road.

High Compatibility

Due to their design, the suspension systems fit a variety of vehicles, whether they’re old or new.

Recommended Rock Krawler Suspension Components to Buy

Now, we’ll take a look at the best from Rock Krawler.

Rock Krawler Suspension RK00215 Coil Spring Suspension Component

This component isn’t only a single Jeep suspension spring, but rather a combination of three!

Each piece features a durable build that offers reliability for off-road driving, allowing you to maximize your experience on the wheel.

Once installed, the springs manage to deliver incredible results that all drivers will appreciate.

While driving off-road, your vehicle will have a significant improvement in its clearance.

As for how well they do on-road, the springs deliver the comfort to reach your destinations safely.

Similar to the other Rock Krawler products you’ll find on this list, these components minimize settling, providing you a high-quality ride both on and off the road.

For the price, it would be hard to find other springs capable of doing as good as these do under different circumstances.

While car owners with some mechanical knowledge will have an easy time setting the springs, customers with less experience may have some issues. If necessary, make sure to get assistance from a third person.


  • Improves ground clearance for on and off-road driving
  • Provides better handling off-road
  • Durable build that makes the components last long
  • One of the most valuable picks considering its price


  • Not as easy to install for less experienced car owners

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Rock Krawler Suspension RK02002 Coil Spring Suspension Component

Just like the rest of Rock Krawler components, this suspension set provides the best the brand has to offer with little to no drawback.

These items feature a triple-rate lift operation that increases dampening power that guarantees that drivers have proper maneuverability for rough trails.

True to the brand’s style, these components have the perfect design to prevent unseating at full droop.

Due to the included light rate zone, reaching a manageable free length is possible. Also, the firm zone improves stability, especially on hard corners.

Lastly, the third and final soft zone is noticeable under normal driving conditions, as it makes the whole experience much more comfortable.

Although the components perform perfectly, getting them installed could be tricky. Drivers with little experience may not be quick to set up the suspension set, which could take them many hours.

However, people with moderate to expert-level mechanical knowledge will have no issues.

Anyway, if you find yourself stuck, make sure to check information online, as there’s plenty of information to help. Other than that, expect nothing but great benefits from these products.


  • Effective three-zones design for better driving
  • Significantly improves clearance
  • Incredible off-road performance
  • Increased maneuverability


  • Not as easy to install for beginners

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Rock Krawler Suspension RK04187 Coil Spring Suspension Component

The last Rock Krawler product is just as effective as the other picks in this category.

These springs allow drivers to go all out during off-road driving – making these rear coil springs a good pick for when you’re feeling adventurous.

Also, these items feature an interesting build design, using a triple-rate lift operation that guarantees maximum dampening power.

Even if you’re going over the toughest trails, the maneuverability of the vehicle is always comfortable, which ensures you make the best out of your ride.

The coil springs are also capable of preventing unseating at full droop, which is only possible due to the light rate zone that reaches manageable free length.

As we’ve seen before, these products also share the firm and soft zone to optimize your driving experience on normal conditions.

When compared, all of the three coil springs have similar benefits with similar disadvantages.

In this case, you’ll also need some degree of experience to install the suspension properly.


  • Provides optimal suspension as rear coil springs
  • No unseating at full droop, allowing drivers to perform well in most terrains
  • Compatible with 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK
  • Durable build


  • Requires experience for quick installation

Teraflex Suspension Kit

Recommended Teraflex Suspension Kits to Buy

When you think about reliable brands, one that always comes on top is Teraflex.

The suspension lift systems created by this company are no different, as many drivers consider them among the best you could get for the price. Here’s what you can expect.

Complete Kit

It’s rather odd to need extra tools when you go for TeraFlex. Normally, these lifts include everything you could need, making the whole installation process easier to handle.

Effective for Different Terrains

Whether you drive on or off the road, TeraFlex ensures a fun experience either way.

