Who Makes Joying Head Units?

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There are very few car-lovers who haven’t heard of Joying Technology and Co. Ltd in this day and age. 

They’re probably one of the most well-known brands for car audio devices, and it’s this popularity that often makes people curious—wondering who makes Joying head unit? Thankfully, curiosity won’t kill the cat this time because I’ve got some answers at hand.

A week ago, I was asking around the same thing in different forums. Some said they’re Australian, while others suggested Chinese origins for their products. 

And after doing some research myself and digging deep, I came up with the answers I needed. So, if you’re on the fence or just plain interested to know your favorite brand, hop on board. 

The Making of Joying Head Unit 

The company name “Joying” means an object of great joy and pride. And those, like me, who’ve grown up playing scrabble would think it’s an American company due to this name. I mean, why would a foreign brand have a name that’s in American scrabble boxes? But that’s not the case here.

Primarily based in China, the brand started 17 years ago making essential car equipment like sun shields and headrests. With over a decade’s worth of experience under their belt, the name is now superbly reliable and highly approved worldwide. 

Worldwide Popularity

In 2004, they were making different single-chip systems for matching with car entertainment gadgets. 

Their breakthrough was the introduction of AM9 and AM11 WinCE products in 2010. The next few years opened warehouses in Germany, Australia, and the USA while keeping their original ones in Shenzhen, China, still available to consumers worldwide. 

With the growing demand for modern audio devices in cars and advancing technology, the brand adapted excellently. I realized that despite their long-term business, they’ve never really gone out of popularity. And given how outstanding their customer service is, I’m not surprised. 

While the company does retail through third-party sellers sometimes, it usually depends on the type of product or system manufacturing parts. They are pretty self-dependent in terms of production and sales. 

So, you can rest assured that the best sound quality car stereo head unit will be found in their production factories in China, getting ready for shipment worldwide in plenty. 

Great Things about Joying

You’ll be able to make the judgment yourself if you’ve used Joying and other brands’ HUDs. I found Joying to provide the best in quality in an affordable range. 

Sure, the setups for their products are usually a bit more complex than average units, but it’s worth it if you get something premium within budget.

Their media equipment can easily compete with the high-end ones in the market. What’s more, you can get all the latest Android updates and amazing features for a fraction of the price. 

They look really nice, and the single din setups fit a wide range of vehicle models perfectly. 

The only downside I experienced was that their units tend to overheat. But that’s nothing a good heatsink can’t fix. 

Final Words

By now, you’ve probably got your answer about regarding who makes joying head units and how the entire scenario works out. But for anyone enthusiastic about the latest car gadgets, finding out whether are Atoto head units good or not might also be a priority. So, you can compare and contrast between the two to decide which is more up your alley. 

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