Which Android Head Unit Would You Stick in Your Car?

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Getting upgrades or accessories for your car is always a hassle, especially since you need to be picky with these kinds of things and make sure you find comfort in using them. Also, you need to keep up-to-date with knowledge on these car accessories.

Some cars come with built-in Android head units, but those only have radios, clocks, and CD players. If you buy yours separately as an add-on, then you have the advantage of having those 3 features plus a GPS and other features, which come from your smartphone, all of which will be hands-free.

Without further ado, let’s learn a thing or two about the Android unit you should stick in your car.

What’s an Android Head Unit?

Vehicles come with a built-in stereo system that provides services from a clock and radio. Some come with CD players. This is mostly used for entertainment purposes since most owners just use it to listen to music on the radio or CD player.


But now, in this age and time, everyone seems to buy their own system, which is the Android head unit. And this one has way more facilities.

An Android head unit fits perfectly with the system that’s already in your car. Everything you used to have on your built-in system will still be there. The difference is that you get more features to go with those.

Now you can have your own GPS system, music player, video player, etc. You can even make calls to people through this. It works just like your smartphone does. But this device is hands-free with both Bluetooth and voice recognition software.

Best Android Head Unit to Stick in Your Car

Right now, I’m about to detail an Android head unit for your car and explain how it is helpful as a car accessory and why you should choose this one. There are many Android head units to choose from, but if I had to advise to buy one, then it would be the Pioneer AVH-3300NEX Android head unit.

Pioneer AVH-3300NEX Android Head Unit

Pioneer is a popular brand when it comes to electronics of this sort. This company’s head unit is the best to stick in your car, in my opinion, and according to many Android head unit reviews.

Now, the best thing about this company is that Pioneer teamed up with different app creators so that they can make their products the best in the market. Pioneer offers futuristic technology along with compatibility for its users.

The Pioneer AVH-3300NEX weighs about 6 pounds, and the screen is 7 inches. This Android head unit runs best on phones with the Android 5.0 Lollipop version and anything after that.

It’s not necessary to buy a brand-new car model to use futuristic accessories. Adding upgrades to your car does the trick, and this head unit is what you need to do so. This head unit has a touchscreen CD and DVD receiver on it for your music discs, which you want to use.

As for the audio quality, it has internal AMP and DAC, which makes a high-quality sound. Also, this has an in-dash receiver, a 13-band equalizer, and a built-in pass crossover where you can adjust points. Though you have to buy a CD-M20 microphone separately, the audio resolution in this device is out of this world.

You don’t even need to worry about having to convert your files to adjust to the Pioneer AVH-3300NEX head unit because it encodes automatically. We can all agree that the Pioneer AVH-3300NEX is perfect for listening to music on long drives.

Also, the screen has 7 inches and makes it easy to tap around on. But just in case, there are still some physical buttons as controls for users who don’t want to tap while driving.

Moreover, the screen has an LED backlight with brightness settings, so it’s friendly for your eyes too. Altogether, you don’t need to worry about focusing on the screen or even bothering to stop the car to see the screen when you want to use it.

This design comes in a fold-out, so it’s flexible and also stylish. The interface is user-friendly because it can be customized according to the user’s needs.

Thankfully this model supports not only Android but also Apple CarPlay, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and SiriusXM-Ready.

It has a Bluetooth connecting software and hands-free voice recognition software. So, whether it’s for music or using GPS, this head unit is very versatile and perfect for your current need.

Furthermore, it allows phone connection, even to dual SIM cards. So, you can call and receive calls anytime you want.

And since the audio resolution is so good, your calls will sound very natural and loud enough. This Android head unit also has a rear-view camera that you can use when you’re parking or when you want to go in reverse while driving.

For some iPhone users, Siri will be available. Luckily, they can even use Siri’s Eyes Free function. You can give all your orders with just your voice while keeping your eyes on the road while driving. The device will work accordingly and open any app or function that you want running.

