Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

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Are you concerned about the motor oil you’re putting into your car? One of the most regular and essential changes that must be made on a car is that of its motor oil.

If you are making this change almost every few months, why not buy a single brand regularly; thus, ensuring reliability and efficient running of your vehicle.

The problem comes when you have to choose between brands, plus considering how similar motor oil is, choosing can be a mess.

For this reason, we’re here writing a comparison for Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil.

These are some of the more prominent brands in the market, so both are good.

However, we will be helping you find the motor oil that’s the better one between Royal Purple and Mobil 1.

Royal Purple vs Mobil 1 Motor Oil

In this review, you’ve been introduced to two classes of products, one on the upper end and the other on a mid-range basis.

Being able to compare these two classes should give you the ability to determine if more expensive means it is better.

To understand this, we’ve broken this comparison down to a few factors.

Quality of Materials

What’s going into your machine or engine determines how effective it will be for the long haul. For engine oil, most of this depends on the quality of the material being used.

Royal Purple uses a more premium line of materials added with its blend of additives.

These materials have been tested rigorously and perform amazingly well, giving them exceptionally well results.

On the other hand, Mobil 1, with its immensely large production abilities, can source and generate higher-end compounds.

These are much better than what goes into Royal Purple, which is why such reputed car manufacturers highly recommend them.


A significant advantage that Royal Purple has over Mobil 1 is its ability to be used in almost all car brands.

The higher-end brands may not recommend them; however, Royal Purple will do quite a good job.

Mobil 1, on the other hand, is mainly developed for the higher end vehicles on the street, most from the European side.

Thus, Mobil 1 is highly limited when it comes to the number of cars that it will run in.


Motor oil requires constant changing; therefore, over time, it can become a fairly expensive burden. Royal Purple, however, provides some of the most effective performance at the most affordable prices.

Whereas Mobil 1 is very likely to put a big hole in your wallet every time you get an oil change.

Royal Purple Synthetic Oil

Royal Purple Synthetic Oil

Royal Purple maintains its name in the market by selling some of the best compounds in the market at the most affordable prices.

Built using a blend of the most premium base mixes and their premium blends, makes the motor oil the best in the market.

This blend of elements is something that the company has managed to learn over their 200 years of experience.

These lubricants are built to not only help your car withstand extreme conditions but also allow peak performance.

Furthermore, Royal Purple has proven time and time again to be a blessing for your engine.

The motor oil that they develop not only restores the car’s performance, it also improves their life.

The lubricant helps create a firm and stable layer; this layer keeps friction to minimal levels lowering down heat being produce and saving your car from breakdown.

Lastly, Royal Purple has treated their motor as a brilliant way of lowering down your car’s fuel consumption. Thus, helping you keep your wallets heavy and your drive long.

Recommended Royal Purple Synthetic Oil to Buy

Royal Purple has been an enormous brand in the US, supplying some of the best material/lubricants available.

However, we’ve narrowed the list down to help you choose better.

Royal Purple 51530 API-Licensed SAE 5W-30

Americans love their motor oil, but not as much as they love low prices and value for money products.

Royal Purple, since its start, has established this idea to provide its mainly US-based customers some of the best products at the cheapest of rates.

The SAE 5W-30 lives up to this class, delivering both performance and reliability.

This variant of Royal Purples motor oil is accepted on all cars running four-cycle gasoline engines.

So, it doesn’t matter what car you’re driving as long as it’s a gasoline engine this motor oil should be good to go.

Furthermore, this model of their motor oil has been deemed to meet and even exceed almost all industry standards.

This certification further endorses the reliability of the product you’re purchasing.

We can assure you that the 5W-30 can help your engine become more efficient and perform much better than before.

The 51530 has further included some of the most premium compounds available; these allow the motor oil to provide a better overall coating.

Creating the ability to generate an almost frictionless surface allows the engine to work at its optimal abilities.

Thus, lowering the amount of wear that is happening and also making sure to improve your fuel economy.


