Smittybilt vs Rugged Ridge Tire Carrier

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If you are a car enthusiast, then you should know the concept of a tire carrier.

Nevertheless, if you are not accustomed to it or need a little jog to remind you of what it is, then a tire carrier is a simple tool or mechanism that will carry your spare tire or a damaged tire, just like the name suggests.

Now, the big question is finding a brand that is well suited for the task in hand. Well, there is no better option than Rugged Ridge and Smittybilt! However, the next immediate next question is, which one is better.

That is why we came up with this article, Smittybilt vs. Rugged Ridge tire carrier, to give you the best of the two brands!

Difference Between Smittybilt and Rugged Ridge Tire Carrier

It is finally the time to find out which is the superior choice between the two!


In comparison, the prices for Smittybilt and Rugged Ridge have a similar range.

But there is a slight deviation in the cost, where Smittybilt is actually on the lower end.

Therefore, it is evident that Smittybilt is a more cost-efficient option.

Tire Accommodation

Well, there is no difference in this sector as both brands have products that can accommodate different sizes of tires, and you get to choose the carrier that has a maximum tire limitation that you want. Hence, in this case, both of them finish in a draw.


Installing a tire carrier can be a strenuous job, but with Smittybilt, the difficulty of the task is reduced quite exponentially.

Designers of the Smittybilt carriers have provided enhanced hinges and installation features, which will make your life easier without needing any chippings, welding, or anything.

Rugged Ridge Tire Carrier

Recommended Rugged Ridge Tire Carrier to Buy

Have you ever heard about the name Omix? If you do not know, then Omix is the top manufacturer and distributor of Jeep replacement accessories and parts.

And Omix is the owner of Rugged Ridge, so we are confident that you can expect the best from the company!

Apart from making Jeep’s accessories, the company is also well known for making parts and types of equipment, including tire carriers.

Their products are known to provide you perfect fit and storage of your spare tires.

Besides, their tire carriers’ kits provide you with water resistance, dent resistance, slush resistance, etc.

Also, due to its unique channeling, the water is moved away, and there is no chance of it ruining your clothes or your car’s carpet.

And there are lots of other things that they have to offer. So, here are three of the best tire carriers from Rugged Ridge!

Recommended Rugged Ridge Tire Carrier to Buy

These three carriers from Rugged Ridge are probably the best the company has to offer, and this section shall tell you why these are considered to be such a masterpiece.

Rugged Ridge 11546.52HD Wheel Mount

Right of the bat, if you want a robust and perfect fit tire carrier for your Jeep Wrangler, then you must check the Rugged Ridge’s 1156.25HD.

It comes with sturdy construction that grants the contraption with the ability to hold the heaviest tires, and its adjustable feature is what you need to for those oversized tires.

And it has such a fantastic design that it fully blends with any OE and most rear bumpers. Thus, giving the rear of your trucks that fine and flawless look.

By the way, are you concerned whether the item would adjust your wrangler? We are happy to bring you the good news that this gem is compatible with any 2007 to 2018 model of the Jeep Wrangler.

Hence, we are quite sure that if you have a Wrangler, this one fits it without you having you to do any additional chippings or anything.


  • Is compatible with a wide range of Jeep Wranglers
  • You will not face any issue while installing it
  • Has a remarkable design that will ideally match your wranglers rear
  • Made from heavy-duty material and can hold oversized wheels


  • The product has a very high cost

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Rugged Ridge 11546.50 Spartacus HD Tire Carrier Kit

Wranglers is a sign of power and ruggedness, so if you want a tire carrier that does not hinder this aspect of your beast, you need the Spartacus 11546.5 HD.

You see, the item is adjustable to up to the third brake light, which should give it more than enough clearance from the rear bumper and give the back of the car a smooth look.

Other than that, it is made up of serious heavy-duty steel, which enables the product to tolerate high loads.

And this factor is increased furthermore because of the aluminum hinges that will not give up or bend when you hang a tire on them.

So, in accordance with getting flawless looks, you get superb functionality as well.

Moreover, its design grants you a depth and tilt adjustability, that permits you to fit oversized tires with ease.

In short, this item can hold tires with a maximum range of 37-inches, therefore go on a trip without a worry.


  • Robust steel construction, which is further improved with aluminum hinges
  • Provides you an exceptional and easy fit
  • Adjustable to the third brake light
  • An ideal option for off-road trips


  • 37-inches of wheel accommodation might not be enough

Rugged Ridge 11546.60 Black Tire Carrier

Face it, installing a tire carrier in your wrangler might not be a very simple task.

However, thanks to the glorious and flexible design of this one, we assure you that installing this beauty is going to be no rocket science.

Plus, due to its lightweight build, the fitment process is made much less complicated and strenuous.

Apart from providing relatively easy installation, fitting a tire to the structure will also feel like a breeze.

It comes with a pyramidal structure that has a mighty tough steel construction with durable and robust bolts, reinforced aluminum hinges.

All you have to do is attach the bolts to the designated slots along with the wheel/tire, and your work is done.

