Will 35 Inch Tires Fit Dodge Ram 1500?

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Once you purchase a truck, like the Dodge Ram 1500, you will likely want to switch out its stock tires immediately. The original tires on vehicles have several problems, among which are low inflation pressure and less durability. Or maybe you love customizing your ride – that’s valid too.

One of the most popular choices currently is 35-inch tires, so we would not be surprised if you are considering getting them too. But before taking the plunge, you must be wondering: will 35-inch tires fit Dodge Ram 1500? Luckily, we have the answers. 

Why Get 35-inch Tires?

First, let us discuss why 35-inch tires are becoming increasingly popular every day. The first factor that contributes to its popularity is the fact that they are perfect for off-roading. These tires can be found in variants for each type of terrain – snow, steep and hilly, rocky and gravelly, and so forth. 

They also offer 1 more inch of ground clearance compared to 33-inch tires. That may seem not very important at first, but it makes a world of difference while off-roading. It also requires a minimum lift. The grip it provides on the road and the added stability in your vehicle with 35-inch tires is also worth mentioning. 

Why Is a Good Fit Important?

Tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle – they are, after all, what gets your truck moving. However, they tend to be much neglected among average drivers, especially when it comes to size. You could get the best quality 35-inch tires, but your truck will run into problems if they do not fit well. 

So why is it essential to get tires that fit well? First of all, comes the concern of whether or not the tires can be installed at all. Not all tire sizes will fit all stock vehicles. You may need to lift them in order to get the tires fitted during installation. 

Furthermore, even if you get them installed, the tire might brush against the truck’s wheel well and lead to other problems. In such cases, the wheel well needs to be customized to get the tire to sit pretty, resulting in quite a hefty bill.

Will It Fit at Stock Height?

In a word, no, 35-inch tires will cost your Dodge Ram 1500 at stock height. At first, you may be able to get the tires installed onto the vehicle, but as soon as you start driving, you will notice all the fitment issues.

The largest tires you will be able to fit on a stock Dodge Ram 1500 are 33-inch tires. Anything beyond that will require the vehicle to be customized. In the next segment, we will see how we can get 35-inch tires to fit a Dodge Ram 1500. 

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How to make them fit?

Let us look at some alterations you can do to fit 35-inch tires on your Dodge Ram 1500. 

Removing Fender Liner

Once you install the 35-inch tires, you will notice that they are rubbing against the inner fender liners. It will be most noticeable when you try turning your vehicle. To make the tires fit a bit better, you can remove the fender liners. 

However, one of the functions of a fender liner is to protect the engine. If you remove the liner, you may be subjecting your engine to road debris, mud, or water. 

Leveling Kit

You can also use a leveling kit. Your truck will need a minimum lift of 2 inches to get the 35-inch tires to fit and not lead to any additional trouble when you hit the road. This added lift will allow your tires to function without rubbing on the wheel well of the vehicle. 

Final Words

If you were asking yourself, will 35-inch tires fit Dodge Ram 1500? We hope we have helped you get the answer. The steps that need to be taken to fit 35-inch tires on a Dodge Ram 1500 properly can potentially lead to problems for your vehicle – but if not, you can enjoy a game-changing experience with the tires!

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