X-Bull 4500 Winch Review in 2024 – New Edition

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If you’re fond of going to an escapade, having a winch with you all the time, especially when traveling, is a good idea.

But then, choosing the right one can be unsettling as there are a lot of choices to choose from.

Don’t worry though, this article wants to give you a helping hand. We present to you one of the best products on sale- the X-Bull 4500 winch.

Without a doubt, this can be a helpful tool when it comes to heavy lifting.
All you have to do is to hook one end to a tree and the other to your wincher.

Then, flip out a remote to press so that this handy dandy device can help you pull heavy trucks or vehicles with little to no effort at all.
There’s more than this product can offer. Just read on!

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X-Bull 4500 Winch Review in 2024

X-Bull 4500 Winch

This winch is a product manufactured by X-Bull, an Australian company that specializes in road winches, recovery tracks, and automotive repair.

Not only do they create effective products with durability and quality but they can promote affordability which is very evident to their company’s motto “affordable toughness.”

And it retains the passion for long-term adventurers and fulfills the dreams of amateur explorers.

Well, this winch from X-Bull is specially made for ATV/UTV owners. It accredits everything an adventurer might expect to drag out an ATV/UTV from an unstuck condition.

Furthermore, it utilizes a new generation wireless remote thereby allowing you to control it at a distance, and lesser delays compared to other remote-controlled winches.

When it comes to a winch, the higher the capacity the better. If you have a heavy vehicle or load, it means that you’ll need a more powerful winch.

Make sure that your winch can pull at least 1.5 times the weight of your vehicle just like this product.

The X-Bull 4500 winch uses an electric type of power source. Perhaps, it is the most common and widely used winch type because it is heavy-duty and often inexpensive.

Much more, this product is equipped with a waterproof synthetic rope having a 4500 pounds load capacity.

Also, it comes with a free spooling clutch that allows you to control the hoisting with ease and ensures a fast rope payout.

Since it’s an IP67 rated winch, you’ll expect that the device is waterproof. This is perfect when it comes to situations that involve wet rivers or muddy waters. You can ensure that this product can drag you out even if the device itself is soaked.

More amazingly, this winch uses an electric type motor with a permanent magnet (PM).

Cheaper winches generally come with permanent magnet motors so if you’re an occasional wincher, then the PM motors are a good option for you.

Also, it uses a mounting option called winch bumper, which is popular as it mimics as a part of your vehicle. This type can also protect your vehicle’s forepart.

Indeed, winch prices vary depending on the features and variety of each product. But with the X-Bull VR10, it is sure that you can afford it.

Perhaps, this product comes with a relatively low price compared to its competitors.

There are many varieties of winches that are sold in the markets. It can depend on what you want for your vehicle, and what’s cost-effective for your budget.

But if your goal is to get a winch that can help you with your expedition on the road and of quality, this winch might be the right tool for you!


  • Equipped with 3 stages planetary gearing system
  • Noiseless, smooth, and easy freewheeling, thus effortless operation
  • Seamless installation
  • More affordable compared to other winches


  • • The user manual is hard to understand

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a winch?

It is a mechanical device that allows you to free your vehicle from any tight or difficult situations.

You can do it on your own or with the help of other vehicles and most definitely save you a lot of time and frustration. It can also be ideal for vehicle breakdowns, loading, and moving.

Who created the X-Bull winches?

These winches are manufactured by X-Bull, a company in Australia.

What type of capacity should I use?

The capacity that you should opt for depends on various factors. In choosing one, you should answer a few questions about the slope of the ground, the friction of the object being pulled, and the necessary wires to figure out the pulling capacity.

But to put things in a perspective, if you’re dealing with ATVs, they require a 2500 to 4500 pounds capacity.

Why is physics important to understanding winches?

The law of physics directly governs winch performance and it is important in using the winch effectively.

You should keep the rope feeding through the fairlead and as straight as possible.

Avoid pulling at an angle or brushing at the side as this will help keep the rope wrapping smoothly across the drum, thereby minimizing the possibility of the rope to bunch up.

How do I safely operate an electric winch?

For general safety, learn how to use the winch by reading the instructions manual carefully.

Take some time and learn how to use it properly so that you can be familiar with it when the need arises. Make sure that the winching area is away from crowded places, debris, or anything that can be a distraction.

Also, inspect your equipment and wire rope frequently. Use gloves when handling or rewinding wire rope to eliminate any results of cuts, burns, and other injuries.

Final Word

If you plan something that can support your active lifestyle but at an affordable price and of high-quality, then make sure to have the best from the market. This review has shown you all the top-notch features of the X-Bull 4500 winch.

Indeed, it has everything that you need, but the discretion still lies to you. It’s now up to you to decide whether or not you’ll buy this product!