Not only that, but you’ll also be able to tackle obstacles should you encounter them along tough trails.

Simplicity Above All

TeraFlex systems are often quite simple, which is a trait most drivers appreciate. It doesn’t take much time or effort to set them up.

Recommended Teraflex Suspension Kits to Buy

Do you want to know more about TeraFlex? Check out the products below!

Teraflex Jeep Wrangler JK 4-Door Unlimited 2.5″ Suspension Lift

This 2.5” lift kit may look simple, but its simplicity is, without a doubt, one of its best traits.

It’s perfect for those drivers that need the components at an affordable price, and the results provided make this kit one of the wisest investments many could make.

The package offers everything you could need, including shock absorbers and every component you may need.

This kit is quite versatile as well, as it’d allow you to install up to a 35” tire. Additionally, the purchase comes with a free Teraflex oversized steering stabilizer.

That stabilizer features a convenient design that allows it to work with modified suspensions.

If your ride has large off-road tires, you can also expect a significant decrease in bumps and wobble.

Due to the large diameter of the shock tube, the experience while driving off-road improves significantly.

For the money, this kit is one of the best out there. It’d work well for many years to come, although it could have leaking issues, as reported by previous customers. Keep that in mind while setting it up.


  • 2.5” suspension lift suitable for all Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-14
  • Complete kit that includes every component needed
  • Compatible with up to 35” large tires
  • Includes steering stabilizer


  • Could have leaking issues after a year of use

Teraflex 1251000 Lift Kit

This ultra-simple 2.5” lift kit belongs to the TeraFlex JKU series. It comes with 9550 VSS shock absorbers and the components needed to fit larger tires, which would then provide improved ground clearance. For off-road, this kit manages to deliver an outstanding experience.

As it is tradition with most TeraFlex components, this suspension system provides improved drivability and optimal performance.

It has perfect suspension geometry, roll center, and load tuning capacity that guarantees stable and functional factory controls.

Other than being a good pick for normal on-road driving due to its capacity to drive straight, this kit is also good for off-road.

Over those tricky terrains, you’ll have the power needed to crawl and make it past obstacles along the road.

Once you receive the package, it won’t take much time for you to set up and start using this kit.

However, previous customers pointed out that you may need extra tools. Someone mentioned needing front and rear adjustable track bars to adjust the axles.


  • Durable, solid, and strong build to last longer
  • Provides stable and controlled ride
  • Good maneuverability over different terrain types
  • Affordable price
  • Shock absorbers included


  • May require extra items to work the axles

TeraFlex 1251002 JK 2 Door Lift Kit

For our final pick, we’re reviewing a lift kit that’ll fit every JK Wrangler models, as well as Rubicon and Unlimited.

The setup requires aftermarket wheels with 4.5” of backspacing or less. Once set, the kit allows drivers to run up to 35” tires.

Since the moment it gets to your hands, this suspension kit is already worth the money.

The packaging itself is incredible, providing plenty of protective layers to avoid any damage during the delivery.

Even if it isn’t that important, the purchase also includes several stickers, which is nice.

Whether or not you have experience handling these tools is irrelevant because you receive all tools needed for installation.

Every bit and nut comes included, and the components have labels to identify them. It may take some time, but you’ll be able to install the kit.

Nonetheless, if you do encounter some trouble, make sure to check videos online or consult another source of information.

The instructions included are generic, leaving you to figure out much of the process.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this kit is the high-quality parts. The coils are solid and thick, making them durable.

Additionally, the relocation bracket’s welding allows the shocks to perform remarkably well.


  • Perfectly packaged with enough protection
  • High-quality parts
  • Includes every part needed for the installation
  • Exceptional compatibility


  • Instructions aren’t the best


Even though some drivers may prefer one or the other, the suspension systems created by these two brands provide pleasant results for every driver.

Keep that information in mind the next time you’re drawing comparisons between Rock Krawler vs. TeraFlex.