Spartan Locker for Dana 30 Vs. Dana 44 – Comparison of 2023

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When it comes to our vehicles, we always want to have the highest quality components available.

Not only because they’ll make the car look great, but also because those components are capable of getting the best out of your driving experience. Hence, taking it to a whole other level of fun.

For instance, if you own a JK Wrangler, an essential piece of equipment you’ll need is a strong axle. In that regard, two options come to mind, which are the Dana 30 and Dana 44.

The question is, what are the differences between Dana 30 vs. Dana 44? Continue reading our article to learn more about the products and how they differentiate from one another.

Spartan Locker for Dana 30

Spartan Locker for Dana 30

Available at a low price, the Spartan Locker, created by USA Standard Gear, delivers reliable traction for a wide variety of vehicles.

Due to its design, this gear doesn’t rely on thrust washers, and it comes with an innovative spring and pin build that makes the installation easy.

The strong build of this Spartan Locker, combined with its automatic locking, leads to the power reaching straight to the wheel that would use it.

While all of that process is happening, the driveline sees a significant decrease of stresses that would normally cause unexpected damage to the differential case, as well as in other components.

Since this component offers an automatic operation, you can install it and then forget about it.

The 9310 steel build guarantees a rugged and trusty design to operate differential locking automatically.

Other noteworthy features of this product are the deep heat-treated design for more strength and the enhanced tooth quality that increases the lifespan.

Overall, the component requires almost no offer to set up and use. It’s compatible with vehicles like TJ, and JK Jeep Wranglers.

Just like the advantages are noticeable, the disadvantages won’t escape your attention. Particularly, one issue most drivers pointed out after installing this part is the noise it makes.

It doesn’t always happen, but you can hear it popping during sharp turns.


  • 9310 Steel build
  • Rugged & reliable design for automatic differential locking
  • Simple & easy DIY installment
  • Improved case life
  • Suitable for off-roading


  • Makes noise during turns

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Spartan Locker for Dana 44

Spartan Locker for Dana 44

The following component is the Spartan Locker for Dana 44 Differential, a high-quality piece of equipment that blends optimum performance and remarkable build quality.

If you own an off-roader featuring 30 Spline Axles, there’s no doubt this product will get the best of it.

Installing this locker is quite simple, similar to other components from the same manufacturer, and the functionality delivered easily surpasses what the stock lockers have to offer.

The material used for the construction of this component is 9310 steel. Because of that, strength and a powerful capacity to perform well in tough conditions are two benefits you can expect.

This locker has outstanding durability due to the deep-heated teeth and the enhanced tooth design.

Also, the natural finish added to the locker will keep it protected from issues like rust or corrosion.

Shortly after purchasing the locker, it shouldn’t take much time or effort to start using it for your rides.

There’s no need to make any modifications to the vehicle! Just grab the locker, drop it in its place, and then you’ll be good to go.

Naturally, for the price, this gear is more expensive than the other one, which is also reviewed here.

Some would argue the price is worth it, but it ultimately depends on your budget.


  • Quick & easy drop-in installation
  • 9310 Steel construction for a longer lifespan
  • Heat-Treated component with precision cut teeth design
  • Fits Dana Spicer 44 featuring 30 spline axles


  • More expensive

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Spartan Locker for Dana 30 or Dana 44

Spartan Locker for Dana 30 or Dana 44

The reviews show what the products can do, but how do the Dana 30 and Dana 44 compare to each other? Let’s talk about that.

Center Section

Here, we’re taking a closer look at the gearings and the center housing too. The center section is responsible for holding the differential, meaning that the build material doesn’t need to be strong unless you’re dealing with a ton of power.

The Dana 30 features ring gear that measures 7 1/8” in diameter, featuring a 3.21 gear ratio. There’s no factory LSD, or locking differential included.

On the other hand, we have the Dana 44 measures 8 1/2”, and offers a 4.10 gear ratio. Additionally, there’s an actuated locker.

The center section housing is larger, which helps accommodate the large ring gear.

The reason you could use a larger diameter ring gear is that it’d help to handle the load, reducing the risks of breaking due to the stress.

Axle Shafts

While the Dana 30 features 27 spline axle shafts, the Dana 44 has 30 instead. That means the latter is far better than the first.

Nonetheless, both units have rather weak ears, and the two come with relatively small u-joints.

What About the Rest?

Although there’s a significant difference in the features discussed above, everything else about both the Dana 44 and Dana 30 is pretty much the same.

We’re talking about the brakes, hubs, knuckles, steering, and many more, which are all the same thing.

Even the axle housing is the same, which means that you’d need Dana 60 if your purpose is to do high-speed activities on surfaces like the desert.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the axle housing?

The axle housing keeps everything together. Its strength and durability are essential, as they’d dictate whether or not you’ll be able to tackle tough terrains like the desert. Both the Dana 30 and 44 share a similar axle housing.

Why is the larger ring gear more important?

Ring gear with a larger diameter guarantees proper load distribution, reducing the stress and pressure that could cause any breakage.

What are the differences between Dana 30 and Dana 44?

The main differences are the strength of the housing, the center section as well as its features, and the axle shaft design.

Are there any similarities between the Dana 30 and Dana 44?

Yes. In fact, both components feature plenty of similarities, such as the brakes, the hubs, ball joints, knuckles, and the steering.

Other than the differences mentioned in the previous question, everything else is pretty much the same.

Which one to choose?

Many people would recommend going for the Dana 44, as it’s the stronger option out of the two.


Once you look at them in-depth, you can tell the differences between the Dana 30 vs. Dana 44 are mainly the ring gear size, the automated locker, and the size of the shafts.

For beginners, the ideal pick would be the Dana 44, as many people consider it a true 44.