Westlake SL309 vs. Westlake SL369 Tires

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Equipping your vehicle with the right kind of tires is crucial for your own safety and for the safety of your passengers.

While you can stick to the brand of tires that your vehicle already comes with, it is recommended that you conduct your own research to find a brand and type of tires that will provide you with exceptional safety, durability, and reliability.

Keeping that in mind, we will be discussing SL309 and the SL369 tires from the brand Westlake Tires in this Westlake SL309 vs. SL369 comparison guide.

We will also compare and contrast the two so that you can decide which of the two tires will best fit your individual vehicle needs.

An Overview of the Westlake SL309 Tire

Westlake SL309 Tire

The SL309 from Westlake Tires is an all-purpose and heavy-duty tire designed specifically for use by light trucks. Its tread design and depth help in dispelling water and debris.

And the particular style of the SL309’s tread blocks allows the vehicle it is fixed on to run well on all terrains, whether rocky or paved. It also provides the vehicle with enough strength to endure heavy load-hauling across considerable distances.

An Overview of the Westlake SL369 Tire

Westlake SL369 Tire

Westlake’s SL369 all-terrain tire is designed to be able to tackle the rockiest of roads. Its wide and deep tread (with switchback tread blocks) helps it to grip the road exceptionally well, even in wet or snowy weather conditions.

The tread design of the Westlake SL369 allows for a quiet and comfortable driving experience. Designed as being a light truck tire, the SL369 performs equally well on-road and off-road.

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How Are the Two Different and Alike?

Below, we’ll point out the differences between them so that you can easily make a decision.


While the SL309 comes in only four sizes (according to wheel diameter: 15 inches, 16 inches, 17 inches, and 18 inches), the SL369 comes in five sizes (15 inches, 16 inches, 17 inches, 18 inches, as well as 20 inches of wheel diameter).

Overall Dimensions

The SL369 tire also comes in a much greater variation in terms of overall size, tread depth, rim width, section width, overall diameter, approximate weight, and maximum load (both single and dual).

Tread Depths

The SL309’s tread depth ranges from 11/32″ to 15/32″, depending on the wheel diameter, while the tread depth for the SL369 varies (according to wheel diameter) from 12/32″ to 16/32″.

General Weights

In terms of weight, the SL369 is usually the heavier of the two. Being a successor of sorts to the SL309, it is no surprise that the SL369 comes with more features and variations within those features. That is not to say, however, that the latter is objectively a better tire than the former.


Neither of the two tires has an ‘aggressive’ design that most tires meant to be used on trucks seem to feature. One can even be forgiven to think that the SL309 and SL369 are regular car tires, though they are quite a bit more powerful than what you would use for a car.


Both the SL309 and the SL369 by Westlake have a 40K mile warranty.


Though both the tires are known to be quiet on the road, SL369 also provides white noise, if that is something that you desire.

Speed Ratings and Tire Quality Grading

While the SL309 only has a Q speed rating, the SL369 comes with a Q.R.S.T speed rating and also a uniform tire quality grading (or UTQG) of 500AA (though, only on their non-LT sizes).

On-Road and Off-Road Performances

The SL309 is an all-purpose tire, while the SL369 is said to be all-terrain. Therefore, of the two tires, it is the SL369 that boasts commendable performance both off-road and on-road.

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Westlake SL309 vs. SL369: The Similarities

Here are the similarities that you’ll find between them.

A Quiet Experience

Westlake’s SL309 and SL369 both feature noise reduction to make for a quieter, more peaceful journey.

Traction on Wet and Dry Roads

The groove design and tread depth on both tires allow for superb traction in wet or icy roads. Of course, both of these tires are equally great performers on dry roads as well as on uneven terrains.

Sensitivity to Steering, Handling, and Braking

Both the SL309 and the SL369 respond promptly to steering and braking, helping the driver to reduce his or her chances of encountering an accident, and allowing for an emergency halting of their vehicle.

Suitable for Heavy Loads

The two tires also support the carriage and transportation of heavy loads well. This is no surprise, of course, given that the type of vehicles these tires suit best are light trucks.

Usable during All Seasons

These tires are also suitable to be used in all seasons. Hence, there is no real need to change them out for other tires specific to a certain season.

Westlake SL369 Vs. SL309 – Which of the Two Should You Choose?

Based on your individual needs for your vehicle, any of the features mentioned above can shift your choice in favor of one of these two.

If we look at the speed ratings for the two (that is, Q for the SL309 and Q.R.S.T for the SL369), we will find that there is another point of difference between the two.

On the one hand, a Q rating for the SL309 means that it is suitable for a maximum speed of 99 mph or 160km/h and can be classed as studless or studdable winter tires.

The SL369, on the other hand, has to offer a bit more in the speed and applications department. Hence, its speed can range from 99 mph or 160km/h to 118mph or 190 km/h. It is also usable for light trucks, family sedans, and vans.

Keeping this and the above information in mind, you can now, hopefully, make an informed decision of which of the two Westlake tires will fit your driving needs and your vehicle best.