What Kinds of Tires Are Used in Racing Cars and Why?

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It’s your car racing day! Whenever you step into racing, the tire is something you can’t skip. No wonder that the real mystery lies in the tires for racing cars – not in the engine or bodywork.

Indeed, racing cars need more grip in order to satisfy your need for speed. When the word “grip” comes, smooth tires are the sole need to have maximum grip. That’s why racing cars come with softer tires to perform better in the race. 

Considering that, today, we come here to discuss what kinds of tires are used in racing cars and why. As long as you complete reading this article, you can gather informed decisions to narrow down your choice of racing car tires. 

5 Common Types of Tires Used in Racing Cars

Be it sprint or circuit racing, racing cars come with different racing tires that serve a different purpose on different track conditions. If you are to buy these tires, allow me to give a brief on each of the tires.

Racing Slick Tires

These tires are designed with a smooth tread compound making them favorable for most auto racing cars. The included tread helps in discarding grooves for providing larger contact patches to the roads. Consequently, they offer maximum grip for any racing competition. 

These improved tires are also widely used in oval track racing, offering the required level of traction when steering and braking. One of the main concerns of Slick tires is putting power to the ground to provide maximum grip. 

Autocross Tires

Another top-notch tire for racing is autocross racing cars. The main reason why racers choose these tires is that they offer maximum performance focusing on safety. High-quality autocross tires are proven to offer maximum grip even when the track is extremely hot due to high temperature.

The superb steering feel makes all autocross races happy in no time. Designed with a sticker tread compound, the tires help maintain balance when steering, braking, and even accelerating. 

You’d be glad to know that top-notch autocross tires offer a superb level of traction and excellent responsiveness when handling. Meanwhile, the tires are also controllable at the limit, making it a solid choice for racing cars. 


This specific type of tire is the best choice for car racers due to its maximum contact with the streets. The rubber of the smooth tires touches the road widely to offer you maximum gripping.

They help racers get the required level of grips to quickly turn, brake, and stop the car. NASCAR tires offer more transition with their wider contact patches. 

Bias-ply Tires

Bias-ply tires are one kind of specialized tire that comes with an intrinsic optimistic position making them perfect for most levels of racing. They offer simplicity of the management of your car at the constraint of the contract. 

Offering a wider contact of patches, the tires allow the car racers to deal with sideways actions like turning and even longitudinal actions such as braking and accelerating.  

There is no doubt that the grip impacts your racing performance every moment. Bias-ply tires are designed to offer you more excellent gripping as you need. 

Radial Tires

These tires are constructed with an intrinsic bit of leeway to offer superior footing, gripping, compound sturdiness, and intensive power. The tires establish a stable and unbiased stacked contact with the roads giving more traction. 

Its oval shape structure can endure the reckless movement of the cars and roads. Racers are allowed to ply more torque to accelerate the speed level. 

Final Words

When comparing among the top 5 best types of tires, autocross tires come to the first position in the racing field. Because they offer best-in-class traction grip for car racing, better handling, sublime steering feel, and even everything a car racer wound except. 

By now, you know the kind of tires are used in racing cars, If you want to get some for your car, consider the track condition to get the best out of the tires.

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