Highlighted Features

  • Has great audio quality
  • The screen is large and has LED backlight
  • Allows calls from more than one SIM
  • Has hands-free operation
  • Has Bluetooth
  • Compatible for all music library apps for both Android and Apple
  • Has a rearview camera
  • Stylish design
  • User-friendly interface that allows customization
  • Supports Apple devices too
  • Supports any Android version starting from 5.0

Guidelines to Follow When Purchasing

Below I’ve given you some guidelines to follow when you’re buying your first Android head unit. If you keep an eye out for these factors, you’ll surely find the one you want, and hopefully, you won’t have any problems.


It’s wise to get a head unit that comes from a good company. Unlike our portable phones or other devices, it’s not common to change your head unit from time to time over the years. So, it’s best to get one that has high quality and will last long.


Make sure you get a head unit that goes perfectly with your car’s model. You need to specify what kind of model you use so that the seller gives you the perfect match to go with your car.

For example, depending on your car’s stereo being single DIN or double DIN, you should get a single head unit or a double head unit, respectively.

Screen Display Size

For safe driving, it’s best to get your accessory with a larger display so that you won’t need to focus too much on it while you’re driving. You should be able to multitask easily if the screen size is larger.

It’s important that you see things clearly and be able to tap on icons that are larger since the screen is larger. This is important for all times, whether it’s to navigate with the GPS while driving or just to change music tracks while driving.

Head Unit Frame

Never buy the head unit that comes with its own dashboard frame because it has clips on the frame, and those very clips break and start making rattling noises during the drive. Many customers have already come and gone with complaints of such things happening.

Generic Models

It’s possible you might not find a head unit specifically for your device’s model, even after you’ve searched everywhere. But there is nothing to worry about. You can always buy generic models. The generic ones are usually cheaper, but at least they suit all models in general.


It’s smart to buy a head unit in which you feel ease while using. You can ask the seller to give you a chance to try it out so you can understand the interface and whether it’s simple and comfortable to use.

There’s no point in buying a fancy head unit unless you can use it and customize it the way you want. Everyone wishes to have a head unit that works efficiently and quickly. You should definitely get one that allows app shortcuts or voice directions, if possible.


Each user has different needs. If you want it to watch videos or movies while you’re parked, in traffic or at a red light, then you should get a display that’s LCD and large.

And if you want a head unit for music while you’re driving, then get one that has a good stereo or audio system. It’s better if the device has software that allows you to make playlists and supports different music library software.

If you want to use the head unit for the GPS, then get a large screen so that you can navigate through the routes while you glance back and forth between the large display beside you and the road in front of you.

What’s important is for you to get your priorities fulfilled first. Buying an expensive, well-branded Android head unit with 100 features won’t be worth it if it doesn’t satisfy your basic needs.


If you can afford it, you should get a head unit that can support any type of add-on. What if you wanted to add extra features to this head unit after a year of using it because you realized you could get more benefits from it?

Then why not spend a bit more money and get a final head unit which allows you to add on more customizations like connecting to the rear camera to help you park.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Android head units:

1. Do Android head units allow Apple’s CarPlay to work?

One might think that Android head units only support Android software, but that’s not true. Some Android head units do indeed support Apple’s CarPlay. If that’s what you’re looking for, then make sure to check the product specifications or ask the salesperson about it.

2. Do Android head units go with every kind of device?

Yes, all kinds of Android devices go with these head units as long as they run on Android 5.0 Lollipop or anything above that. All you need to do is install the Android Auto app and go through the required steps and pair it to your car.

Though these head units don’t generally support iPhones or iPods, it’s possible to customize it your way if you contact the manufacturer directly. You can do this with the contact information that’s usually provided in the product’s packaging box or ask the seller.

3. How to pair my device to the head unit?

The first step is to install the Android Auto app on your phone. After installing, give it permission to access whatever is required, starting from contacts to storage library, etc. Connect your phone to the head unit through a USB cable. The app will most likely ask permission to access or make other changes.

Read the dialog boxes to know exactly what will happen and keep tapping “Accept”. The next set up is the Bluetooth pairing between your car and device. If the head unit doesn’t require a Bluetooth pairing, then you can skip this step. Connect your phone to an aux cord later.

After all this, your phone should recognize the unit, and then you’re good to go.

Final Words

Android head units are very useful devices. These accessories are needed to make your driving experience better. And an Android head unit adds to that enjoyment. It’s not like you really need it, but it definitely makes your drive better.