Rugged Ridge vs. Weathertech Cargo Liner

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Before going out to buy any floor liner, you need to look into whether it’s going to serve your purpose properly.

Because although we don’t know why but these cargo liners cost more than you expect them to, buying something that’s not worthwhile will hurt a lot more than it should.

However, there are two brands that have justified the price by adding tons of features to these mats, making them worthwhile.

Therefore, we are comparing the two brands who are the forerunner of Jeep liners.

So, if you want to find the answer to the Rugged Ridge vs. Weathertech Cargo Liner debate, stick with us.

Rugged Ridge vs. Weathertech Cargo Liner Comparison

This comparison is pretty straightforward. Which one you prefer depends on what you need.

If you load objects to your car regularly, Weathertech will be better, but if you want more features and comfort, the Rugged Ridge could prove to be more useful.


If we are talking about which sits on your car floor better, then the answer is obvious.

Rugged Ridge’s unique raised nibs grip the carpet tighter and make it secure and still.

But when it comes to keeping items on top steady, Weathertech’s anti-sliding mat does a better job.


Both use high-quality material. But if you look at the Rugged Ridge’s technology, you will notice its overall quality is superior. On the other hand, the Weathertech material might feel a bit flimsy.


When you consider the rubber-like flexibility and resistance to wearing and tearing, the Weathertech liner is steps ahead.


The patented tread design on the Rugged Ridge is very useful for keeping dirt off your feet. However, the design might not be needed in the trunk area.

Rugged Ridge Liner

Rugged Ridge Liner

Rugged Ridge has a variety of products for your Jeep or truck, and the best part is most of them are custom-designed for your specific model.

Their variety and fit make them the first choice for people who need fitting items for their vehicles.

Deep Tread Technology

Their tread design is patented, and it serves a unique purpose. This will keep the dirt and mud under the patterns to give your feet a comfortable feel.

The specialty of the tread technology is that it gives you more grip.


Most of their liners are made from high-tech thermoplastic material. These are easy to clean.

If you use them on a muddy day, you can just wipe most of the dirt off by shaking it.


They use high-quality material and are for heavy-duty use. Once you put it down, you can use this for a long while.

Recommended Rugged Ridge Liners to Buy

Most of these are designed for 2007-2018 modeled JK wranglers and will fit the bone. So, let’s take a look at the best matches.

Rugged Ridge 12988.05, All Terrain Floor Liner Kit

If you are willing to have the best, you got to be willing to spend a little more.

And that’s exactly what you will get in this all-terrain floor liner. Come rain or snow, this liner can take it all.

If you are a regular adventurer, you need this to have your back and protect your factory carpet.

The thermoplastic material isn’t just used to look pretty, but it also offers protection and durability.

And the material is impermeable, so no water or mud can pass through to your floor.

Further, this was made to fit really well, as this has a body style design. So, once you put it on, there’s no way anything is getting under it.

And the other amazing feature on this is the nibbed backings. The nibbed edges keep the mat glued to the floor, preventing any loose movement.

This doesn’t require any installation, you simply put it on the floor, and the nibs do their magic and completely seal themselves to the base of your truck.

However, these amazing features come at a price. But in our opinion, it’s well worth the money.


  • Durable material
  • Perfect for heavy-duty use
  • Body style design; perfect fit
  • Doesn’t slip or shift due to the nibbed backings


  • Pricier than regular liners

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Rugged Ridge 12987.04, All Terrain Floor Liner Kit, Front/Rear

If you want a bit more diversity, then you will love this version. It comes in three different colors and has most of the features of a high-end liner but with a steeper price.

Unlike many liners where you have no option to select in between colors, this one comes in three different shades of tan, grey, and black. It gives you the liberty of choosing one that best goes with the interior of your truck.

And when it comes to the material, this also uses an OE quality thermoplastic, a superior matter that’s tough and slip-resistant.

Many brands make cheap liners with low quality plastic, but this isn’t one of them.

So, if you’re put off by hearing plastic, then we will reassure you, this thermoplastic is more resilient than some of the better-known materials.

On top of that, the special chevron tread captures the dirt and the mud under it and gives you a pleasant experience as you don’t feel lumps under your feet and feel on the comfortable pattern of the liner.

But that doesn’t mean cleaning it out is going to be a chore because it’s also very easy to clean.


  • Easy to clean
  • Special tread design captures dirt or snow
  • Feels comfortable under the feet
  • Tough and slip-resistant


  • Retaining holes may not fit precisely

Rugged Ridge 82989.02, All Terrain Floor Liner Kit

You can buy this for the front row alone or buy it for both the front and back.

Either way, this uses much the same engineered Rugged Ridge technology that makes the brand so unique. But this one is a mixture of the classic liner and deep rib technology.

