Smittybilt Gen 3 Winch Review in 2024 – New Guide

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If you’ve ever faced problems towing or lifting your vehicle, you know how important winches are.

And winches don’t come any better than Smittybilt winches. They’re an industry favorite, and they live up to their fame and popularity.

Smittybilt makes such good winches that you’ll find yourself in a dilemma trying to pick the right one for you.But fear not, we’ve got the best Smittybilt Gen 3 winch review right here.

This article will explore the most sought after features of the Smittybilt Gen 3 winch, which delivers top-quality performance at a reasonable price.

Read ahead to find out what makes this winch the perfect fit for you.

Smittybilt Gen 3 Winch Review in 2023

Gen 3 Winch

The Smittybilt Gen 3 winch uses a unique and improved design that allows for higher power efficiency and makes it more user-friendly.

Its powerful motor and upgraded gearing makes it faster and stronger than other versions.

Easy to install and use, the kit comes with everything you need to start working immediately.

When you have to work at night, the LED line-spool light lights up along with built-in flashlight for trails that are operated with remote control.

You won’t need to worry about the weight of the load it’s carrying as the Load Indicator Warning System will let you know how much your vehicle can handle.

If you’re thinking how it’s going to look on your truck, then you’ll be happy to know it comes with snazzy body armor.

You can take it off or keep it on to customize it according to your preference.

This thing also has a 12 V power post that’s built-in, which can be used to power extra accessories at 50 amps.

There’s no doubt it is among the best Smittybilt winches out there. Let’s now look at some of its specific features in more detail.

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This Smittybilt winch boasts a 7 horsepower motor. It is the best in the class when it comes to motors.

This is what will give your winch that powerful pull. It’s also highly efficient, which requires fewer amps.

This is due to the re-engineering of the internal rotor by the use of specialized silicon steel.

Lower amperage means you’ll save energy with no compromise on the power of the winch.

This efficient design and the increase in power causes the line speed to improve as well.

If you compare this Gen 3 model with its previous Gen 2 model of Smittybilt, you’ll see that the Gen 3 is a whopping 17 percent faster when there’s no load and 12 percent faster on average.

Forged Steel Gear

Another improvement from the Gen 2 model is the forged steel gear over the stamped steel gear.

This upgrade will allow you to pull heavier load at higher speeds without having to worry about wearing the mechanism. Forged steel gears are highly durable and last much longer.


The line spool of this new Smittybilt Gen 3 is equipped with a tie bar LED light.

This means you can winch away even when the sun sets without having to worry about lights.

And the remote control that has uniquely designed double magnet mounts also features a built-in LED flashlight. Again very helpful during the night and dark stormy weather.

To prevent any sort of accidents and damage to the powerful motor from being overloaded, the remote also has a chain of LED lights that work as load indicators.

Clutch Lever

The clutch lever of this winch is a high visual clutch lever. A lever like this is easily identifiable that helps in communicating from a distance Engaged vs. Freespool in a matter of seconds.


  • 12% increase in towing speed
  • Innovative remote control features load indicating LED lights
  • Weight capacity of 9500 lbs with faster line speed
  • 7 horsepower motor with a 17% increase in no-load spool speed
  • Forged gearing allows pulling of heavier loads
  • Detachable body armor gives a customized look


  • User manual needs improvement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the Smittybilt Gen 3 winch:

What is a winch used for?

A winch is a device used to pull or lift heavy objects. It comprises of a rope or a cable and a motor.

And it either winds-up or winds-out the rope or cable to pull or lift the object.

Do I need a winch?

If you’re into extreme off-roading into distant and remote locations, then a winch is a very good investment as it’ll save you from getting stuck with your heavy vehicle.

Is it better to have a steel cable or a synthetic cable?

Synthetic cables are lighter and have a higher breaking strength than steel cables.

However, steel cables are safe from abrasion and fraying and require less maintenance making them perfect for terrains such as mud, rocks, and sand.

What is the length of the line in Smittybilt Gen 3 winch?

The total line length of the Smittybilt Gen 3 is 94 ft.

What to look for when buying a winch?

Power is probably the most important thing to consider when buying a winch because it determines weight capacity and how fast it can pull or lift an object.

Check if it’s an electric or a hydraulic winch, whether it’s weatherproof and the type of cable that’s being used.


There you have it, the Smittybilt Gen 3 winch review. Hope we’ve cleared up any questions you had about this product. This winch is powerful, efficient, and offers many cool features.

Give it a chance, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.