Rubicon Express vs. Teraflex – Which One Is Better?

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The ideal lift kit opens up many possibilities for off-road driving. However, picking the right one may be tricky, considering there are too many.

When you’re having doubts about which one to buy, Rubicon Express and Teraflex never disappoint.

Of course, buying two would be pointless. That’s why today we’re discussing Rubicon Express Vs. Teraflex, as we’ll review both brands to identify which is the better choice for you.

We’ll start by reviewing the products individually and then make a comparison between the two.

Without anything else to add, let’s begin!

Rubicon Express or Teraflex?

Let’s start by saying that no lift kit is perfect. You may experience issues regardless of which you choose, so the decision relies a lot on what product you like the most. Of course, some factors may put some weight on your final choice.

Rubicon Express – Why Choose It?

The Rubicon Express lift kits offer variety to fit a large variety of vehicles. From 33 to 37 inches tires, these kits are versatile like no other.

They improve the Jeeps performance pleasantly, despite some issues like the lack of shock absorbers or alignment problems.

Teraflex – Why Choose It?

If you want an all-around lift kit, Teraflex is the way to go. The quality of the parts is outstanding, making your Jeep much more comfortable and better looking.

Not only that, but the prices are good and the customer service is remarkable, as they’re willing to solve any doubt you may have.

Which One to Get?

Asking this question online would get you an overwhelming amount of responses recommending Teraflex.

Everyone has their opinions, but Teraflex consistently provides effective lift kits for off-road driving.

Most would point out prices, customer service, and overall performance as the reasons why these lift kits are the better choice.

Rubicon Express Kit

Recommended Rubicon Express Kits to Buy

When you’re looking for quality, Rubicon Express always provides. Here’s why these products are worth your money.

High-Quality and Durable Parts

Every one of the items included in these kits is long-lasting. Even after years, the materials remain in perfect condition.

Because of that, most Rubicon Express kits are wise, long-term investments.

Easy to Install

Since the kits come with the tools necessary for the installation, you won’t need to purchase extra accessories. Furthermore, Rubicon kits are often fairly easy to install, meaning both experienced and inexperienced users would be able to figure them out.


Whether you need to make room for 35” or 37” tires, Rubicon Express kits are the one to do so.

The high compatibility with different-sized tires guarantees increased ground clearance, enhancing the vehicle’s performance off-road.

Recommended Rubicon Express Kits to Buy

Those are only a few of the benefits you get after purchasing one of these kits.

However, there’s more you should know! Find out more about Rubicon Express in the reviews below.

Rubicon Express RE7145M Suspension Lift Kit

If you want to avoid the annoying issue of losing steering geometry caused by faulty lift kits, then this Rubicon Express set is the one for you.

It includes every component needed for installation. After installation, the kit lifts your Jeep JK Wrangler to get better ground clearance for larger tires.

This kit is one of the better options from the brand, providing that extra 3.5-inch of height for your tires.

Not only will it fit larger tires, but the kit also corrects steering, while controlling arm geometry.

By doing that, the lift kit eliminates bump steer, delivering increased anti-dive braking.

Additionally, the kit includes the high steer kit, featuring a solid drag link compatible with the OE tie rod ends.

After installing it, the kit relocates the steering stabilizer above the drag link, which results in increased ground clearance.

Similar to other lift kits, this one also requires vehicle alignment after installing it.

It’s a natural process that unfortunately gets tricky for some vehicle owners, so be sure to keep that in mind to avoid any frustrating moments.


  • Lifts 4-Door Jeep JK Wranglers for improved ground clearance
  • Corrects steering and controls arm geometry
  • Provides anti-dive performance
  • Prevents bump steer


  • The vehicle requires alignment after installing the kit

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Rubicon Express RE7121 Lift Kit

This Rubicon Express product is a 2.5” standard coil suspension lift kit that provides a noticeable improvement in performance.

The installation is pretty straightforward and simple. Once installed, the kit guarantees a smooth ride, whether it’s on or off the road.

Right after installing the components, the vehicle may need some alignment.

Make sure to do a thorough inspection before heading out.
Then, when you hit the trails with this kit installed, the increased ground clearance is visible from the start.

Naturally, the ride height varies depending on the vehicle’s specifications, such as the engine size or factory options, but overall the performance is outstanding nonetheless.

The kit is most suitable for 2012-2015 vehicles. More specifically, it’ll work well with Wrangler JK 2-door models.

Also, you’d get enough room for a maximum tire size of 35”, which could be an issue for some people.

However, if your vehicle fits the recommended specifications, then this kit is easily one of the best you could get.


  • Improves performance for a smoother ride
  • Effective for on and off the road driving
  • Easy to install
  • Increased ground clearance
  • Extended wheel room for 35” tires


  • Like most Rubicon Express kits, this one doesn’t include shocks
  • The vehicle requires alignment after installing the kit

Rubicon Express RE7145 Suspension Lift Kit

This kit fits 2007 to 2017 JK Wrangler models, including Unlimited and Rubicon Unlimited 4-door models.

Also, this purchase includes a newly improved high steer kit with control arm geometry correction brackets. Keep in mind that the pack doesn’t feature shocks.

