Rugged Ridge vs Teraflex Tire Carrier

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If you are a Jeep owner, then you certainly understand the importance of carrying a spare tire at all times! This is especially the case when you have to ride off-road and on rugged terrains.

But what could be worse than a bad tire carrier that rattles and rings all throughout the drive?

Have no fear, for we bring you a Rugged Ridge vs. Teraflex Tire Carrier comparison guide.

These are two great companies that produce tire carriers for Jeeps, and they will not disappoint.

Whatever your requirements are, read on to discover the best option for you!

Rugged Ridge Tire Carrier

Recommended Rugged Ridge Tire Carrier to Buy

Rugged Ridge, established in 2005, is a brand that manufactures Jeep parts. Their tire carriers have become very popular throughout the world due to their decent quality. These products are very durable, strong, and well designed.

The Spartacus line has been designed for carrying oversized tires and can be used in extreme conditions.

So for off-road ventures, these tire carriers are a great choice, especially as they come at a reasonable price.

Jeep owners all over the world have been using these carriers successfully on off-road terrains at budget-friendly prices.

So, without any further ado, let us check out the carriers in more detail.

Recommended Rugged Ridge Tire Carrier to Buy

Now that we have learned a bit about Rugged Ridge tire carriers, let us take a deeper look at the products.

Rugged Ridge 11545.56 Spartacus HD Tire Carrier

The Spartacus line has been designed to carry over-sized tires, particularly tires up to 40″ wheel-tire combinations.

As a result, they are quite strong and provide a lot of stability, even during driving off-road.

This is possible as this unit can amp down the strong vibrations and forces which are typically produced in rough off-road conditions.

Adding to its hardy feature happens to be the fact that it contains a coated finish of a black powder, making it more resistant against damage from nature.

Instead of a steel hinge, this product contains a precision die-cast aluminum hinge casting, which makes it lighter in weight.

This is a great advantage as it provides strength without the excess load. As the design of this unit is one-piece, access to the cargo area is very easy.

Additionally, the hinge brackets and pins are made up of forged steel and hardened steel, respectively, which make for great loading capacity.

This also contributes to the product being very hardy even with long-term use.

Mounting positions for wider tires, as well as for tires with bigger diameters, can be lifted using the Wheel Mount.

And this can adjust the tilt as well as the depth, which is very convenient. Another great feature is that it is also compatible with most OE and aftermarket tires. The installation process, however, can be a bit time-consuming.

As the 11545.56 model is suitable for Jeep Wrangler JL models of 2018 to the current ones, it is pretty hot in the market.


  • Very strong and stable
  • Resistant coat finish
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Convenient design
  • Great loading capacity Good mounting position
  • Compatible with most bumpers


  • Installation can take time

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Rugged Ridge 11546.50 Spartacus HD Tire Carrier Kit

This is another Spartacus suitable for over-sized tires, just like the former product.

It is for the 2017-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK models. And it can mount combinations of wheels and tires of up to 37″.

As this unit is compatible with OE rear bumpers as well as any type of aftermarket rear bumpers, it is quite convenient to use.

Just like the former product, this one is also very strong and stable, not to mention durable, due to the aluminum hinge casting.

The Wheel Mount is a heavy-duty and made of steel, which also contributes to the durability and strength.

Designed in such a way that it’s quite easy to reach the cargo single-handedly, this carrier is made for convenience.

Additionally, a 3rd brake light is provided with this product, which is adjustable.

Something to keep in mind, however, would be that the bolts and nuts provided with this unit can rust easily, and may need to be replaced.


  • Compatible with most bumpers
  • Strong and stable
  • Convenient design
  • Good wheel mount
  • Comes with a 3rd brake light


  • Nuts and bolts can rust easily

Rugged Ridge 11546.61 Tire Carrier

The Rugged Ridge 11546.61 is yet another Spartacus HD Tire Carrier. This unit is for combinations of tires and wheels of up to 35 inches.

Great functionality is a key feature of this product, with its die-cast aluminum hinge casting and pins and steel hinges.

Due to the coating made of textured powder, this carrier is very durable and resistant against natural forces.

You can access the cargo with one hand, thanks to the convenient design. Add to that its compatibility with all OE and aftermarket rear bumpers, and you’ve got a win!

And the capacity for bearing great loads is another bonus with this unit. This particular model is suitable for 96-09 Jeep Wrangler TJ.

One thing to keep in mind with this product would be that the 3rd light may interfere with the wiper.


  • Great functionality
  • Durable
  • Strong hinge casing
  • Convenient design
  • Compatible with most bumpers
  • Great load-bearing capacity


  • 3rd light may interfere with wiper

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Teraflex Tire Carrier

Recommended Teraflex Tire Carrier to Buy

Teraflex is a company that manufactures components for JK Wranglers and JKU Wranglers.

They have gained a ton of experience at producing jeep parts since the 1950s. Teraflex tire carriers are great for use on rugged terrains as they are strong and stable.