  • Includes some of the most premium material in use
  • Cut off engine wear off giving it a longer life
  • Creates a corrosion-resistant surface
  • Protects expensive components
  • Improves fuel efficiency


  • The packaging is an issue

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Royal Purple ROY11748 HMX SAE 5W-30

This is for the classic car junkies, who love to take out their classics from the 90s, and beyond.

Regular motor oil shouldn’t be doing you much good; engines that old and with those many miles on them have run their lives; they need an oil that can do much more than lubricate.

The HMX is an oil developed by Royal Purple that is meant mainly for engines that have over 75000 miles already covered.

These engines are quiet and require this necessary boost to help rejuvenate them to their former glory.

And the motor oil is formulated with a zinc/phosphorous mixture that gives it the ability to make rejuvenating old engines possible.

The compounds present in the oil adds strength to the engine; these compounds act with an ionic attraction method.

Also, the ionic attraction present on these compounds attaches itself to metal parts, thus helping fill in weak and wore out engine components, creating a newly formed shield of strength.

Moreover, the shield provides a new frictionless surface that allows the metal to move together more efficiently and perform much better.

Furthermore, efficient operation helps make the fuel economy much better; thus, you’re helping your wallet in this case.


  • Rejuvenates older engines
  • Cuts away wear off rates to minimal
  • Includes zinc/phosphorous compounds
  • Better fuel consumption rates
  • Creates a thick layer on weak metal surfaces


  • Optimal only for older vehicles

Royal Purple 05154 API-Licensed SAE 15W-40

Diesel lovers are something you’ll find a lot in the US, from driving large semi-trucks to large load carriers.

People in the US love their diesel guzzling cars, and they love to keep their vehicles in the most pristine of conditions.If you fall into this category, then this motor is the one you should go for.

Designed for diesel engines, Royal Purple has made sure to create a product that can handle the raw power of such machinery.

Not only can the motor oil handle this pressure, but it can also further complement it by allowing the engine to run on peak performance.

The formula used for these lubricants is designed to allow the highest amount of usage and cut of the requirement of frequent motor oil changes.

And the 15W-40 by Royal Purple is designed to survive almost 3000-5000 miles before a new oil change is required.

Furthermore, the oil also cuts down the number of engine breakages that you might need to fix.

This oil helps generate a film on top of the engine; this film keeps the engine wear outs at a minimum and keeps everything flowing smoothly.


  • Required less frequent oil changes
  • Improves the performance of diesel engine
  • Keeps the engine clean and running smoothly
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Lower wear off conditions


  • Not the best in cold conditions

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Mobil 1. Synthetic Oil

Mobil 1. Synthetic Oil

One of the more critical brands to revolutionize the lubricant market with its innovative product has been Mobil 1.

Mobil 1 has had a long history in the lubricant market and has quite the knowledge about the industry, so be sure that they know what they’re doing.

This company may be the more expensive brand you get to handle; however, they make up with it with the quality of their product.

Mobil 1 is a brand that is trusted worldwide, with a wide range of regulations met allow Mobil 1 the versatility to be used anywhere in any car.

The fully synthetic lubricant provides a longterm solution to your vehicle’s needs, so you’re only required to replace the motor oil on long intervals.

Even within such intervals, the cars that use this product can maintain their performance as if it were new.

Mobil 1 has been fulfilling all this and much more on cars worldwide, for years on end.

While the company has been providing quality, it has also seen to spend millions on innovation, to keep updating their products and improving them.

Recommended Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil to Buy

If what you’re looking for is quality and reliability from a trusted source, then there’s no better to go for than Mobil.

This company has been in the lubricant industry for years now and know all the in’s and out’s, getting you the best of the best.

We’ve hand-selected some of the best products available from this company.

Mobil 1 96936 20W-50 V-Twin

Even though the idea behind motorcycles and car engines is technically mostly the same, it’s not recommended to use the same motor oil for both.

