Travel Trailer Must Haves Accessories List and Reviews 2023

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Recreational vehicles are getting popular given that more and more people are embracing a traveler lifestyle. A travel trailer or a recreational vehicle sure means so much extra comfort, flexibility and most importantly, safety to the travelers.

They are simply the must-haves for those of you out there who travel so often that you are outdoors more often you are in their home-towns.

Now, if you own a travel trailer, or are planning to get one, and are wondering if you have everything important for your RV, this list will surely help cut down your thought work. Given below are the accessories that you should definitely have in your Travel Trailer.

In the top 5 sections, we have listed the most essential ones and in the later section, there is a checklist for all the other important things for your RV. This list should get you going.

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Travel Trailer Must-Haves Accessories Reviews

So, here are the top accessories that should be the first things that you should look for while shopping for your travel sleep place. These are an absolute must-have when it comes to equipping your RV.

1. A Silent Generator- More Preferably, A Propane Generator

We are pretty sure no explanation is needed as to the whys of the requirement of having a generator. While many of the modern-day creational vehicles come with its own generator equipped, you will, more often than not, need a generator when it comes to a travel trailer.

There are several decently operating generators out in the market that you can get probably at a sum less than a thousand bucks.

If you throw in a few extra dollars, you might get many extra and handy features like remote start, much quieter operation, etc. If you ask me, it would absolutely be worth it to spend a few extra dollars to have a quieter generator.

Propane Generator

There is a reason why we recommend a propane-powered generator over the gasoline-powered ones. The most important reason of all being, the propane power generators are far easier to start up after a while than the gasoline counterparts.

You know, when you are traveling you might not frequently need to use a generator. Therefore, it’s given that generators might be sitting idle for long periods.

In the case of gas-powered generators, we often find some trouble while we try starting it up after the thing has been sitting idle for a while.

More often than not, the gas main freeze or go bad ultimate making it really hard for you to start up when you need it. Not get news for travelers. Propane-powered ones, on the other hand, don’t have to go through this hardship.

Another cat reason for referring the propane-powered ones is that they usually last much longer than a gas generator. Gas power generators are a pain in the sense that you might have to frequently refuel it.

And additionally, you will have to carry the fuel along. There will always be the risk of leaking for getting gasoline smells. Propane ones last way longer as they run off of a gas grill tank.

2. Water filter- To Make Sure Clean Water Is Always in Your Access

If you travel around every now and then in your travel trailer, getting a water filter will be useful. Not all places will have provisions for clean drinking water. In remote areas, you may find only natural water sources or wells, which might not be too clean.

In fact, while traveling to remote villages or going off-road, you may not find a drinking water source or provisions at all. The last thing you want while camping or being on a trip is running out of clean water to drink.

Further, when in cities, the water you get might be chlorinated one, which tastes bad and would be difficult for many people to even drink.

And, paying for bottled water everywhere might not be the most economical solution to budget travelers. So, either way, having a water purifier or a water filter is an absolute must.

Now, while you are at it, try and get the in-line filters. Inline filters are the ones that connect easily with and between your freshwater hose and your travel trailer. There are many types available in the market for you to select from.

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3. Water Pressure Regulator

If something goes wrong with your travel trailer’s water system, it will be really difficult to replace it or repair it while you are on road. The water pressure regulator will help to regulate the pressure of water going around, thereby reducing the chances of blowing it out.

Water Pressure Regulator

Therefore, it is worth investing a few bucks on a water pressure regulator. These tools, which goes between your RV or trailer and your freshwater hose, are available for around 10 bucks.

4. The Dump Hose- Ease Up The Whole Sewer Removing Experience

Emptying the black tank or the dump tank is the hardest and most dreaded part of living in a camper or travel trailer for most travelers. Having a good and reliable dump hose will ease that part just a little bit.

Not just that a good one makes cleaning or dumping parts easier, but is plainly essential. So, let’s see what you should be looking for when it comes to getting a dump hose for your travel trailer.

To begin with, prefer a Clear View hose instead of colored or opaque ones. This is not in the sense that you have to see the gross material. Rather, this will be helpful since you will be able to see the liquid movement, and you won’t pull the hose out prematurely.

Yet another thing to take care of is, you should ensure that the hose properly fits with the bumper of the travel trailer. If it doesn’t fit in with the bumper, or if it has got large connectors, you might have to store it in some compartment of your vehicle, which will be unhealthy and gross.

Also, understand the correct hose length you would need. A longer hose would be a pain to carry around or store. On the other hand, the short hose would create an issue in properly fitting or reaching the dump pit.