For the price, this kit is one of the best for off-road driving. The 3.5-inch suspension system increases ground clearance, which then improves the vehicle’s performance noticeably.

With this package, Rubicon Express once again proves its worth for off-road adventurers.

Due to the efficiency and great quality of the extended bump stops and brake lines included, the kit is far better than most other offers.

It manages to offer improvement in every area, providing 3.5-inch height suitable to tackle most terrains.

Besides being effective, the lift kit is reliable. After years and thousands of miles covered, the resistance and durability of the pieces remain in good shape.

Apart from the lack of shocks, this purchase surely provides every tool needed to take our 2WD/4WD Jeep Wranglers to the next level.


  • 3.5-inch suspension lift kit
  • Includes extended bump stops and brake lines
  • High-quality springs
  • Durable rear sway bar links
  • Suitable for 2WD/4WD Jeep Wranglers


  • The kit doesn’t include shocks

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Teraflex Suspension Kit

Recommended Teraflex Suspension Kits to Buy

As a brand, Teraflex has been producing high-quality, reliable products for many years.

The company’s suspension lift systems are incredible, making them the preferred choice for many drivers. What can you expect from these systems? Let’s take a look.

Everything Included!

One of the best benefits of Teraflex lift kits is that you’d barely ever need extra tools.

The purchase often includes everything needed, allowing for an easy and quick installation.

All-Terrain Systems

Do you want to drive on or off the road? It won’t matter; Teraflex kits guarantee a fun experience on both terrains.

Also, if you ever encounter obstacles, these systems ensure you’d be able to tackle them.

Simple and Effective

Due to their simple design, these systems are easy to figure out. It won’t take much time nor effort to install the kits.

Recommended Teraflex Suspension Kits to Buy

Do you want to learn more about Teraflex? Here are the top offers!

Teraflex 1351500 Lift Kit

Our first pick is a simple and yet highly effective lifting kit. Undoubtedly, its simplicity is one of its best feats, as it makes up for easy installation and pleasant results upon testing. This product is perfect for drivers looking to buy affordable components.

The kit comes with everything you could need for the installation. After assembling it, the lift kit provides room for 33” tires, with enough ground clearance to tackle the toughest terrains.

Many reasons make this lift kit a wise choice. If you enjoy rides on and off the road, then this suspension system will meet most of your expectations.

Despite only fitting 33” tires, the ground clearance prevents dangerous bumps and causes less wobble.

Also, considering the large shock tube diameter, the experience during off-road driving is more pleasant.

Somehow, this simple kit is among the better picks currently available for the money.

Despite some leaking issues after a year of use, the components are actually durable. As long as you do thorough maintenance when needed, the lift kit won’t let you down.


  • Simple 1.5” lift kit for Jeep Wranglers
  • Includes all parts needed for installation
  • Compatible with up to 33” tires
  • Requires little time to set up


  • May have some leaking issues

Teraflex 1251000 Lift Kit

This 2.5” lift kit is part of the JKU series from Teraflex. It features 9550 VVS shock absorbers as well as every other component needed to fit larger tires.

For off-road driving, the ground clearance provided by this kit certainly makes up for a smooth ride over most surfaces.

This suspension system increases drivability by getting optimal performance out of your Jeep.

Due to its perfect suspension geometry, roll center, and load tuning capacity, the kit guarantees stable and functional factory controls.

Besides being good for on-road driving due to its ability to secure straight driving, the lift kit is outstanding for off-road rides.

Over tricky trails, the increased ground clearance allows for more coverage, which makes it possible to crawl and make it past obstacles you may find.

The installation is pretty easy once you put your mind into the task. Nonetheless, be aware that you may need extra tools, as pointed out by other customers that had the same issues.

In some cases, extra front and rear adjustable track bars for axles adjustment would come in handy.


  • Durable and high-quality parts
  • Provides stable, smooth, and controlled ride
  • Better maneuverability over most surfaces
  • Affordable price


  • May require some extra tools

Teraflex 1351000 Lift Kit

As expected from Teraflex, this kit is fairly easy to install, requiring around eight hours to get the job done.

With perfect alignment, your Jeep will sit slightly over 3” higher than it was before.

The kit provides not only a better look but multiple other benefits, such as improved ground clearance.

The lift kit offers room for 35” tires, guaranteeing a stable and smooth ride after installation.

All items needed like bolts, nuts, and other parts come included in the purchase, making the whole process much easier.

However, the quality of some parts may be discouraging. For instance, the front springs aren’t that good, meaning you may need a spring compressor to fit the springs with precision.

If you do it correctly, the lift kit makes your rides much more comfortable and pleasant.

After some tests on highways and snow, the Jeep had an outstanding performance.

This kit is a rather affordable package that provides similar performance to high-end lift suspension systems.


  • Straightforward installation with all parts included
  • Improves ground clearance and the Jeep’s looks
  • Ensures smooth ride on-road and over trails
  • Enough room for 35” tires


  • The front springs’ quality isn’t the best


Ultimately, choosing between Rubicon Express vs. Teraflex depends on your personal preference.

Both brands offer good lift kits, and drivers may prefer one or the other. It’s up to you to decide which kit matches your vehicle better.