What Happens If You Sand Your Tires?

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It’s been a while, and you are now bored with your usual driving experience. Maybe your tires have gotten dusty, and you want your ride to be smooth.

In situations like this, sanding the tires is definitely something you would want to do. But what happens when you sand your tires?

Sanding the tires will eradicate the tire’s dust. Thus, your riding experience will get smoother. Nevertheless, you might also need to face a few drawbacks if you decide to do so. Let’s find out.

Sanding the Tires (Pros and Cons) 

There are countless factors that you must consider before sanding tires. Starting from the types of roads you use to travel, the weather of your location, your driving preference, and obviously, the ride you own. 


As you now know that there are both advantages and drawbacks after going through the procedure. Let’s talk about the disadvantages first, as the number of defects is higher.

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Lower Control over Your Ride

The first drawback is that your ride’s grip on the road is going to be affected negatively. The control you have over your car will be affected, and driving in slippery areas with a low grip can be extremely dangerous. 

The chance of road accidents will increase.

No More Driving in the Rain 

Driving in the rain with sloppy and very smooth tires is dangerous. When your grip is not strong enough and the road is wet, accelerating can make you lose control while driving. This can lead to a life-threatening accident. 

Everyone wants a smooth ride, but sometimes the consequences can be dire. The only way to prevent such accidents during rain is to drive extremely slow and with proper care. 

Prone to Tire Puncture 

Right now, with your usual tires hitting a pebble or two or even a rock in the road is not a big deal. 

However, have you wondered what will happen when you sand the tires and attempt the same thing? 

As you know, sanding the tires demote the material’s durability; sometimes, even a tiny pebble can be a high risk of a tire puncture. 

It will increase the chance of life-threatening accidents, and you will also need to undergo a tire replacement. 


Now that you know the dangerous disadvantages of sanding tires let’s talk about the only advantage you are going to get –

Smoother and Faster Ride

Getting rid of rust from the tires lets you enjoy a smooth driving experience and makes the ride faster. 

But sanding the tires will be a terrible decision other than the critical need to boost the speed and smoothness – though many car racers sand their tires before the race if the roads are not sloppy or wet. 

You can also find perfect sand tires for sale but sanding the tires is an affordable option.  

Final Words

There are countless people who plan to sand their tires without knowing the proper consequences. 

But now you know what happens if sand your tires. It will definitely demote your tire’s grip, strength, and control over the car, leading you to unstoppable accidents. 

Sanding your car may also disallow you from driving during rain. If you still want a faster ride for your upcoming race, then sanding the tires is recommended.

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