Zone Offroad vs. Rough Country

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A high-quality lift kit is more than elevating your vehicle a couple of inches. If done correctly, you’ll make your ride stand above ground at just the perfect height, which leads to several advantages like improved ground clearance, more comfort, and many others.

When it comes to lifting or leveling kits, two brands stand out above the rest, and those are Zone Offroad Vs. Rough Country.

The products created by both of these manufacturers are incredible, delivering excellent results in both ends of the vehicle.

Since many people wonder what the differences between the two are, we’ll review some of the top products from each brand. Without anything else to add, let’s begin by discussing Zone Offroad kits.

Difference Between Zone Offroad and Rough Country lift kit

Many people would agree that each brand has its pros and cons. Still, if we want to choose wisely, we must know under which circumstances each lift kit comes in handy.

Zone Offroad – Ideal for Off-Road Experiences

The Zone Offroad is often a middle ground between Rough Country and other brands like BDS.

This brand specializes in creating lift kits for off-road enthusiasts, as well as fans of sport lifts.

Zone kits are ideal for 4WD Jeep owners, as the front track bar and other components keep up just fine.

Rough Country – A Balanced Performance

Now, the Rough Country lift kit may not be the best for off-road driving, but it sure allows you to go slightly off the trails.

However, the reason you’d want these kits is because of their balanced performance, as they’re capable of providing good results on street driving and light off-road adventures.

Zone Offroad Lift Kit

Recommended Zone Offroad Lift Kits to Buy

First, we have the Zone Offroad lift kits. Undoubtedly, the results provided by these products quickly overshadow their disadvantages, which are not many anyway.

Realistically, the only issue you could face is during installation – a process that could be tricky for inexperienced drivers.

Once you get past that, everything else about these kits is great.


The Zone Offroad kit pays itself in the long run. With multiple height capacity available, you’ll be able to choose one that fits your vehicle easily. For the price, these kits are convenient as well as effective.


Whether you go on or off the road, the ground clearance provided by the kit allows you to head out to any adventure you may have in mind.


The materials used for the creation of the kit guarantees a durable performance. Despite regular use, the lift kit consistently delivers pleasant results.

Recommended Zone Offroad Lift Kits to Buy

Now, let’s review some of Zone Offroad’s top picks!

Zone Offroad ZONC1355 Lift Kit

Zone Offroad vs. Rough Country

The first product is a 3.5” lift kit nearly the size of a 4” suspension system while below the average price of a 3” body lift.

Besides keeping the frame from body gapping due to taller body lifts, this kit can clear 32’s or even 33” tires with trimming described in the instructions.

Several features make this kit a worthy purchase. The body lift comes with class 10.9 zinc plated body hardware, as well as durable body lift blocks.

Also, it includes the fully integrated radiator relocation mounts and the pair of hook relocation and front bumper relocation.

Since the radiator relocation uses newly replaced radiator mounts, drivers won’t need to modify the steel core support. Additionally, the fan shroud will not be troublesome anymore.

By doing that, the lift kit guarantees proper airflow from the radiator, ensuring there’s no loss of core support structural strength.

Be aware that this product is suitable only for automatic transmission.


  • Complete kit for an incredible price
  • Includes high-quality zinc plated hardware
  • Comes with radiator relocation mounts
  • Included front shock spacers compensate for the added lift
  • Proper instructions to get everything done


  • Only available for automatic transmission models

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Zone Offroad ZONC9153 Body Lift Kit

Zone Offroad vs. Rough Country

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective lift kit, then this product could meet your expectations.

This pick is a 1.5” body lift that conveniently adds the extra clearance that drivers need for some purposes.

Combine it with a leveling kit, and you’ll be ready to head out to new and fun adventures.

The body lift manages to seamlessly blend with your vehicle. It’s a system that manages to relocate the front bumper, allowing the body to maintain the factory look.

Since the installation is pretty simple, most car owners will be able to get the job done rather quickly.

Other than being much easier to install than larger body lifts, this kit does not affect towing ability.

Once installed, you’ll notice little to no change for the worst, but rather a significant improvement that makes the purchase a good investment.

