Rugged Ridge vs. Smittybilt Seat Covers

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Whether you’re covering damaged seats or just trying to get a custom look for your Jeep, these covers will look neat and protect your seats.

When it comes to your car seat covers, you don’t want to be experimenting too much.

So, your best bet is to go for the most recommended one and hope you picked the right size.

And this is why we are reviewing two of the most popular brands in the business.

They are price competitive, and they have different sizes and custom designs to match your Jeep.

Since you’re deciding between the two, we have prepared a thorough study of Rugged Ridge vs. Smittybilt seat covers review to help you decide.

Rugged Ridge Seat Covers

Rugged Ridge Seat Covers

Rugged Ridge is known for its Jeep accessories, and they are very popular in the jeep community.

They know exactly what you need and will have parts and accessories to assist you.


Their seat covers come in many different varieties for you to choose from. You can choose them according to your Jeep’s requirements.


They also have many different sizes to choose from so that you can find one that perfectly fits your seats.


Perhaps, the biggest advantage with these is you can wash them in the machine and use them. These aren’t seasonal products that you’d need to replace ever so often.

Other Features

Most Rugged Ridge seat covers are water-resistant and fit like a glove to the seat. You’d have a hard time telling them apart from the seat itself, making it a perfect fit for the interior of your vehicle.

Rugged Ridge 13297.53 Black Seat Cover Kit

The first thing to notice about this one is how well it fits against the seat. These are custom body style products, so they are made for your specific Jeep seat.

Hence, they are meant to fit very tightly. As a result, when you’re done putting it on, it will look tight and will hold on to the seats to the bone.

But the main reason to buy them is for how resistant they are. It uses the same fabric as scuba diving suits, which makes it water-resistant and very durable.

These covers aren’t your one-time use items. You buy them, and they will serve you for a long time.

Also, since they are UV-treated, they can withstand the harsh use that your seats have to go through.

You can find this version in a classy black and red. And it will definitely boost up the looks of your interior.

However, installation can be a bit tricky, depending on your experience. But luckily, it doesn’t require additional tools to install.

The hooks and nylon straps on the product will be enough to put it on.


  • Durable and strong material
  • Custom made for each seat style
  • Looks good and stays on tightly
  • Doesn’t require tools to install


  • Putting on takes patience

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Rugged Ridge 13214.53 Black & Red Custom Neoprene Front Seat Cover

If you’re using covers, chances are your seats go through rough use and harsh environment.

Since vehicles are driven in all environments, your seats face the sun and rain. Hence, you need a strong and resilient overlay to keep your seats protected. And for that, you need this super-resilient cover.

Many complain about their covers not resisting the sun rays. However, that is something Rugged Ridge has taken care of.

The seat cover will not only withstand the harsh sun but will also protect the seat from damage.

On top of that, this is there to last a while. It uses the heavy-duty neoprene fabric so that light scratches and food spills can’t damage it.

But even if it does collect spots, you can wash it in the machine to keep it clean.

So if you have kids who like to get a little wild in the Jeep, these covers will be perfect for you.

Also, this fabric is extra resistant to cuts and tears, so a little scratch here and there won’t leave an ugly spot.

Finally, installation on this is also easier with the cords and straps. All you have to do is patiently place it.

As it was custom-tailored to fit your specific seat, it may take a little time, but it will fit on nicely.


  • Snug fit and custom-tailored
  • Water-resistant and long-lasting fabric
  • Resilient to tears and cuts
  • Machine washable


  • Takes time to install

Rugged Ridge 13235.01 Black Fabric Seat Protector with Storage

Who doesn’t like a little extra storage space in their vehicles? Not only are these made of good material, but they also come with extra pockets to make space for you to keep your accessories.

Additionally, this even has side pouches for fitting your water bottles or beverages to prevent spills.

On the front, they fit on nicely, but they have pockets and space to create the extra space you always needed.

But that’s not all; these also provide protection to the seats. They are tough and strong, so spilling food or drinks won’t damage your seats and will be absorbed by the vest.

There’s also a cushion in the front to give your back the perfect support so that you can help yourself to a cozy ride.

This vest is not only protective but also very comfortable. So, if you avoid covers because you have to spend long hours on your seat, this set of covers will make you change your mind.

You can also get them for a good deal. Hence, the price shouldn’t be an issue.

Also, you can get them in three different shades, letting you choose the one that fits your style.


  • Can be found in 3 different shades
  • Has back pockets for storage
  • Comes with a cup holder too
  • The cushion on the front adds comfort your back


  • Getting an accurate size is a bit difficult

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Smittybilt Seat Covers

Smittybilt Seat Covers

When diversity meets a reasonable price, you get Smittybilt. Like Rugged Ridge, they are also among the top producers of Jeep tools and accessories.

