Can 35 Inch Tires Fit on 18 Inch Rims?

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Time and again, we have discussed the importance of tire sizes and how they need to be compatible with the vehicle. We have also discussed how to improve the fitment of specific tire sizes with different vehicle models. Today we will be looking into the rim, wheel, and tire itself.

With the rising popularity of 35-inch tires and how 17 to 18-inch rims are among the most common rim sizes, a question is becoming increasingly frequent: can 35 inch tires fit on 18 inch rims? Thus, we have taken it upon ourselves to do the research and give you an easy-to-navigate guide on this matter! 

Why Get 35-inch Tires?

Before we discuss whether or not 35-inch tires are compatible with 18-inch rims, let us discuss why you should consider getting 35-inch tires. These tires can, first and foremost, completely change your off-roading game. It provides more clearance, significantly so, compared to 33-inch tires – that too with a minimal lift. 

The additional clearance allows you to avoid more obstacles on the terrain, such as bigger rocks or debris. Furthermore, the increased surface area from upsizing and the minimal lift give your vehicle some much-needed stability. The low center of gravity allows you to enjoy a smoother drive and more stable turns. 

If you are big on aesthetic value, you will love the look 35-inch tires have to offer. It will transform the look of your truck without it being overkill, which can often be the case with tires that are bigger than 35 inches.

What’s the Catch?

The catch with 35-inch tires is that they do not fit a wide array of vehicles at stock height. Some form of customization or modification needs to be done for them to fit perfectly. Even a set of the prime 35 inch tires will fail to perform well if they are ill-fitted! 

Are 18-inch Rims Good?

For those who prioritize comfort while driving, 18-inch rims can be a great pick. The air cushion provided by the tire helps reduce road noise and the impact of the road. Additionally, smaller wheels can give you better acceleration. 

Since the engine has to put in less effort to turn smaller wheels, 18 inches perform better than bigger rims, such as 20 inches. Thus, staying on the lower end of the compatible range of rims can prove to be effective for your vehicle and its performance! 

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Are They Compatible?

Now, let us come to the main event: whether or not 35-inch tires fit on 18-inch rims. We are happy to report that, yes, 35-inch tires fit and work well with 18-inch rims. In fact, 35-inch tires work the best with rims between 17 and 20 inches. 

Rims between 17 and 20 inches contribute to the maneuverability of the vehicle. It is safe to assume that most truck owners dabbling into 35-inch tires are doing so for the off-roading experience. The control and flexibility of pairing 35-inch tires with 18-inch rims can be very beneficial while off-roading!  

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Final Word

Upsizing is extremely common with truck owners. After all, trucks are designed to take quite the beating and give you a great off-roading experience. 

However, it is important to do your research on tire, wheel, and rim fitment, like asking yourself can 35 inch tires fit on 18 inch rims? We hope this guide has made your research a tad bit easier! 

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