Will 35 Inch Tires Fit F150 with Leveling Kit?

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The rising popularity of 35-inch tires is no longer a secret. Truck owners, and especially off-roading enthusiasts, are growing fonder of these tires every day. However, another well-known fact is that 35-inch tires are notorious for fitment issues. 

If you want to install 35-inch tires on your F150, you have come to the right place. And if you are asking yourself, will 35-inch tires fit F150 with leveling kit? Today is your lucky day because that is precisely what we are dealing with today! You can also check Best tires for F-150

Why Get 35-inch Tires?

35-inch tires have been all the rage as of late. First and foremost, it has garnered incredible popularity among off-roading enthusiasts. Most vehicles need a minimal lift from stock height to accommodate 35-inch tires. In exchange, the driver can enjoy significantly more ground clearance. 

The minimal lift, paired with a bigger surface area (thus more grip on the road), keeps the vehicle’s center of gravity low. It gives you excellent stability and makes it easier to drive and maneuver the truck necessary for off-roading. 

If you are interested in aesthetics, 35-inch tires also transform the look of trucks. While 33-inch tires may look like they are balking under the vehicle’s body, 37-inch tires are often overkilling in aesthetics and performance. 35-inch tires strike a balance perfectly. 

Will It Fit at Stock Height?

Unfortunately, 35-inch tires will not fit F150 at stock height. Without proper fitment, the top 35 inch tires will fail to perform well. Thus, we recommend that you consult this guide before making a choice! 

Leveling Kit 

One of the ways to ready your F150 for 35-inch tires is to use a leveling kit. The kit will lift the front of the body of the vehicle and level it with the rear. A 3-inch leveling kit will give the vertical clearance you need. However, with 35-inch tires and F150s, the main issue lies in horizontal clearance.

It means that even if the tire’s diameter fits vertically and you are able to get them installed, some modification will be necessary to accommodate the width of the tire. Thus, we can conclude that leveling kits by themselves are not enough to run 35-inch tires on an F150.

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Other Ways to Improve Fitment

If you are willing to modify your F150, there are a number of ways in which you can fully accommodate 35-inch tires. Bear in mind that this can be an expensive process, and some of these modifications are irreversible. 

Lifting Kit

The first possible solution is to use a lifting kit. A suspension of 4 inches, paired with aftermarket wheels with a negative offset, will allow you to fit and run 35-inch tires nearly problem-free. Some trimming needs to be done to eliminate all fitment problems. 

Fender Liners

Fender liners take up considerable space inside the good wall. Thus, you can grind and trim or remove them to allow the tires to sit better. 

However, fender liners are a part of your car for a good reason. They prevent mud, water, debris, and similar hazards from entering the engine bay. These pollutants can lead to extreme and irreversible damage to vital parts of your vehicle. 

Final Words

While 35-inch tires can change your entire driving experience, it is crucial to ensure that they are compatible with your vehicle. If you were asking yourself the question. We hope this guide has helped you make an educated choice!

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