What Is Autocross Tires?

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Autocross is a unique method of racing that isn’t considered as dangerous as a real racing and often uses traffic cones to create a mini-sized racing track. The challenge is to reach the end without hitting any of those cones. And to fulfill this seemingly easy yet tricky task, good autocross tires are needed.

But what is autocross  tires? What difference does it have from regular tires used in passenger cars or premium ones used in F1 racing? We will discuss it all in this article. So keep reading until the end!

Autocross  Racing

Before getting to know what Autocross tires are, let’s learn some more about the form of racing these tires are used for. To compete in this type of racing, one can use his regular car for a daily commute. Some serious competitors might occasionally choose to use unique competition cars.

As mentioned earlier, traffic cones are placed along a street to create a racing track. Often, parking lots or airport roads are used for this purpose. The task is to finish the race before everyone else without hitting any cones placed on the sides. 

The entry specifications in this type of race aren’t very rigorous. So racing enthusiasts who aren’t experts but fancy this sport can engage in Autocross to get some practice and have a thrilling break from their monotonous routines.

Autocross  Tires

Special tires are needed to participate in an Autocross race in order to enhance performance and reduce lap time. For this purpose, the tires meant for this sport are generally made with a specific type of rubber that is more durable and reduces tread wear.

The tires are also capable of upgrading the vehicle’s traction along with the accelerating and braking mechanism. Moreover, once you have installed these tires, you will be able to enhance the ability of the car to perform some tricks like taking a swift corner or fast turning around to finish a lap.

Features of Autocross Tires

Autocross tires differ from regular tires in some ways. Some of their most significant features are mentioned below:

Intolerance to Low Temperatures

Since these tires are made with a special type of rubber, they are intolerant to extremely low temperatures around the freezing point. If the tires are stored or used in such conditions, it won’t deliver the desired performance and would rather hinder the speed of the car.


Is autocross safe? hahaha, The tires meant for Autocross are usually very safe. These are not as powerful as F1 racing tires and not as ordinary as standard tires. Due to their specialized construction, the tires can be put to use without worrying about safety.


In this article, we have tried to clear all doubts regarding “what is autocross  tires?” In short, these are special tires meant for safe racing. So we hope you have got all your answers! 

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