Will 35 Inch Tires Fit Stock Nissan Titan?

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With the rising popularity of off-roading and 35-inch tires, we see the number of truck owners taking an interest in these tires increase every day. 

35-inch tires are becoming increasingly popular – and for a good reason, which we will be discussing further along. However, they are notorious when it comes to fitment. 

If you are a Nissan Titan owner looking to install 35-inch tires, you have come to the right place. 

Today we will be answering the question, will 35-inch tires fit stock Nissan Titan? If you ask yourself the same question, we are sure our handy guide will be useful. 

Why Get 35-inch Tires?

Before getting into the guide, let us discuss why 35-inch tires are becoming so popular. 35-inch tires are considered the optimal size for off-roading. It is small enough to keep the fuel economy satisfactory but big enough to take on various terrains and provide good ground clearance. 

These tires also require a minimal lift of 2 to 3 inches for perfect fitment. With a slight lift, you can enjoy significantly more ground clearance. The slight lift also keeps the center of gravity of the vehicle close to the ground. Pairing the larger surface area of the tire with this results in excellent stability for your truck. 

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Tire Compatibility of Stock Nissan Titan

Now, let us discuss whether or not 35-inch tires will be compatible with a stock Nissan Titan. Unfortunately, the largest tire you will be able to fit on a stock Nissan Titan is a 34.1-inch tire. No further modification, such as trimming or cutting, needs to be done for this size.

However, tires larger than this will require some customization or modification of your vehicle. You will most likely be able to install them, but problems such as rubbing and difficulty in maneuvering will only arise once you hit the asphalt. 

How to Make 35-Inch Tires Fit

If you are considering getting 35-inch tires installed, there are some solutions at your disposal. You may lift your vehicle or resort to modifications. Let us take a better look at these methods.


Typically, trucks can, on average, accommodate up to 33-inch tires without lifting. However, lifting the tire will allow you to install much larger ones, such as good 37-inch tires. With a stock Nissan Titan, top-quality 35-inch tires will be rendered useless without lifting. 

Mudflaps and Inner Fenders

By removing the mud flaps and inner fender liner, you can create some additional space for your tires. This will minimize rubbing against the liner; however, it will not do much for rubbing against the wheel well. 

Keep in mind that there are certain disadvantages to this. Removing fender liners will also leave your vehicle’s engine vulnerable to water, mud, and debris. Similarly, taking out the mud flaps will cause debris and gravel to kick up, which can ruin your vehicle’s paint job. 


If you wish to fit a set of 35-inch tires without a lift kit, get ready to do some modifications. For 18 and 20-inch wheels, the wheel arches on the vehicles will require some trimming. This is especially true for off-roading, which is a common intention behind installing 35-inch tires. 

Final Words

Just like 35-inch tires can give you an impeccable off-roading experience, ill fitment can do the opposite. It may also be detrimental to the overall health of your vehicle. Thus, if you were asking yourself will 35 inch tires fit stock Nissan Titan, we hope you can now make an educated decision for your truck! 

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