But what makes them different is you can get their vests in a larger variety and for a more reasonable price.

Pockets and Storage

They’re most known for their military-style storage pouches. This makes your interior look completely different, and if you prefer the military look to your vehicle, you will love these covers.

Diversified Covers

They have got the well-reputed neoprene covers, polyester covers, and many more.

This variety of types and materials not only gives you more options to choose from but also help you maintain your budget.

Custom Tailored

You can get them custom suited for your specific seats. So, don’t be scared of the variety, because there will be a match for your Jeep.

Recommended Smittybilt Seat Covers to Buy

Since they have so many options to choose from, you might get a bit confused. So, we are reviewing our favorites from their wide variety.

Smittybilt 5661024 GEAR Tan Front Seat Cover

If you want a military look and feel to your Jeep, then this will serve not only the look but also the purposes.

This has seven different sized pouches at the back. When you’re traveling, this extra storage spaces really come in handy. But adding to that, you can also attach your bag to this using the velcros.

This uses a polyester material for its construction. The fabric is resistant and strong.

It will keep your seats coated and safe. And the biggest advantage of this is, it doesn’t wear out easily.

On top of that, these vests are very easy to install. They use the Velcro system that just needs to be put on and plugged in. No push and pull game with the covers and seats is needed.

Further, they are also adjustable. This isn’t one of those covers that you put on and can never adjust again. You can easily loosen it or tighten it up using the Velcro.


  • Spacious storage space
  • Polyester construction
  • Easy to adjust
  • Can be installed quickly and easily


  • Can fade if directly exposed to UV rays

Smittybilt 471601 Neoprene Seat Cover Set

Neoprene is the favorite seat cover material, but they do come for a price. However, if you want the best deal on them, it is difficult to top Smittybilt.

This uses the well-made, resistant, and long-lasting material that will protect your car seats.

The material is known to fit like a glove to the seat, and it does. Once you put it on, it will be like it always belonged there. The color of the fabric also perfectly accompanies most vehicle seats.

But if you have small children playing about in your Jeep, then you need this because it is machine washable and can absorb stains so that your seats aren’t affected.

It is amazing how they’ve managed to pull such an expensive-looking product for a price within a reasonable range.

So, if you want all the features of an expensive cover, bagged into an affordable package, then you will love this Smittybilt masterpiece.

However, if there’s one issue to be had with this is it doesn’t cover the whole seat.

But it covers the seating space completely, so unless you’re into complete perfection, this shouldn’t be hard to look over.


  • Low price
  • Uses good material
  • Durable and resistant cover
  • Tight-fitting cover


  • Doesn’t cover the whole seat

Smittybilt 56647901 GEAR Seat Cover

Smittybilt is known for its gear style seat vests. These versatile designs with storage pouches make them an adventurer’s first pick.

On this model of their cover, they have given it a classic black look with only one big pouch on the back.

But more than the usual pouch allure, this one comes on to the list due to its quality build.

It’s made out of nylon and is custom-tailored for Jeeps. The fabric is very difficult to breach.

And if you like to keep your Jeep open, then this will be perfect for you. Its superior resistance doesn’t only protect it from the sun or heat, but it is also waterproof.

Very few covers are actually waterproof. Most are water-resistant and will drench under a light shower. But this is waterproof and will protect your seats in case of rain.

Furthermore, this also fits on to the sit nicely. Once you install it, it will fit tightly and won’t leave waves on the seat.

However, installation can be a bit time consuming and require patience. But that is a one-time thing, as you won’t need to take it off too often.


  • Uses Nylon material
  • Snug fit on the seat
  • Good, resilient and durable construction
  • Comes with a big back pouch


  • Pricier in comparison

Rugged Ridge or Smittybilt Seat Covers?

Although these are from similar brands, they differ in overall quality, comfort, and price.

Although Rugged Ridge charges a considerably higher price, they make sure you get your money’s worth.

And with Smittybilt, you’re spending less, so expecting the same result is not advised.


Both have many varieties of products. But when it comes to reaching more customers, Smittybilt has a better grasp on it.

They have covers for all kinds of users, and that gives more options to people with a particular taste.

Material Quality

The material used is not kept a secret, so you know exactly what you’re purchasing.

But in terms of keeping the quality and price persistent, Rugged Ridge uses better materials and charge the appropriate amount for it.

However, Smittybilt uses average materials on their cheaper products, but that is understandable. And they make up for it by adding more features.

Storage Space

If you want more storage space on the back of the vest, then Smittybilt is the one to look at.

Their military designs will suit the taste of both militaries and normal adventurers. But the general people can also find the different models more to their taste.

Final Words

From the above breakdown of the Rugged Ridge vs. Smittybilt seat covers, the difference between the two is as clear as night and day.

So depending on your budget, requirements, and taste, you can make the decision easily.