We love that the tread pattern on this takes care of mud or snow or anything that can cause discomfort under your feet.

Alongside the unique pattern, this also has the high walls that prevent water from leaking on to the floor of your car.

So, if you spill water onto the mat, you can rest easy knowing it won’t damage the carpet of your car. Following that, the walls will keep the water or muddy water inside it, and you can just bring it out easily to clean it.

The other thing about these mats is they have no assembling or installation requirements.

You just put them, and they will stay. However, the huge logo on the mat has received negative feedback as people don’t like seeing it on the surface. But that’s something you can get rid of or just ignore.


  • Stays on the car floor firmly
  • The patterned design doesn’t let mud or snow stick to it
  • High walls to prevent water from spilling
  • Adds great protection to the car floor


  • Some might find the huge logo bothersome

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Weathertech Cargo Liner

Weathertech Cargo Liner

Weathertech Cargo Liners are digitally made to fit the trunk of your truck. They fit the trunk really well and provide protection and help in keeping loaded items still.

Skid Resisting

Since your trunk is where you keep heavy tools and objects, if they skid around, there’s a chance of damage.

It can damage your truck or itself, but this mat can easily prevent the skidding in case of jerkings and keep everything in place.


This uses a custom made TPE blend that makes it extra resilient and tough. As a result, the mat is resistant to tearing or wearing, making it perfect for heavy-duty use.


It protects the factory carpet of your car’s back, and it makes sure nothing gets passed through. But it also offers protection to the things you put on it by making sure they don’t skid.

Recommended Weathertech Cargo Liners to Buy

If you want complete protection of your cargo area, then you can look at the following liners.

WeatherTech 40691 Cargo Liner

When it comes to your car’s trunk, more important than looks and comfort is the efficiency.

And this Weathertech Liner is one of the most efficient ones you’re likely to find. To start with, it is extremely resistant to tears and slits.

So, if you drag objects while unloading, your chances of damaging it are lower than any other mat.

Being tear-resistant means that the liner has a tough construction. And its tough construction comes from the engineered technology that goes into creating this.

The TPE blend that WeatherTech specifically made for this liner makes it durable and enduring.

Further, it has a strong, stable surface that doesn’t let tools or accessories slip on it. So you can easily keep your valuables safe.

Also, it’s digitally made to fit the trunk so you know you will always get the perfect match.

On top of it, you don’t need to take any installation hassle and can just put it on.


  • Designed to fit perfectly
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Tough and enduring material
  • Resistant to tearing or wearing


  • Not the easiest to clean

WeatherTech 40710 Cargo Liner

A liner is needed when you want to keep your factory carpet good as new, and for that, you need the WeatherTech mat.

It’s a snug fit on the cargo area. But the amazing thing about this is how it protects the whole area.

If you live in a snowing or raining area, you will find this extra helpful. Because it has high lips outside on the edge, it can prevent spilling.

Meaning if you keep your wet shoes or other objects on the cargo, you don’t have to worry about it damaging your car’s carpet.

What’s more, is this mat is very resilient. It can withstand heavy-duty use and extreme weather.

This is an all-weather liner that won’t perform any less in extreme conditions.

And if you’re an adventurer who keeps their trunks loaded, you can get the protection you want from this mat.

Also, don’t worry about getting the mat dirty because it can be cleaned easily. The flexible rubber-like texture doesn’t let mud or dirt stick on to it.


  • Can withstand heavy-duty use
  • High lips on the edge prevent water spelling
  • Molded to fit accurately
  • Doesn’t let mud or dirt stick to it


  • Price could’ve been more reasonable

WeatherTech 41469 Cargo Liner

One thing we love about WeatherTech Cargo Liners is how well and lucrative they look. And the fact that you can find them in different shades only makes it better.

This one also uses a unique blend of TPE that is only known to WeatherTech.

And this makes the material hardened and tough to tear up or wear down. If you want to buy a liner that you can use for a while, you can consider this.

Its superior material and anti-wearing features make it a long-lasting product that you can’t overlook.

On top of that, the high edges and smooth but anti-sliding surface make it the perfect liner to have if you have a habit of hauling things at random on your truck.

You can keep throwing them in, and your liner will keep them rightly placed.

However, if the surface of your car is slippery, then the mat itself might slide off.


  • Long-lasting; doesn’t wear down easily
  • Strong and durable material
  • Keeps objects in place without sliding them around
  • High edges to keep dirt or water from running down


  • If the car floor is slippery, the mat might slide out

Final Words

To conclude this Rugged Ridge vs. Weathertech Cargo Liner faceoff, our opinion is both does the job it’s meant for and is priced reasonably.

So the decision depends on what kind of liner you need.