Strut Bar Pros and Cons – Buying guide in 2023

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We often find people debating whether to get a strut bar or not, and some end up strapping them and dislike the experience afterward.

So, we will tell you right away if struts actually work. Yes, they do. But they have a very specific purpose and a casual driver can really do without them.

If you’re taking a lot of high-speed corners where you need more stability from your chassis, then a Strut bar is exactly what you need.

They add more predictability and grip, but a casual driver might not even notice the difference.

Hence, there’s so much wrong perception about their utility. With that said, if you want more insight into the strut bar pros and cons to know whether you need it, scroll below.

Strut Bar Overview

Strut Bar Overview

Before we go into the details, you need to know what Strut bars are.
Strut bars are connected between the strut towers of a chassis to increase the rigidity of the chassis as a unit.

These are also known as strut tower braces. If you’re turning a corner or hitting a bump, you will need the added rigidity that it provides. It does so by making it more predictable.

The bar, as it is attached to the chassis, restrains it from flexing when cornering.

As you corner, the direction you’re turning will compress more, and as a result, you face discomfort as your car tends to flex.

To prevent the flexing, strut bars are needed. By combining both the towers, they are compressing at the same rate and also reducing the spin on the tires.

However, this only works when you’re making sharp turns on a corner. Soft cornering or city driving don’t really require that amount of strain where cornering.


  • Holds the left and right suspension in place to prevent them from compressing
  • Gives a better grip during hard cornering
  • Make the chassis of the vehicle more stiff and rigid
  • Driving is easier and more enjoyable when strut bars are installed
  • Absorbs the shock after a bump and makes the ride experience smoother
  • Enhances the look and feel of the underhood by making it prettier
  • Gives a better grip during hard cornering
  • Can also reduce body rolls and give more grip to lightweight vehicles


  • Makes little difference to soft corners or city driving
  • Added rigidity might be uncomfortable for those who don’t need it or aren’t used to it

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Our Recommended Strut Bar Reviews

If you need a strut bar, then you need something that is worthwhile and looks stylish. So, take a look at our favorite ones.

DC Sports CSB1403 Gunmetal Carbon Steel Front Strut Bar

DC Sports CSB1403 Gunmetal Carbon Steel Front Strut Bar

The thing that we love about DC sports is how well-thought-out their products are.

If you buy their products, then you will not have to run to the hardware store to look for parts or accessories.

Everything you’re likely to need comes attached with the product. And if you know anything about automotive purchase, you will agree that there’s nothing better than hassle-free buying.

If you’re driving through corners often and need sturdy support to reduce the flexing, this is the one to go for.

It isn’t a single bar design like most other strut bars. This has dual bars and very firm steel construction that can almost eliminate the chassis flexing.

And the other thing to love about this is it requires no modification and can be installed with ease.

There’s comprehensive instruction for you to make this your easiest DIY project. On top of that, it’s also easy to unhook in case you need a closer look.

Finally, this also has a titanium looking coat that makes this just the bar you want to show off during car shows.

Anyone who likes the look of their underhood will definitely find this to their distinctive taste.

Highlighted Features

  • Dual bars for more stability and support
  • Sturdy steel construction gives the body more rigidity
  • Simple and easy to follow instruction
  • Titanium looking coat enhances the look

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AEM 29-0010 Strut Bar

AEM 29-0010 Strut Bar

AEM is the brand to look at if you want the best of what the aftermarket has to offer.

Often, aftermarket brands can’t establish themselves in product integrity, but that is not the case for them.

If you’re looking for reliable parts then, you can definitely check them out.
The product is so popular among Lancer riders that many have suggested for it to come with the factory build.

And that’s exactly what we feel as well. This will give you a new outlook when turning corners, but it’s much more than that.

While turning corners will never be easier, this will also make your hands behind the wheel feel much safer.

If you want more handling as a driver, then this will also give you that. Apart from that, this firmly holds on to the chassis to give your vehicle the rigidity it lacked. If you’re driving a lightweight vehicle, it will do much more than that.

The subtle differences you will feel after putting this on will make all the difference to your driving experience.

Further, it’s also has a quick and straightforward installation, which shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes if you do it right. However, do make sure if it fits your vehicle.

Highlighted Features

  • Quick and straightforward to install
  • Adds stability to lightweight vehicles
  • Makes handling easier and more comfortable
  • Reduces compressing when cornering

AEM 29-0011WR Strut Bar

AEM 29-0011WR Strut Bar

Looking to bring some color to the underside of your hood? Nothing like the AEM red strut bar to turn up a notch by your next car show.

Car enthusiasts love showing off their cars, and these strut bars are just the right addition to keeps things stable while enhancing the look of your vehicle.

First of all, if you want more strength between your strut towers, this will do the job.

When it comes to boosting the rigidity in the body, this has the sturdiness to pull it off.

The build is of AEM’s top-quality steel. Alongside that, it’s also very lightweight.

A lot of the time, we have heard complaints because people think that the strut bars add on more weight and disturb the balance of their ride.

However, with this one, you can rest assured you won’t even notice the difference in weight.

What you will notice is how comfortable taking turns has gotten. And how your grip is phenomenally better.

The handling will also get a boost, and you will feel more reassured behind the wheels.

And if you’re driving in extreme weather, you will notice a change in the suspensions as this will significantly reduce noise vibration and give you smooth riding experience.

Highlighted Features

  • Enhances the look of the car’s body
  • Built to last with a solid steel construction
  • Can be installed with a single wrench
  • Lightweight and doesn’t disrupt the weight balance

Final Words

That is all you need to know about the strut bar pros and cons. However, if you’re still unsure of it, then our suggestion would be to take the leap of faith and get one.

Whether you need it or not, it certainly does bring positive changes to your driving experience.