They are adjustable for accommodating oversized tires and perform very well without any rattling.

As a result, they have achieved global success with their durable products. Teraflex provides carrier options for a variety of JK and JKU models, and hence are quite convenient to use for Jeep owners.

Let us take a look at some of their great products below.

Recommended Teraflex Tire Carrier to Buy

As mentioned above, Teraflex has a great array of tire carriers. Below is a list of three of their best ones.

Teraflex 4838150 Adjustable Spare Tire Mounting Kit

This tire carrier kit is suitable for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK models. It contains a heavy-duty hinged carrier and adjustable mount designed for use even under challenging external conditions.

This makes it very adept at carrying tires on off-road conditions, and without any rattling of the tire to boot!

As there is more than one hinge point for the load of the tire to be spread out on, the vibrations are reduced, and there is more stability overall.

The hinge casing is made of aluminum, which is lightweight, and the pins are made of hardened steel, making it a very durable product.

All this makes the carrier very strong, and as it also contains a design that enables one-handed cargo access, there is nothing to be worried about! What makes the design even better is the fact that it is very form-fitting with the Jeep.

And this unit allows tires and wheels of up to 37″ to be mounted, and other accessories can also be mounted due to the presence of mounting holes with threads.

Additionally, this product is very easy to install, even though it may be time-consuming for some. This unit works with all the OE and aftermarket rear bumpers, making it even better!


  • Strong and stable
  • Will last long
  • Form-fitting, convenient design
  • Works with most bumpers
  • Lightweight
  • Mounting holes for accessories


  • Installation may take long

Teraflex 4838919 JLU Adjustable Spare Tire Mounting Kit

Another oversized tire carrier from Teraflex, this one is suitable for tires and wheels up to 39″ with a tailgate reinforcement.

Without reinforcement, it can accommodate combinations up to 37″. This JL/JLU Alpha HD carrier is great on rough and rugged trails of all sorts, especially due to the coat finish made of resistant powder.

As it is made from light extended aluminum casing and CNC steel, it is very strong with great adjustability.

The third brake light on this unit is a quick release, and it contains an aluminum rearview camera.

No drilling makes the installation process quite easily done with tools lying around the house.

The design of this unit is convenient, making one-handed cargo access easy. Additionally, it is compatible with most aftermarket and OE bumpers.

Something to note, however, would be that the factory bolts may need to be replaced for better functionality.


  • Very strong and adjustable
  • Great in rough terrains
  • Contains rearview camera
  • Easy installation
  • Easy cargo access
  • Compatible with most bumpers


  • Bolts may need replacement

Teraflex 4838100 HD Hinged Carrier Kit

The Teraflex 4838100 is a heavy-duty, adjustable tire carrier kit that has been designed for 2007-2016 JK Wranglers.

It can accommodate tires up to 37 inches without any issue, even on the most rugged terrains. You don’t need to be worried about the tire rattling as the fit is so good.

And the hinge casing is made from lightweight aluminum, which makes it quite strong. Other than that, this product has a convenient design that enables easy access to the rear cargo with one hand. It is also very form-fitted to the Jeep, making for great looks.

In fact, it gives off an OEM appearance! The pins are not lubricated from the factory, so they may need to be changed with long term use.

Installation is also easy as no drilling is required, with extra threaded holes present for mounting accessories.

Even more convenient is the fact that this unit is compatible with almost all OE and aftermarket bumpers as well!


  • Doesn’t weigh much
  • Convenient design
  • Provides a great look
  • Easy installation
  • Mounting holes for accessories
  • Compatible with most bumpers


  • Pins need changing with use

Difference between Teraflex and Rugged Ridge Tire Carrier

Let’s compare both their features to help you make the right choice.


Both Rugged Ridge and Teraflex produce great quality tire carriers. The products mentioned above are all made from aluminum hinge casings, which make them very strong yet light.

There is no doubt that both companies have products that give great performances.

Rattling is prevented by the great fit of the pins, nuts, and bolts in both brands.

However, Teraflex has been around for longer, and it appears that they use better quality materials for their products than Rugged Ridge.


Rugged Ridge and Teraflex Tire Carriers all contain convenient designs for one-handed cargo access.

But Teraflex has a more form-fitting design, which gives an OEM appearance.

Other than that, Teraflex contains threaded mounting holes for accessories like fuel tanks, which gives it an edge over Rugged Ridge.

As both brands contain tire carriers with resistant coat finishes, they are both great for use on rough terrains.


Rugged Ridge tire carriers come at a reasonable price.
Teraflex products are more expensive, yet come with better quality materials and benefits like extra mounting holes for accessories.

Hence, the extra bucks spent on Teraflex will be worth it if you can afford it.


Installation is easy with both Rugged Ridge and Teraflex.
No drilling is required for the installation process on either brand.


Phew, that was a lot of info! But hopefully, it was helpful! If you are looking for a great product, you can pick one from this article.

We hope our Rugged Ridge vs. Teraflex Tire Carrier comparison will help you pick out the right product for you!