Where to Practice Autocross?

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You have made up your mind that you want to participate in an Autocross event. You have learned all the rules, changed your tires, and prepared your car for the big event. Now that you are well equipped, you only have one concern in mind, “Where to Practice Autocross safely?”

Practice makes a man perfect, and there is no exception in the case of autocross as well. So what are some places where you can sharpen up your driving and racing skills? We have researched extensively to come up with some of the best suggestions. So stick with us till the end!

Places to Practice Autocross

It is not easy to practice for an autocross event just about anywhere since this type of driving is not safe for public roads. It can also put you into legal trouble with the Police. So then, where can you go to prepare yourself before the race? Here are some suggestions:

Annual Practice Sessions

Most renowned Autocross organizers often arrange a beginning-of-the-year trial session for the participants. This is mainly done to help them hone up their tuning skills. You can also test other tricks related to autocross driving here. So the safest way to practice autocross would be to attend such annual sessions.

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Private Clubs

Another way to get yourself accustomed to this driving style is by enrolling yourself in a private club related to autocross. Although you might have to pay a membership fee here, you will be able to drive legally and safely and practice new tricks every day. 

You can also network with other expert drivers who can give you great tips based on their experience.

Autocross Schools

Some driving schools specialize in this particular mode of racing. They also have the required track and permit to conduct such practice sessions. Therefore, you can get admitted into one such school and learn the best tips and tricks from the instructors here. 

However, all good things don’t come for free, and you will have to pay fees for the enrollment.

Go Karting

Although this might not be the best option on this list, it can still make do with improving your skills since go karting tracks are quite similar to Autocross tracks. Even if the vehicles are different, you will need to apply some common driving skills that are needed in autocross here. 

This race also features laps and turns, so this will help too for you to complete the turns without lagging behind your competitors. Check out top Go-kart Tires Review


We hope by now, you have got some answers to the question, “where to practice Autocross?” Another important tip that we would like to give you is scanning and observing the race track before the actual event. 

This will help you to memorize the turns and perform better at the race. Lastly, you can also replace your old tires with some good-quality Autocross tires.

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