5 Easy Tips To Clean Your RV – Details Guide

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If you have ever traveled in a recreational vehicle, you know how easy is it for the vehicle to get all messed up and dirty. Traveling in different weather conditions, driving and parking in muddy areas, frequently using the same bathroom without being able to clean every day, walking into it with dirty clothes and all, there is no wonder why your home on wheel gets messed up so easily.

But, the mess in the already limited space, foul and unpleasant smell, etc. can be quite frustrating while you are on a trip. It can even ruin the fun for some. So, here are 5 tips to help you in cleaning your RV and keeping it that way.

1. Invest in a good quality RV vacuum cleaner

Having a vacuum cleaner at your disposal is a great way to ease up whole cleaning process of your travel trailer or an RV. When you are not in a mood to thoroughly clean your vehicle, you can simply vacuum it.

In this context, note that a small or handheld vacuum cleaner would be the best. This is because, as you know, there are a lot of small nooks and corners in your RV.

A handheld vacuum cleaner can easily reach the cramped up or small places that vacuum cleaners of bigger sizes cannot.

Also, you should prefer the best RV vacuum cleaners that have a hose attached to it so as to make it easier for you to reach the smallest parts of your vehicle.

Invest in a good quality RV vacuum cleaner

There is a wide range of good quality handheld vacuum cleaners available out there in the market from which you can choose.

You should check the reviews of various products to see it’s quality, durability and the opinion of other customers before you finalize one.

Even if you have to pay a little more, avoid the cheap ones and stick with the quality ones. For, you don’t want a vacuum that would get damaged on the second day on road.

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2. Keeping the toilette clean

Keeping the toilette clean

For many travelers, this is one of the hardest parts. It might look so dreadful to clean your toilet and keep it that way. However, it doesn’t have to be that tough.

All you need to have is a few stuff and make sure that you put them frequency news. Here is the bathroom cleaning checklist:

[su_list icon=”icon: pencil-square-o” icon_color=”#2bced0″]
  • Toilet brush
  • Deodorizer
  • Toilet cleaning chemicals or liquids
  • Dustbin
  • Toilet paper

Make a note to frequently empty the dump tank so the foul odor doesn’t build up.

3. Cleaning the exterior of your RV

It is not that big of a deal to clean your RV exterior. A water hose, a cleaning solution, and a foam scrubber should easily get the job done in less than half an hour’s time.

Cleaning the exterior of your RV

Start with tires, that you can clean up with a hose and a jet maybe. Wash off the dirt with water and wipe with the solution for harsh dirt. Wipe windows. And, once in a while, clean the roof too!

4. Have the right accessories

You can simplify and make the cleaning process much less bothersome by having the right accessories stocked up. We definitely won’t suggest piling up unnecessary stuff.

However, it will be a great idea to have the basic cleaning essentials like deodorizing spray, cleansing solutions, scrubs, magic erasers, cleaning gloves (separate ones for dump tanks), dustbins, trash bags, moisture absorbers, etc. being some.

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5. Do a routine maintenance

Finally, this very basic principle that we follow back at home also applies while you are living on the wheels. It is quite easy to not look around or just ignore small dirt, jackets or shoes thrown around, expired food in the fridge or windows getting cloudy or mud caking on the tires.

But, these things will eventually pile up and make the whole cleaning process look horrible and dreadful. So, it will be a great idea to have a routine maintenance schedule.

You can keep a few minutes a day in the morning or evening to clean up the interior or organize the message of clothes etc. And, you can schedule a day or two in the week to clean the exterior of the vehicle. It is a small place after all.

If you put just a little effort every day, it will become much, much easier for you to keep your RV clean, tidy and organized throughout your traveling period.