Despite being a good kit, there are some limitations for several vehicles. For instance, these items won’t fit Denali or 1500HD models.


  • A simple but effective kit that improves performance
  • Relatively easy to install
  • Provides increased clearance for a better ride
  • Maintains factory ride
  • Doesn’t affect the towing ability


  • Not compatible for Denali or 1500HD models

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Rough Country Leveling Kit

Recommended Rough Country Leveling Kits to Buy

Saying Rough Country is a fan-favorite is putting it mildly. The lift kits created by this brand are next level, making your vehicle and your ride feel much better than they once were.

What can you expect from these products? Let’s take a look!


Whether you have a Wrangler JK, Silverado, or Sierra 1500 models, Rough Country lift kit has got what you need.

The kits reviewed here are perfect for those cars, as it provides protection and style while improving performance.

High-quality Design and Lifespan

Durable forged torsion keys and premium N3 shock absorbers are some of the items you’d be getting from Rough Country.

Those items, as well as the others included, are as good-looking as they are durable.

Increased Ground Clearance

The kit allows the vehicle, and thus the drivers, have the perfect height to tackle most terrains.

Did you have trouble with tricky surfaces before? Well, you won’t have to deal with that anymore after getting one of these kits.

Recommended Rough Country Leveling Kits to Buy

Now, we’ll review some of the best kits Rough Country has to offer.

Rough Country 2.5″ Leveling Kit 28330

Recommended Rough Country Leveling Kits to Buy

With the right components, Silverado or Sierra 1500 car models are capable of providing outstanding performance.

This leveling kit is ideal for those models, as it guarantees the perfect combination of performance, protection, and last but not least, style.

The N3 shock absorbers included in the purchase are among the best. Their premium quality affects ground clearance noticeably, providing increased ground clearance for on and off the road driving.

Whether you’re on the highway or tricky trails, the leveling kit doesn’t disappoint.

As expected from Rough Country, the installation and product support are two other benefits.

Additionally, all of the items included in the purchase prove to be durable. For example, we have forged torsion keys.

Due to their build, the fabricated blocks are strong and far more durable than the cast blocks.

However, the leveling kit isn’t flawless. While you won’t have a hard time installing it, your ride may feel stiff once you start driving.

It’s a regular issue that customers point out, and it’d be better to keep it in mind before purchasing.


  • An ideal choice for Silverado/Sierra 1500 models
  • Offers good performance, enough protection, and a stylish look
  • Improves ground clearance on and off the road
  • Long-lasting materials


  • The ride doesn’t feel as smooth as you’d expect

Rough Country 3.25″ Lift Kit

Recommended Rough Country Leveling Kits to Buy

In this case, we’re taking a closer look at a 3.25” lift kit that fits perfectly to Wrangler JK 4-Door car models.

The items included in the purchase are not only effective at improving your vehicle’s performance, but they also look beautiful! Rough Country once again delivers products worth your while.

Similar to the previous pick, this Rough Country set offers incredible ground clearance.

The premium N3 shock absorbers are yet again included in the package, guaranteeing excellent performance on and off the road. Besides improved clearance, the lift kit ensures comfort for all surfaces.

Unlike the previous kit, this one does maintain a smooth ride that feels pleasant for the duration of your ride.

By leveling the front with the rear, you get that ideal clearance that’ll allow you to enjoy your time on or off the road, depending on what you want to do.

Overall, this product is capable of meeting and surpassing expectations. Without noticeable disadvantages, this lift kit will satisfy most drivers.

In some cases you may experience some vibrations. If that happens to you, adding a steering stabilizer would solve the problem.


  • Beautiful, durable, and effective lift kit components
  • N3 shock absorbers for more ground clearance
  • Good for on/off-road driving
  • Smooth ride


  • You may need to add a steering stabilizer to tackle the vibration


Ultimately, choosing between Zone Offroad Vs. Rough Country lift kits depend on what you want to achieve as a driver.

For street driving and casual off-road driving, the Rough Country would be the better pick.

On the other hand, if you enjoy going deep into the wild for some off-road adventures, then the Zone Offroad may be what you need.