Metal’s biggest enemy is rust. And to deal with that issue, this one has a black powder coating that prevents any oxidations, dents, and scratches.

Ultimately, it improves the longevity, and lets you drive without a worry in the harshest of conditions.

Because of the modifiable depth, tilt angle, and sizeable diameter adjustments, you can fit a 35-inch tire smoothly.

Moreover, its marvelous ergonomics provides you with easy access to the cargo area as well.


  • Assures fantastic durability and long-lastingness
  • You will face little or no difficulty while installing the item on your car
  • Comes with a design that permits you to adjust the depth and tilt
  • Has a coating of black powder to fend of scratches, dents, and oxidations


  • 35-inches is not a sizeable wheel dimension

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Smittybilt Tire Carrier

Recommend Smittybilt Tire Carrier to Buy

The only company that can stand in comparison with Rugged Ridge in the market is Smittybilt! And the two have been rivals for some time now.

You see, the company was first founded way before its rival (in 1956) and has been on the top for a very long time until the arrival of Rugged Ridge.

And the company has offered over 2000 different products ever since it came into existence, and we are confident that you would be quite impressed with all the fantastic characteristics and everything it has to offer.

Moreover, the automotive company is also known to have made some of the best items for all types of vehicles.

So, we can confidently notify you, if you have the budget and decent idea, you will find a top-notch Smittybilt item.

Anyways, they are one of the few companies that assure you the best at an affordable price!

Recommended Smittybilt Tire Carrier to Buy

As you already know, Smittybilt is one of the finest brands for tire carriers, and the items that we are going to discuss here are the best of the best! So, let us get started without any delay!

Smittybilt 2843 Pivot HD Oversize Tire Carrier

Isn’t it annoying when your tire carrier occupies most of the space in the back and also disrupts the looks of the Wrangler? If you are fed up, then this product might interest you.

You can effortlessly fit the pivot HD on the back of your Jeep and never worry about an over-occupied rear ever.

And do not worry whether the item will be able to hold the tire! Its forged chrome mounting brackets made from monoblack aluminum are 30% stronger than steel, which allows it to withstand up to 135 pounds (around 61 kg), so there is no chance of the tire falling off.

Plus, installing it in your car is quite an easy job, and the best part is that it doesn’t need any drillings.

Also, you can adjust it to hold up to a maximum size of 37-inches. Therefore, it can almost hold any tire with ease. Lastly, it is also known to remove tailgate sag.


  • Offers a sizeable weight tolerance of up to 135 pounds
  • You can hang tires to a maximum of 37-inches
  • Provides vides you easy, drill-less mounting
  • Reduces tailgate sag


  • The product is expensive
  • The tire carrier is ideal for Jeeps or other heavy-duty vehicles only

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Smittybilt 2743 Oversized Tire Carrier Mount

Affordability, effortless installation, great functionality, heavy-duty endurance is some of the features that make this product from Smittybilt a must-have item for all.Let’s get more into the details regarding the item.

First of all, installing the item is quite uncomplicated. You do not need to drill or anything extra, and all the necessary things that will help you mount this one onto your car will be provided on the day of purchase.

Just connect it to the factory tailgate with the existing holes, and you are good to go.

Furthermore, its lightweight features aid the whole installation process to make your life easier!

Next, the excellent construction gives it excellent weight capacity. In short, with this one, you get a weight limit of around 195-pounds, which is around 88-kg.

And such a weight capacity is sufficient to hang any tire. It can also accommodate tires up to 37-inches, which should enable you to store any sized spare tire.

There are a few other attributes that it has to offer that include zero tailgate sag, and the carrier and tailgate have a single open-and-close mechanism.


  • Provides effortless and quick installation
  • Guarantees to hold up most sizes of tires and can endure heavyweight
  • No tailgate lags
  • Light and durable


  • You require a Y-shaped fastener that is tricky to find

Smittybilt XRC Tire Carrier

The XRC is a simple tire carrier that weighs around 52 pounds or around 24 kilograms.

For a tire carrier, such a weight is considered to be extremely light and is one of the key features that make installing this item on your wrangler such an effortless task.

Moreover, the XRC is a fantastic carrier that ensures to provide you with magnificent weight holding capacity.

Thus, it ultimately empowers you to attach the most valuable tires to the contraption without much problem. Also, this factor makes it a first-class choice for off-road trips.

In addition to all that, you get some more features such as a tow-hitch option and contains a fitment for another spare tire.

But wait that’s not all, you can get this item at very moderate pricing.


  • You can buy the product at a reasonable costing
  • With this one, you get the effortless installation
  • Simple design yet assures marvelous functionality
  • Comes with two spare tire fitment option


  • Not all the required accessories will be provided on the day of purchase


Well, in our eyes, both the brands are A-class, and if you want the best carriers for your Wrangler or any off-road SUV in general, these two brands are the ones that should pop in your head.

However, if you want to know which of them is better, then our article, Smittybilt vs. Rugged Ridge tire carrier, will definitely come in handy.

Our suggestion is that Smittybilt is a better option. Yet, it depends entirely on your choice!