So, having a hose of the correct length is very essential. On average, a 15-inch hose is the most recommended one and generally the most commonly used one. It should easily work for most of you.

5. Holding Tank Treating Chemicals

You will be living in an already congested space while traveling. On top of that, if you have to tolerate the foul smell, it would be frustrating and gross. And, if you have used travel trailers even once, you will know that the foul smell from the toilet or the holding tank may easily come in circulation.

Holding Tank Treating Chemicals

Just a tad of treating chemicals would be helpful in such a scenario. These Chemicals will easily deodorize your toilet and the holding tank when you clean it up.

Moreover, this works pretty effectively and last really well if you stick to a reliable brand or a decent product. There are plenty of toilet chemicals available on the market.

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Other Top RV Accessories For Your Travel Trailer

Here are some other RV accessories that are simply essential when you are out with a travel trailer.

1. Other Hoses

In the earlier section, we had discussed the dump or sewage hoses. Now, of course, you need other hoses for the freshwater. One you would need for or getting the city water into your trailer. While getting the fresh water hose, make it a point to find the one that would fit.

Also, get the color different than the toilet hoses save that you don’t even by accident makes them up. This will be especially useful if you are a trailer that has just one storage compartment for hoses. As far as possible, you should keep toilet hoses separate from the freshwater hoses.

2. Toilet brush

Rv Toilet brush

The toilet balls of travel trailers may not be e much easy going like the ones back at home. They may get dirty pretty easily. Therefore, it is not just helpful but very important as well to have a toilet brush at your disposal. Get the brushes with a hole for the wall hook so there is no question of storing it somewhere else.

3. First Aid Kit and Emergency Roadside Kits

It goes pretty much unsaid that whenever you are traveling weather with a trailer or simply camping, you should always have a first aid kit with all the necessary items in it.

First Aid Kit and Emergency Roadside Kits

A basic emergency kit includes road reflectors, Flash Lights, Band-Aids, necessary ointments, wound cleansers, Crepe bandage, essential medications, tow rope, pain treatments like sprays or relief tubes, jumper cables, essential tools, mechanic gloves, etc. You never know when would these come handy.

4. Tank Filler Valve

Roughly everyone who owns a travel trailer or an RV has the tank filler valve to use while filling the fresh water tank on their vehicle. It makes the water filling process much, much easier to handle. Without a valve, it would just take a billion years to fill your tank.

5. Fire Extinguisher

This is yet another thing that should be kept handy in case of an emergency while you are traveling with a trailer. While many of the recreational vehicles nowadays come with a fire extinguisher in it.

Rv Fire Extinguisher

If there is not any, make sure that you get one. Also, in case you have bought a second-hand RV and it has an unused fire extinguisher in it, you might want to replace it as it might be old too. Too old extinguishers would be as good as no extinguishers.

6. A Small or Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

As you travel around, you will find that the interior of your trailer is getting filthy with the dust and dirt pretty easily and frequently. The cleaning process will be much easier if you have a small vacuum cleaner along.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

There are several small for handheld vacuum cleaners available out there in the market. They would hardly cost you a few hundred dollars or even less. Try to get a rough and tough and sturdy one though.

7. Mattress

You would already be adjusting a lot as you stay in a trailer. Having A comfortable mattress set up in your trailer would mean that you get a little more comfortable sleep.

RV Mattress

Foam mattresses are recommended in this context. Pair them up with a few goods and easy to wash bed sheets. A bad mattress would mean poor quality sleep and a sore back. Neither of these would be good news while you’re traveling.

8. Portable Step

This is yet another thing that roughly every travel trailer owner with have. Particularly if the step of your trailer or RV is high, you should consider getting one of these. There are steps that come with adjustable legs, which can be folded to easily store them away.

This should be your first preference. If you get one of those adjustable ones, they would even work as seats! Also, make sure that it has a no-skid surface and no-skid feet.

9. Toilet Paper

RV Toilet Paper

This is yet another thing that goes unsaid. You will obviously need plenty of toilet paper in your stock. There would be plenty of times when you would run out of the water and would have to rely upon toilet papers to finish your business.

10. Wheel Chocks and Level Blocks

Wheel chocks will be useful when you have parked your vehicle on sloppy terrain. Level blocks, on the other hand, would ensure you don’t have to sleep with your feet over your head level. You can even snap these two together when needed. These come handy quite often and most camper travelers have them in their store.

Do you think we have missed out on listing some important accessory? Let us know!