Both have quite significant differences and require to be treated fairly according to those differences, thus giving you the best performance.

The 20W-50 is a specially designed lubricant for V-twin motorcycles with a four-cycle system.

This fully synthetic solution is recommended for heavy bike types with extremely powerful engines.

The 20W-40 works together with these engines to compliment the machine allowing it to generate optimal output.

And the significant advantage that you get with this product is its versatility. The 20W-40 is designed not only for your bike’s engine, but you’ll also be able to cover other components such as the transmission and primary chaincase.

Thus, this motor oil gives you the ultimate value for your money.
A critical aspect that the motor oil covers is protection and sustaining the bike’s components.

The lubricant gets tested out in extreme conditions, at both unfavorable weather conditions and extreme bike pressure situations.

In both, the lubricant has been able to continue the normal running of the bike; thus, giving you that trustworthy product you needed.


  • Helps bike survive in extreme conditions
  • Compliments high-pressure requirements
  • Lowers wear-off and improves the bike’s life
  • Versatile product with multiple applications
  • Uses top-grade materials


  • Extremely expensive

Mobil 1 (120760) 0W-40 Motor Oil

For those using high-powered hypercars, and supercars, the chances you’ll be putting in just any motor oil in them is relatively low.

These cars require special motor oils for their engine to perform at top levels.

And these engine oils, however, can be a bit expensive, such as this 0W-40 motor oil by Mobil 1.

This motor oil has been specially manufactured for cars from Mercedez Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, etc.

The motor oil can withstand terrible weather conditions, be it the scorching heat or cold, the motor oil is designed to keep the engine functioning through all.

Moreover, this fluid is designed especially with the standards that are required by OEM engines.

So, the output you get completely meets the specified requirements, delivering power that you’d expect from a supercar.

The fluid further has exceptional cleaning abilities; thus, you can further keep your engine clean and in top shape at all times.

Expensive cars like that one you’ve bought require products like this, the oil generates a film/layer on the top of your engine.

The film generated is near to the frictionless layer; this keeps the engine parts from rubbing off against each other.

Thus, you can effectively reduce wear off and increase your overall engine life.


  • Generates a frictionless film
  • Helps the engine regularly perform in extreme temperatures
  • Meets required standards
  • Protects engine from wear-off
  • The fuel efficiency of the vehicle is improved


  • Very expensive for motor oil

Mercedes-Benz Q-1-09-0015 – Mobil 1 Oil 0w40 Motor Oil

One of the most powerful products that are produced by Mobil 1 is their 0w-40 motor oil, designed specifically for the Mercedes Benz line.

Mercedez Benz by themselves highly recommends this product, due to its top-grade quality material that is used.

Thus, giving your expensive car the performance and solid material it deserves.

The oil being full-synthetic means that the oil is wholly formulated in a lab. Therefore, the oil is made to the dot specifications, giving you exceptional performance that you’d expect from a Mercedez.

Being a 0W-40 type product means the fuel has been developed in a way to withstand the coldest of temperatures with the highest of ease.

Not only is the oil substantially amazing when it comes to weather, but it can also easily maintain the engine’s performance in high-pressure circumstances.

Top of the line frictional abilities allow the engine to work at its smoothest possible, keeping wear off to the ultimate minimum.

And last it’s a great cleaner if you need to clear off gunk out of the engine. The motor oil can remove/breakoff build from inside the engine smoothly, thus, keeping performance high.

A clean and capable machine means that you’ll also be able to take full advantage by generating a better fuel economy.


  • Improves the cars overall performance
  • Measures up to OEM standards
  • Built to handle extreme conditions
  • Capable of improving fuel economy
  • Uses top-grade material


  • Optimal only for Mercedez Benz
  • Very expensive


From all that we’ve seen in this Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1 synthetic oil comparison, it’s quite evident that the Royal Purple is a much better deal compared to Mobil 1.

However, if you’re looking for something that can be used in an expensive car, then Mobil 1 does tip the scales.